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 How do you cure mouth ulcers?
I've got 2 on my upper lip and they hurt!!
I'm barely eating but on the bright side, it'll help me lose weight! Hehe.

Anyways, do you know any cures that cures it ...

 How does it feel getting your braces off?
I've had braces for a year and half and I'm getting my braces off next month and i just had a few questions

- how long does it take to take them off
- will my teeth hurt ...

 Teeth Whitening Strips?
Did anybody try them? can you give me a good recomendation which to try? Did you actualy see any change in color?...

 How muh do dental assistants start out at?
I have heard people say that they are dental assistants and that they make $20+ dollars an hour. How many years do you have to work before you are making that much. Do you have to go to school and be ...

ok so....i get my braces Tuesday and i have to get an expander and i want to know if it hurts ur mouth when you get it????...

 My mouth tastes like metal?
It started last night, my mouth is tasting like metal, near my teeth.
It's like when you put a fork in your mouth after its touched metal,
that's what its like. What can it be?...

 I went to the dentist yesterday and now my lip wont move?
I went to the dentist yesterday and got a filling in a tooth on top, on the right side. It only took 2-3 hours for the numbness to wear off but now it is over 24 hours later and the right side of my ...

 Do Tobacco pouches cause gum recession?
I am curious if tobacco chew pouches cause gum recession similar to regular chew that is non pouched. It would seem that the pouch would protect the gums but this may not be the case. Does anybody ...

 I've been told I need braces. What do they do to you?
Does it hurt? I'm only 11 and i'm really scared. I have been told I need them soon :(

 Please help! What is wrong with my filling??
As a child, I never took care of my teeth, plus my parents don't have the best of teeth so I ended up with bad teeth. About 2 months ago, I got a filling in a major cavity. The cavity went all ...

 How many teeth can you have pulled at the same time with the typical shot for dental procedures?
I have 1 tooth on top and 3 on bottom on the right side that I would like to have pulled all at once. I've been fighting toothaches off and on in all 4 of them and I've just had it. I ...

 What can i do to naturally whiten my teeth naturally - i have slightly week enamel as well?

 How quickly can teeth shift without a retainer?
I left my retainer at school with my gym clothes. I'm fairly certain I can get it back on Monday. But can my teeth shift over the weekend to where the retainer wouldn't fit anymore? The ...

 bracket on braces is loose?
my bracket(those little color things they put on braces, i think their called brackets right?) is really loose. my mom's calling the ortho in the morning, but can i do until then?...

 Is it just a tooth ache?!?
i have a fizzy head on one side, and a headache all over, on the same side i also have a toothache, and a pain going up my nose, could this just be a toothache, cant get to the dentist! i don't ...

 I noticed three tiny holes on my tooth that started hurting a little bit this week. Do I need a filling?
Or is more than three cavities a root canal? I really really don't want a root canal! But if I have three cavities in one tooth, that is a lot, right? My parents don't have dental insurance ...

 what toothpaste would make yellow teeth to white teeth in a month or sooner?
please help me i hate my teeth color i brush everyday with colgate but it dont ...

 whenever im in a restaurant i always get food stuck in my teeth?
is there a product that can help? i need something...i hate using toothpicks!!...

 I got my premolars out about 5 days ago, would I be ok for making out?
I feel really weird asking this but....halp! :P
Additional Details
Is it possible that any hideous disease that my making out buddy has will get into the wounds?...

 Why good dental hygiene is so important to your health?
Why good dental hygiene is so important to your health....

What are the chances of getting dry socket 4 days after a wisdom tooth removal?
My teeth are still slightly sore, but nothing horrible. Is it still possible to get dry socket, or am I probably OK by now?

Dry sockets occur approximately 2 weeks after the extraction. They don't develop in a couple days. Dry sockets hurt worse than a regular toothache. You will know if you have one. Slight soreness is to be expected within a week or so of any extraction, especially oral surgery.
Take 800 mg of IBProfen every 6-8 hours and if the dentist gave you pain medicine, save it for night time so you can rest.
I hope this helps!

youre probably ok now but yes you can still get it 4 days later the reason i say youre ok is that you would already feel it and its BAD..

Amy T
It is not uncommon to get dry socket after four days, however if you are only experiencing slight pain then this is probable normal, from what I have herd dry socket is extremely painful give it a few more days.

dry sockets normally happen 2 days after extractions onwards..but it is excruciating pain,that you could not possibly ignore with heading back to the dentist, so sometimes it can be just some food stuck in the hole, after 2 days you should be gently brushing the socket any way and warm salt rinse mouth wash,

very very good chance if you dont go by the directions

Buzz s
Only 4 days? Check in a couple of weeks and see how you are doing. The swelling and "chipmunk" phase are not even over yet. Some pain is to be expected - especially if they had to lay open your jaw.

slightly sore is normal, my dentist told me that dry socket can happen even weeks afterward. if you get it, you'll definitely know it. the pain went right to the top of my skull!

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