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 is it dangerous to drink before getting your teeth drilled (because of the novacaine or something)?

 Damon or ceramic braces? Please help!?
I am allergic to metal braces and so my ortho suggested ceramic braces but I have a bonding on my front tooth and I'm really cautious when it comes to my bonding. And I've read that ceramic ...

 What foods can I not have with braces?
I recently got braces. My orthodontist gave me a list of food and things I can't chew on, so I follow it. But I have heard different things from different people. Like, my orthodontist said '...

 What's so bad about flossing with a sock?

 I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed and I have a few questions?
so I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed

so does it hurt?
and when I wake up from the anesthesia am I going to be all dumd all day XD that's what they said, but how bad is ...

 do dental assistant get distracted when their patients come in smelling like fragrance?

Additional Details
i just want to make sure it's ok to show up with one or two sprays of ...

 Wet the toothbrush first, then paste, or paste first, then wet the toothbrush?
Which do you do? Which is better?...

idk lately i feel dizzy and i keep seeing lights
like i stare at something ill see it still a second later on the wall or something
also my nose feels tight
i have not felt this way ...

 My twin sister has infected wisdom teeth, & she can't get it fixed until December. Is she going to be OK?
She's a military vet & goes to the VA hospital, & they said that's the SOONEST they can get her in. She said her teeth have pus & give her horrible headaches....

 periodontal scale and root pln $1750??
My dentist told me that I need periodontal scaling done. It is my first visit to this dentist. My previous dentist always claimed that my teeth and gums were in fine condition. Maybe they missed ...

 I ate a twix today and my teeth (back) was hurting really bad, what is it?
Thanks For your Help I go to the Dentist in a few weeks but this happened today!...

 How do you tell the difference between baby and permanent teeth?
How do you tell the difference between baby and permanent teeth, because I have this tooth that is loose and is about to come out but I am pretty sure I already lost a tooth there. Please help ...

 Can this tooth be saved?
The patient called and made an appointment stating, "My crown came out." When she arrived, she presented a plastig bag and asked - with a straight face - "Can you put it back in?&...

 At what age should all your baby teeth be gone?
im 13 and all my back teeth are baby teeth. is that unhealthy? how can i make them come out easier?...

 Help with teeth whitening?
My teeth have a tint of yellow in them, im 14 and too young for teeth whitening professionally. Does anyone know a really good whitening toothpaste that actually does work?...

 Dentists, how do you relax your nervous patients?
I want to be a dentist but I would like to know how do you relax or reduce anxiety in the patients?

Thanks so much!...

 How does Bakingsoda whitens your teeth? how long does it take to see results?? and how do u use the bakingsoda

Additional Details
what is hydrogine proxidine?...

 Can wisdom teeth ever come in without a problem?
My wisdom teeth aren't doing anything, they are still under my gums. But my dentist said chances are wisdom teeth will cause problems, so get them out right away. I know several people who'...

 Is pinning your ears back painful?? can you get ear braces instead??
I want to get rid of protruding ears but is it painful? or can you get alternates?? any websites or links??

 Wisdom Teeth?
I have four wisdom teeth that I need to get pulled. I have a HUGE fear of dentists, and I'm freaked out about going to get them pulled. My dentist offers IV sedation, but I'm nervous w/ ...

What's this gray thing my ortho put in (swivel?)?
Yesterday my ortho told his assistant to put something on one of my teeth. I think he called it a swivel....it was definitely not a spacer because that I would have recognized.

It's a little gray thing right next to the bracket. It doesn't go between the teeth and I don't recall anything being glued on.

So what is it and what is it supposed to do?

I didn't ask at the time but last night that tooth started hurting so now I'm interested! I'd call them but I'd have to go through a process to get through; this is much easier.

I have worked in orthodontics a very long time and haven't heard of anything called a swivel. It sounds like you are describing a rotation wedge. It hooks on the side of the tie-wings of the bracket and there is a piece of rubber next to the bracket but under the wire.

A rotation wedge causes the tooth to slightly rotate in the opposite direction by exerting pressure on the wire. This is used when the tooth has been a bit stubborn in straightening or bracketing position can be slightly off to one side and may eliminate the need to reposition the bracket.

I had a hard time finding one in an online catalogue. There is a picture of it on the bottom of page 4 of this partial catalogue. http://www.forestadent.com/documentpool/online_katalog/kat_30/cat_30_chapter05.pdf

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