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 Help!!My Filling came off my Molar!!?
So I had a Filling(silver) back when I was in third grade(because I had cavities)Now today (Eight Grade 5 years later)When I was done eating when I floss my teeth part my molar and my fillings came ...

 How much money will I need for the first years of making a Dental clinic?
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 Which color of rubber bands makes braces less noticable?
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 Whitning problems after braces?
Ok I had braces for four years and now I've had them off for about 6 months. While I had braces I was a very poor brusher and now my teeth look really bad. I just tried whitening them with Crest ...

 My gums hurt?
Towards the back, on the left upper side of my mouth, the wisdom tooth and the one next to it (the last two). When i bite into something like my finger or a lighter (which are all i have to bite on)...

 When do braces stop hurting!?
i've got braces yesterday, and i was fine 4 the first hour of having them (i could eat, and it didnt hurt) then later it started hurting, and it has been hurting since, and i can't eat ...

 IM SCARED ABOUT GETTING BRACES!!!! please help! i need you?
i really need some advice, im getting braces on the 6th march and i was excited at first but now im just scared. can anyone help?...

 Why would there be blood in my mouth when I brush my teeth?
I don't brush my teeth often, and with Halloween, there's a lot of candy. (Not NEAR as much as previous years). So I brushed my teeth and there was a little blood. Why?..

 Different Kinds of Braces?!?
Ive just got braces on about a week ago.
My friend also has them and had for a year and her teeth are perfect so i think their coming off soon. Anyway
she started off with the coloured O ...

 Do you personally use the wax a lot for your Braces?
They gave me 3 small squares of Wax. I just put the wax on my upper teeth and it actually makes it feel a bit better. It's not rubbing up against and scraping me mouth anymore. Do you use the ...

 Why does it hurt your ears when chalk or nails scratch a chalkboard?

 i was in a major car accident. where in savannah georgia can I go to get my teeth fixed?

 Should I get invisalign?

I am considering getting invisalign because of my crooked teeth (obviously).

The problem(s) with my teeth are crowding and one of my front teeth is overlapping the other ...

 Getting Braces off TOMORROW?
i am really scared of getting my braces off. will it hurt? If i have any stains will they come off when they use the thing to remove the glue or when they polish them? Also if fi do have stains what ...

 Cleaning teeth and braces..?
I have been recently reading about braces because I am getting them very soon (5th november) usually I brush my teeth in the morning and sometimes at night, but the few days every time I eat have the ...

 Is there anything wrong with dry gums?
Recently the gums behind my bottom teeth have become dryer and rough to touch with the tongue. There is no bleeding and no pain.

I was wondering if anything was seriously wrong?...

 Should I get blisters on my tongue when wearing a retainer? I just got the retainer yesterday...?
I just got the retainer yesterday and wore it last night. I woke up this morning with two blisters on each side of my tongue... is this normal? Will it go away? All answers are appreciated and God ...

 How many dental crowns do average people have?
I am 39 and have 3 crowns. What is typical for my age? What is typical for older ages?
Additional Details
Cynical George, that's why I asked the AVERAGE...

 fake teeth?
ok so its been a while sinse i got my braces of but i have a little gap its tiny though and my teeth are small i wanna get vaneers or w,e there called ,,how old do you hav to be to get them? cuz ...

 Zoom Whitening....?
I am getting Zoom Whitening next week, is it worth it??...

Natasha M
Toothbrush in boiling water.. does it clean it?
My mom just got a new electric toothbrush (she has used it twice) but she doesn't want it.
Instead of buying another electric toothbrush for me, can i leave it for a minute or two in boiling water and then start using hers?
Or what can i doo??

Yes,soak it in a solution of very hot water and mild soap.Then rinse it well.This should be fine.

I'm a dental hygienist from Texas...

I would just go buy a Ultraviolet Light kit from the drug store (Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc)...

They sell these now and you can use a TESTED method to kill the bacteria that is already on the brush.

Good Luck! =)

Public Chairs
yes that should work but DONT PUT SOAP ON IT!!! or else you will be tasting soap for about a month or 2!

Dr Matt W (Australia)
Boiling water won't sterilize the brush.
Either use some Milton's solution (as for baby bottles) for 10 mins, or use household bleach diluted 1 part in 10 of water for 10 mins.

baby cute 101
put your toothbrush in a container with warm water and mild soap and let it soak for 5-8 minutes and then you can use the toothbrush

put the tip in the water to kill all of the germs but dont get the battery wet!

Tay A
Put your toothbrush in the boiling water for 5-8 minutes, and add soap and maybe a little bit of toothpaste. Then, to get rid of the soapy taste, take it out and rinse it, then soak it in fresh boiling water again for 5-8 minutes. This should work.

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