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 Im getting braces, and I have a lot of questions.?
Hi. I am planning to get braces in about a month now, and i had a few questions.
1. Does getting braces hurt?
2. Recommended colors...?
3. Any tips on how to prepare for braces.

 does the plaque in between your teeth stink?
can it cause your breath to stink too?...

 Can i have a dentist pull out my two crooked front teeth and put them both back in straight?
My upper left and upper right central teeth are both crooked, but the rest of my teeth are straight. Can I go to a tooth expert or dentist and have them yank out my two front teeth and then put them ...

 Does it hurts wearing braces? what r d different kinds of braces that make teeth straighter in a year ?

 what can i take for swollen gums, i'm in pain. mortin is not working.?

 Im about to get braces and i'm really scared?
my cousin told me that braces are really painful and i want to know all about it...i'm really nervous about getting braces.....

 wisdom teeth IM SO SCARED!?
well tomorow im going to get my wisdom teeth pulled and 2 other teeth. so 6 teeth!!!!
i choose to be asleep because i dont think i can handle seeing it. my question pretty much is, how long did ...

 Do local dentists make vampire fangs just for you?
You tell them that you want a vampire fangs, will they make for you? Is it healthy? If not, where can i buy the fangs?...

 Dry Socket dressings?
Hi, this past Monday I got a upper back tooth extracted. I've had 2 dry-sockets previously, so my Dentist put in a Dry Socket dressing to help prevent one. I dont know what it was called but its ...

 when i meet a new person i ALWAYS ask them for the gum in their mouth....is that gross?
at school there is a wall and if you get caught chewing gum you have to put your gum on that wall... i tend to pick off random pieces and chew on them... is that gross to you or does it juat sound ...

 Just got my tooth pulled and everything taste sweet!!1?
i got my tooth pulled yesturday and now i cant drink water because it taste very sweet... Is this normal this was my firsttime getting my tooth pulled...
Additional Details
im 19, and ...

 Cavities On the Two Front Teeth, ...........what to do?
what can a dentist do for cavities on permanant teeth.........the two front top teeth?...

 Does it hurt when they take braces off? What's the experience like? I'm worried?
I've had my braces for 3 years now. I'm getting them off in 10 days, I so excited! But I'm scared that it will hurt a lot. What does it feel like getting them off? Are the white stains ...

 my 4 year old fell and pushed his tooth into his gum. Now his baby tooth is turning gray. What is going on?

 My 12 year old has discoloration on her teeth due to a high fever from strep throat. Do you think she is too?
young for bleaching in the dentist office ?...

 Dental ; As if it couldn't get any worse :*( help ?
I've had braces since summer .. I got my two back teeth taken out to get them in. The flexible wire has broken three times already. He put spacers in on thursday and one has fell out. I have to ...

 Question About Braces Off Day?
Okay so last time I went to the orthodontist he said "You're getting your braces off for your next appointment. Just wear your rubber bands 24/7 for the next 2 weeks, and then only at night ...

 wat iz d best way 2 get sparkling white teeth?

 braces pain!?
i just got braces today and they really hurt! i cant even chew! is ths normal? will it go away?...

 braces ?
im getting braces on tomorow, and i am the opposite of excited. i got spacers (twice) and the second time they KILLED when i got them on and for the next week. do braces hurt when they get put on? ...

What can I eat after a wisdom tooth extraction?
My tooth was pulled two days ago. Thanks.

job e
If your tooth was pulled two days ago you should be fine to do everything you did before the extraction.. lmao you have got to be joking. lol your one of those hypochondriacs that always act like their sick and when they actually are drag it on and on and on. lol.. I got my wisdom teeth pulled and went back to work the same day, and I'm in sales. Never had to change my eating habits. I just chewed on the side I didn't get a tooth pulled on, and even then it was only for a day or so.

Your dentist never told you anything about that?

oatmeal, yogurt, pudding, jello, popsicles, mashed potatoes, milkshakes (no straw) You can eat regularly soon!

Guess Who
Ice cream, and hot broth.

Soup broth and rinse with warm water and salt regularly.

cindy h
preferably liquids only, otherwise your taking a risk of getting dry sockets. I had them, they hurt worse than any tootheache you'll ever have. Drinking through straws, smoking, any slight suction your mouth can make can cause that. Just for the first couple of days and you should be okay but take it as easy as you can for a few days after that.

The Dentist should have given you instructions on what you can eat and caring for your extraction !!!! I bet you put them in your purse and forgot about them. If not call your dentist and ask !!! In the mean time eat ice cream, milkshakes, ice cream, milkshakes !!! lol

campbells soup or ice cream just about anything soft

The soft foods listed above are okay, but if using the salt water rinse don't swish vigorously. Just roll the water around in your mouth and do not spit. Let the water just fall from your mouth. You want to avoid the four S's - spitting, smoking, straws, and swishing. Any of these maneuvers can create a suction and pull out the blood clot from your extraction site, causing a dry socket, which can be extremely painful and would require a visit to your dentist.

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