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 Does it hurt the first day of getting braces?
After you get them, does it start to hurt right away?
And does it still hurt or be uncomfortable even when you eat soft food?...

 getting my braces off tomorrow..?
any tips? what will happen? how will my teeth feel after they're off? thanks :)...

 What hurts more spacers or getting braces?
I got my spacers in on thurs
i cant eat anything!!
are braces going to be as bad i get them on wens

and what kind should i get
i was thinking ceramic?...

 do whitening strips really work?
Do crest whitening strips really work?
Additional Details
Thank's guy's for all your answer's were helpful well most of them anyway ...

 My girlfriends breath really stinks.?
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 How to whiten my teeth, with home products?
My teeth have started to look yellow at the bottom. I have lots of plaqe, but i used to not brush, but now i am begging to brush, so how can my teeth become white again!! by using home products ...

 Is this normal?
I am turning 13 in October and I think my wisdom teeth are coming in! I think it could be because my other teeth came in early, but it just feels weird saying my wisdom teeth are coming in. Anyways, I...

 Can you have braces for over 3 years?

 Getting your wisdom teeth out?
Okay...i have to get my wisdom teeth out soon.
i have to get all 4 of them out.
i chose to get put to sleep with an IV. : D

Is it going to hurt when i wake up?
What is the ...

 how braces will look on me?
my dentist said i need braces..does anyone know how i can like take a picture and the braces will be on my teeth? lol i kno its wierd but i wana kno how i look b4 i get them..any links or watever?.......

 braces off.....................................…
I am getting my braces off tomorrow any tips ??...

 How much do braces cost?

 Braces help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have braces and I am supposed to be getting them off in may. My bottom teeth are still kinda crooked and my orthodontist said the next thing he is doing is closing the gaps. Will. My bottom teeth ...

 Question about Braces?
I have a phobia of needles (i am 16) and it is a really bad phobia. My mom said that i should get braces and well as i stated the whole "needle in my mouth" thing just terrifies me. I just ...

 Was the Dentist's Bill Unreasonable?
Had all my teeth (32) cleaned by dentist. Charged me $70 which I paid without complaining. This is my complaint: My wife also had her teeth cleaned by same dentist (Because she wears full and ...

 why do all celebrities have perfect teeth?

 Does it hurt when you get braces off?
ive had braces for almost a year and a half now and my orthodontist said that i would be getting them off in the next few months i was just wondering if it hurt any when they take them off
and ...

 brushing teeth with braces???
i brush my teeth regularly as normal and i have braces so i use special whitening toothpaste
but i still have plaque and stuff close to my braces and its anoying
how do i get rid of this?...

 Bad tooth, dentist doesn't want to pull it?
I've been to the emergency dentist today cos I had a bad toothache on the top and he pulled it out cos it was really rotten. My teeth are in pretty bad shape in general, I need loads of work ...

 Braces and elastics questions?
1) Will they stop hurting tomorrow (i got them yesterday)

2) Can I wear them when I eat?

3) Does this mean I'm close to getting my braces off?

4) What do the ...

Kate L
When do I have to brush my teeth with braces?
I know I have to brush them after:

but what about snacks through out he day?
for example: right now I really want to eat a Hershey Kiss<333
but will I have to brush right after or just rinse quickly with water?

you actually shouldn't eat chocolate with braces =3

Jennifer Christman
You want to brush after every meal, at bedtime, and when you eat snacks when you have braces. If you don't, the sugars from what you are eating can sit in the areas between the brackets and cause cavitites to form in those areas. You want to make sure to brush and floss everyday and at these times. If you are going somewhere you can buy the throw-away toothbrushes, and if you can't do any of it at least rinse your mouth out until you get home and are able to do it.

smiley face
your only sposed to brush them twice a day, like the guy above me said.

i have braces to, why would you brush them after everything you eat? your only gonna eat more after it which would defeat the purpose..??

it depends what you are eating, and if you have brackets on all of your teeth... if you want to eat something , just quickly rinse your mouth out!!!! :)

Croatian Chick &lt;3
yes, brush your teeth after every meal.

if you want to eat a snack through out the day...just rinse your mouth with water (if you're in public ) or rinse it with mouthwash (if you're at home) you can (if you want) brush your teeth after snacks as well.

Rinse with a mouthwash after eating snacks.

Pooh Bear
For snacks you can just rinse your mouth, but it wouldn't hurt if yuo brushed once more, but don't brush too much or you'll wipe off your enamel and your gums will recede...
Soo.. just rinse your mouth out, or nothing, but you might get food in your teeth.

Michele in CT
Rinsing always helped me and I never got a cavity! Just make sure that you floss- VERY important! (You don't want that perfect smile to get ruined!) It's great to know that you are taking such great care of your dental health- most people aren't aware of this, but good dental hygiene affects your overall health- GOOD FOR YOU!

??? just brush it twice a day. wen u wake up and b4 bed. thts it dude. wow.

Don't worry about it too much, Brushing more than 3 times a day can be hard on your gums so if you need to brush more than that then be gentle! Use those little tools that you got from your orthodontist to get extra food out of your braces after snacks and meals. It's difficult for your mouth to clean food off of braces so you run a risk of getting bad breath. But Just brush the standard 3 times a day and you should be fine! I had braces for 2 years, i wasn't too obsessive, and my teeth are fine now!

you should really bring a portable toothbrush with you there ARE toothbrushes now with built in toothpaste and you just throw them away after you use them. basically every time you eat something you should brush your teeth. or if you dont have a tooth brush, at least use mouth wash

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