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 Can you get braces on only your bottom teeth?
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 whats the dental term for a tooth gap?
like what david letterman ...

 Is is ok to have a tooth extracted rather than a root canal? It's the lower second molar.?

 Braces AND Glasses?
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 Whats it like getting your teeth molded for braces?
Does it hurt? Do you choke?...

 Are these all cavities???!!!!?
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 My teeth hurt or when i drink something it feel cold?
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 Why do we only have 2 sets of teeth?

 How to get rid of red swollen gums?
I have been to the dentist 2 times this week for a check up and 4 fillings, anyways my gums are swollen hurt and are very red, how can i fix this myself?
Additional Details

 Whats a good way to whiten my teeth?
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 If you had a tooth with a dead nerve would it be sensative to pain?
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 Have a really bad toothache. Any good home rememdies to get rid of it?
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 I'm scared of the dentist?
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 i get my wisdom teeth removed on friday, when can i return to work?
hey, i get my wisdom teeth removed on friday. i was just curious when i could return to work? i have heard that 3 days after the teeth are pulled, u can return to normal activities. what do u think?...

 I'm scared of getting braces!!!?
I'm 11 and i'm getting braces soon and I'm scared like crazy!!! Going to the dentist was never fun for me anyways. So does it hurt? Be completley honest!!!!!...

 Why does my mouth hurt?
Ok, the last few weeks, i've had pain in the lower right side of my mouth. Just yesterday, i finally was able to see what the cause is. I think it has something to do with the fact that in the ...

 Pain in tooth not long after filling and root canal treatment?
I changed my dentist in January and the first thing she did was replace 2 fillings. During 1 of the fillings there was a lot of pain in the tooth but it did end after the treatment. Up until today I&#...

What do they use to put people to sleep during surgery?
My friend is really freaking out, and he thinks he going to die because they have to put him to sleep inorder to lower his gums, give him a root canal and remove 4 wisdom teeth with have yet to grow in yet. What do they use to put him to sleep, what are the chances he could die or have a reaction. His step brother had a seisure from it, but his real brother was fine, either way, he's really scared. Is there anything I could tell him that would calm him down? Please, he's really scared, we need infomation on this stuff.

NO2 the same stuff they use to make cars go fast

Because it would hurt like heck if you were conscious.

sound like he will get narcosis - as you say, "put to sleep". If your friend is worried then he sure should ask about the type of anesthesia (and also if there are some options that may be considered in his particular case) and also require all necessary tests that will determine if he is fit for narcosis - like when i had narcosis (quite short) they automatically tested my kidneys and heart in advance and they asked many questions. for people that have some conditions (like old people that have weak heart or so) there are some more delicate alternatives available.

And also everybody is more or less worried before an operation so they give a take-it-easy shot to everybody just before the narcosis itself to help them relax their mind -and body - before they get to the operating theatre.

oh, better not think of the times when narcosis was not available ...

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

General anesthesia is usually used for sedation during surgery. Please tell him he will be fine. The doctor who administers the anesthesia will monitor him constantly throughout his surgey. If any problems arise they will stop his surgery and wake him. You must put your trust into your doctor. Technology is very advanced so he will be closely monitored.Before you can recieve sedation your history of your family will be reviewed and they will make the decision that it is okay for him to recieve it.During these procedures it would be miserable to get all these things done. A root canal takes 45 minuts,the gum procedure 30-60 minutes,plus the pulling of his teeth which have to be removed from below the gum. He is going to want to be asleep. He will be just fine and healed before you know it. Give him support and let him know he will be okay. Good Luck to him.

Being "put to sleep" for surgery can mean different things. "Conscious sedation" is the anesthesia procedure that most people receive to have their wisdom teeth out. This involved having an IV placed, and the anesthetic drugs are given through the IV. These drugs are usually narcotics (like morphine, demerol, fentanyl), benzodiazepines (like valium or versed), and sometimes an "induction agent" like propofol. In these cases, the patient is sedated to the point where they are REALLY out of it, but can still follow verbal commands and are still breathing on their own.

General Anesthesia may be given by both IV and inhaled medications. In a state of general anesthesia, the patient is un-arousable, and usually must receive breathing support. The patient gets an IV, an "induction agent" (like propofol) is given to put the patient to sleep, and then the patient is intubated (a breathing tube is placed down their throat to protect their airway). Inhalation anesthetics (sevoflurane, isoflurane, desflurane, etc.) are given to the patient through the breathing tube as a machine breathes for the patient. This keeps the patient asleep during the whole dental/surgical procedure.

If the procedure is shorter, conscious sedation will probably be used. If this is planned for an operating room, and its going to be a long procedure, general anesthesia may be used. Either way, the patient should have all questions answered by the doctor doing the anesthesia well BEFORE the time for the procedure!!

Hey, I work as a veterinary technician. I had an emergency surgery 7 weeks ago, and guess what. They used almost the same anesthesia on me that we use on animals. So I know how safe it is. Anesthesia always has its risks, but they are very small for young people without a history of kidney/liver probs. For a dental procedure, they won't even have him out hard or long. Don't worry about it, probs are rare.

It's general anesthesia. You could reassure him that reactions to it are rare, and that just because his step brother had one doesn't mean he's going to. Reactions to it tend to run in families and his step brother isn't a blood relative.

I've had my wisdom teeth out with just local anesthetic; I was fine; I just felt pressure.
I worked with a periodontist and ALL our perio surgeries (removal of excess gum tissue; Bone grafts; tissue grafts, etc) was done with just local anesthetic and people were great. They were really stressed when they came in for the surgery. I told them that their gums would just feel like a pizza burn and at their 1 wk post op check they agreed that Motrin took care of that post op pain. They thought I was crazy at first but they DID agree...
Everyone reacts differently to anesthetic whether it's local, IV, or general. Remember that the dental team is trained to handle this kind of situation that may happen.
He needs to express all his concerns at his pre-op check

hermione speaks
They'll probably use an inhaled anaesthetic called isoflurane. It's very safe and doesn't usually cause the nausea and vomiting that people sometimes think of when they think about anesthetics. I've seen it used tons of times, and I had my wisdom teeth out while asleep on this drug, never have I seen or experienced a problem with it. The only thing was that I would get a whiff of it off and on for a couple days after surgery as it cleared out of my lungs.

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