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 HELP my jaw pain?
My dentist made me a night guard for my bruxism. The problem is, it seems like since she's adjusted it last my jaw and tongue are so tight and I have a horrible constant headache in my face/...

 How to get pearly white teeth?????????? ?
Well my teeth are white its just there kinda see-through white not pearly and i don't want to whiten my teeth with chemicals

is there a spacial tooth past that really works or mouth ...

 My teeth kill!Help, 10 Points to the best answer?
Okay so basically I was playing hockey and my dumb *** friend hit me in the mouth with his blade and my gums started bleeding for 4 hours( my two front teeth). I called my cousin he was like just use ...

 What should I do if nearly all of my teeth are bad/have cavities?
For years my teeth have been deteriorating at a rapid pace, and I just don't know what to do to stop it anymore. I brush, floss, and the cavities just get bigger. I've got at least one on ...

 How long do you keep a retainer until you change it?
until you change it because it doesn't fit or ...

 got wisdom teeth removed...now my throat hurts?
I got my wisdom teeth removed only 3 hours ago. My lips are still a little numb but I'm starting to feel pain at the removal site as well as in my throat. Is it normal for the throat to hurt a ...

 How much do braces cost in total?
How much do braces cost in total? With and without insurance? I am trying to save up to get braces and so far, so good. I have not spent a dime of my savings. Although I do not know how much they ...

 What happens DURING an IV sedation?
So, I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed - they're not actually in yet, so they're cutting into my gums to pull them out - and I'm getting IV sedation. What happens WHEN you are ...

 Braces pain help please?
I just got my braces on yesterday, and it didn't hurt until this morning. When i tried chewing on things this morning it felt like ALL of my teeth were cavities.. and now it still does. Is this ...

 why does your tongue hurt after you burn it?
whenever i burn my tongue it feels weird what causes it to feel this way?...

 Had teeth pulled out!!COMPLETELY NERVOUS?
Okay so before i get braces i need to get 4 teeth pulled out in a while,but my questions are:
Their my permanent teeth will they hurt even more?
What should i drink for the pain?
What ...

 are purple braces ugly?
i just got braces and i chose purple even though my fave color is red :| now my siblings are actually laughing at me and now i feel so ...

 What is a good toothpaste brand ?
I think crest is good lol.
Additional Details
yeah colgate is good to lol....

 Can Alka Seltzer give u whiter teeths?

 how much do braces cost?
im age 16 and have no money to afford braces. i was wondering how much they cost. can i get insurance or something?...

 How do braces fix an overbite?
I don't have a hideous overbite but my upper teeth are jutting forward so it looks kind of strange for my face. I got braces last summer and had two of my upper molars removed. My teeth are now ...

 Help!!! Sunken cheek after wisdom tooth removal :(?
I had a wisdom tooth removed from my upper left jaw.
where the tooth used to be, and the cheek that covered where it used to be, is sunk in now :(
My cheeks (and face) no longer looks ...

 I'm having all four wisdom teeth removed?
First off I'm 16 years of age, a female, and I'm having all of my wisdom teeth taken out sometime in the next month. I'm very nervous about the whole thing. I've tried to do some ...

 My tongue is yellow after I brush my teeth?
I bought a new whitening toothpaste about a week ago, and I just started using it like 3 nights ago... tonight when I brushed my teeth my tongue was like a pale yellow/ white, and it faded a little ...

 People who have had braces please?
I need braces and I've heard that they hurt A LOT.
Im 12 and have really jacked up teeth and I also need spacers....

Tooth hurts ONLY when I brush it...?
So yeah... I haven't really had any problems with my teeth for two years now, but two days ago, out of no where, it hurt to chew on my left side of the mouth! So I just finished eating on my right side then went and clean my teeth really good.

I discovered which tooth was the one to cause me pain when I brushed it! I noticed that I have been clenching my jaw at night, so for a good whole day I only chewed on the oppisite side of my mouth, and at night tried to remind myself not to clench my jaw. It doesn't hurt to eat on the side with the offending tooth anymore. The tooth ONLY hurts when I brush it. It hurts on the top part of the tooth, no where else.

By the way, its one of my back molars on the bottom jaw.

Just wondering if anyone has had this problem before and (if they did) what they did to fix it. I know the best bet is to go to the dentist, but knowing my luck i'll have to get a root canal and I don't have the money for that.

if you have braces you need to brush more if you dont visit the dentist.

Ok, when the pain is on its initial stage, like yours, there's a very little chance (3 to 5%) that you'll need a root canal treatment. So, best advice, go to the dentist and it should be not more than a one day not too expensive job.
It could also be one of your wisdom molars (since I don't know how old are you, I'll just say that those molars show up even as late as at the age of 28!!!), so such molar may be pushing the one that hurts.
Also could be that your gum has shrunk a little at that area, causing a very sensitive tooth tissue to remain uncovered and that may be the reason for your pain.
Finally, go to the dentist, I reckon it shouldn't be as bad as for a root canal treatment, take the risk, it should be Ok.


millenniumlarry (Boomer)
Well if you don't go it WILL get worse evan spread to your jaw , & then WOW LOOK-OUT Major surgery

invest in a good toothbrush -Sonicare. this will force you to brush gently. floss daily and see your dentist.

If you think there is decay in the tooth it is best to go to the dentist because it will only continue to get worse. If it is from clenching take some advil to alleviate the soreness.

Dr. Hoja
u have to clean ur teeth very smothly and avoid contact with gum because the cleaning with contact of gum may be lead to some recision of gum that which cause a pain and uncomfortable so that avoid that and use Sensodin tooth past for a sensitev teeth,,,
i hope the best for u,,,
dr/ Hoja

Go to the dentist.. Tou have a TOOTHACHE

You probably have a cavity. Cavities like the molars because they're hard to get really clean and because sugary foods get stuck on them easy. You need to see a dentist to find out!

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