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What's the best cure for a mouth ulcer?
Also why do mouth Ulcers form? I clean my teeth and use mouthwash everyday and still I get one now and again! :o(
Is there anything more I can do to prevent them?

try gurgling with peroxide every day as both a cure and a prevention.

hazel eyes
moth ulcers (and cold sores)come from a virus called herpes that does not have a cure. they usually pop out when we are stressed out or there is a physical ailment in the body so that it cannot suppress the virus.this is going to sound weird, but it does work. Use Blistex. It comes in a little white tube near the chap stick and stuff. get the cream, the taste is really wired, but the result are great. I have done it myself and even tested the time it takes for them to go away with and without the blistex, and the blistex won hands down. it only took like half of the time for it to heal. good luck.

michelle a
Sometimes mouth ulcers are an indication of other health problems like Coeliacs disease. If you get them very often speak to your dentist and your doctor to try and found out why.

Rub salt on it.

I used to have it quite often till I started taking the mouthwash. It still happened though once in a while. When it happened, I just applied MediGel which you can get at local Pharmacy. Oral Aid is the best. No pain at all. Bonjela? Forget it, it's too painful.

this doesn't relate to whether u wash ur mouth or brush ur teeth. u always have mouth ulcer is because ur body has too much of "heat". U should drink a lot of water to cool down ur body heat and avoid to eat fried food. and i recommand u to purchase a chinese medicine called "watermelon frost". is a green colour powder made from water melon skin. this medicine really works and cheap too!

I find the best cure is salt and warm water.

Most mouth ulcers are caused by relatively harmless conditions. However, an ulcer in the mouth may sometimes be the first sign of a mouth cancer. Any sore or ulcer in the mouth which is unexplained and not healing should be checked carefully by a general practitioner or specialist in case it might be a cancer. This is particularly important for older people and smokers, because mouth cancer is more common in these groups.

Tammy I
Gargle with salt mixed with warm water. It doesn't taste great but works a treat and is cheaper than buying the various products on the market that claim to work.

Salt is by far the best.

Are you stressed?

Capillaries tend to be flooded with blood (When you're stressed, your blood pressure rises, henceforth). They can make microscopic bursts, and get infected by the bacteria that is in your mouth naturally. When you're stressed, you tend to produce more saliva, which will continue to infect it.

Try to calm down and relax. The less stressed you are, the less ulcers you'll get.

Try hot salt water, or gargle with your mouthwash (warm it up a little bit)

Good luck my friend. :)

bonjela is the best thing

I get them now and again.

I find copious amounts of beer cures them.
It also takes my mind off them for the next few hours as well

Stress and too much sugar in your diet cause acidity levels in your mouth to increase - this is what causes mouth ulcers.

They go away very quickly when you swish warm salt water in your mouth repeatedly for 5 minutes.

I get mouth ulcers easily, so I know that salt water is the best treatment available.

The Hulk
I hear that if you can get the exact spot of the "Ulcer" stung by a wasp the pain is far greater than that of the ulcer and thus takes your mind of it!

do this...

Boil water ...
put warm water in glass then put some salt ...
use it like a mouth wash ...its 100 percent sure

Mouth ulcers are often associated with being run down or stressed, my tips for curing them once they have form are careful teeth brushing so as not to aggravate the ulcer as it heals and sugar!!! Sprinkle sugar on the ulcer 2-3 times a day it helps the wound to re-granulate and eases the stinging.......go ahead and try it!!!!! Good luck
Salt will clean but will sting like hell and is not necessary.

Nick B
Ask you chemist for tincture of Myre, is costs about 50pence a bottle and lasts for years.

You simply put some on your finger then apply to the ulcer, it stings like made but drys out the ulcer and you can eat anything you like, including salty and acid things without it causing any discomfort.

I have used this on and off for years and it is much better than any of the gels or other potions on the market!

True Brit
I get them from eating too much raw fruit and vegetables. And nuts. It's the acid, I think.
But a chemist told me you could also get them from not eating enough fruit. There's a balance, obviously.


BONJELA to prevent eat plenty fruits and vegetables.

Rinstead works a treat.

you can get them for a number of reasons. There's 'stress' ulcers, there's diet and there's dentures/teeth problems. I get them because a couple of jagged teeth rub on the inside of my cheeks. Some people chew the inside of their mouth. Warm salt water helps but the one that helps best because it numbs the pain somewhat is diluting some liquid tcp and swilling your mouth with it. It'll sting for a few seconds then it really does ease off the discomfort of ulcers as well as helping them to heal.

in our mouth we have a type of fungi that lives in it it is called candida albicans ,if ur immunity decreased for e.g. du to infection it starts to cause infection too, and make these ulcers.
best thing take antifungal and vit B .
and good luck.

Peace...................... Off.
I just had a couple and got rid of them very fast using Bonjela Cool Mint Gel. I think being run down and stressed brings them on and not eating enough fruit and veg.

bonjella for the pain, then rinse your mouth out with salty water!

hong kong phooey
try bonjela. also salt works if u can stand the stinging. ur probably getting more stress than usual at the moment & this could be the source of ur ulcers? take time off if u can & relax a bit. hope this helps

If, like me you are unafraid of a bout of extreme agony, get a t-spoon of salt and grind it into the ulcer with a finger just before you go to (a bad night of restless) sleep. it will hurt like a motherhubbard, and you won't get any sleep for the pain, but you will have no mouth ulcer.

you will have a mouth like a nagasaki ditch-diggers left flipflop, i.e. dry and manky. but the ulcer is gone.

bonjela is for woofters.

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