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 i have a really bad toothache and it?
please i am in need my tooth is so ...

 Dentist Appointment In Less Than Two Hours, HELP ME! tips?
It's around 1:25 where I am now, and I have an orthodontist appointment at 2:50. I get so nervous for it, I feel kinda nauseated right now, and I don't think this anxiety will pass within ...

 Do you actually know any British people with green teeth?
My poor mother has some due to an accident at the dentist.
It wasn't her fault after her tooth got chipped she went to the dentist to have them capped and it sent them green.

So ...

 Braces question?
Do braces hurt? How many weeks will have to pass each time they get tightened? Does the process of getting your braces on and taken off hurt? Also what color braces should i get? I have dark hair and ...

 how did it feel to get your braces off?
i'm getting my braces off on the 17th of sep, i was told today and i'm on high. but how did you feel when you get yours off?
i got the braces when i was 19 and now i'm almost 21, ...

 I had an old amalgam filling that fell out possibly 2 on same tooth - dentist cant see me for 2-3 days?
I'm concerned about the old filling that I swallowed and the metalic taste from bits of filing still in my mouth - Could it have Lead, Mercury, Silver and are they toxic ?
Only about half ...

 Question about BRACES!?!?
I will need to get Braces soon, and I was wonering if anybody has them here??

Like, what are the steps.. You walk in, and sit on the chair, and then....etc. Like did they numb your mouth?<...

 wat can u do 2 get rid of mouth sores due to braces...?
besides medication cuz i dont want 2 waste $ on it since i dont get mouth sores a ...

 How can I stop bad breath?
I brush my teeth [twice] every day and every once in a while use mouthwash. What type of gum helps bad breath.
Ex: orbit,trident.
What else should i try?...

 how long do you think i will have to wear braces?
allright so my teeth are crocked but not terribly. if i smile they look fine but if i were to open my mouth and you looked at my teeth you could tell that there crocked. well when i was bron my 2nd ...

 how musch does a retainer cost?
i kind of lost mine (oopsy) and im afraid to ask my orthodontist how much it is going to cost to get a new one sooooo soften the blow please......
Additional Details
i meant the kind ...

 I know this is sad... but I HATE brushing my teeth..?? what can I do...??

 What are some ways of getting rid of bad breath?
My toothpaste and mouthwash work but
only for a limited time and sometimes I don't have gum so
I tried to avoid getting really close to peoples face because I know
I have bad ...

 Removal of wisdoom teeth.?
My two top wisdom teeth will be removed this Friday. One is severly broken and the other has a large piece missing. I was wondering if she will put me out or will Novacaine be an option. I want to ...

 whats the best way to pull out a molar?
i got a molar that needs to get pulled the last time i pulled one out it was 6 rs ago an all iremember is that i took my nails an pulled it out this time it aint workin an i aint doin the string ...

 im getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow how many hours in advance am i suppose to stop eating and drinking?

If I were to get braces, about how long do you think I would have to have them?


Any suggestions on how to close my gap without them?


 How much is it to have one wisdom tooth taken out at a dentist without insurance?
I don't have a dental insurance but I started feeling pain in one of my tooth. I am afraid it is probably the lower wisdom tooth.

Does anyone know about how much it might cost to ...

 Just got wisdom teeth out on Wednesday?
My right side is swollen, what can I do to help?...

 how many wisdom teeth do you have?

kitty meow
What do I do if the syringe for my wisdom teeth isn't taking the food out?
I have tried using the syringe on the holes but nothing's working. This food is really stuck in there I'm guessing but is there any other way to take out the food? I really need help with this one.
Additional Details
oh and there's a nasty taste/smell coming from it so yeah.....

I hope you know you fill the syringe with water and squirt it on the aread. If you are then i would suggest gurgling water on the area, and if that fails, carefully take either a pin, or if you have one those toothbrush/hook utensils and fish it out.

Jus Beachy
Rinse your mouth out!

mine always managed to find its own ways out of the holes

after a wisdom toth extraction it will take 7-10 days for your healing to occur. continu usog the irrigating syringe that has been provided for you and rinse after eacj meal Heaing occurs from the inside out so the extraction site will take aprox 4-6 weeks t completely close. Be sure to use warm salt water .

Did you just have them pulled and there's food in fresh sockets? If so I wouldn't try poking at them. Are you 100% sure it's food? I had 3 teeth pulled last month and I could have sworn their was food stuck but it was gum that was growing over funny. If there is food just keep swishing tea or gentle mouth wash till it comes out on it's own, if they're fresh sockets, I wouldn't want to get them bleeding.

If not fresh sockets try some gum or a tooth pick/tooth brush.
I know it's annoying to just let it be but if you've had oral sugery recently you may have to let it alone, it will come out.

Good Luck!

Whatever you do, do not try picking it out. You can cause the clots that have formed to come out and trust me the pain will make you want to die. Just wait a while and try again. Are you using salt water to rinse? But I wouldn't worry to much about it right now. It will come out but you need to keep rinsing. Sorry I couldn't be more help then that. DO NOT GARGLE OR SWISH WATER AROUND YOUR MOUTH!!!! This can also cause the clots to come loose.

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

im having the same problems. be VERY VERY careful if youre going to stick anything in the surgical sites. its very sensetive down there and you dont want to get a dry socket... q-tips helped me. they grabbed the food easily since the food was wet, kinda turn it slowly and it should pick it up. if not keep "blasting" and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS rinse after ever time you mess with your mouth. PLEASE!

try warm salt water and swishing it around

Ok I don't know how the doctor told you to use it, but what I did was I filled it up with water and then stuck it down it the hole and blasted it all out. And it was really really disgusting but it works! Good Luck.

rinse out mouth with warm salty water and swish it around. when using syringe you gotta fill it with warm water and place it right in the 'hole', and push the syringe of water with force.

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