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 Question about braces ???!?
i've had my braces for about 18 months now.. i'm suposed to have them from 20-24 months. but my teeth look straight to me. when do you think i will get them off?...

 What is normal during and after a dental cleaning?
I had my teeth cleaned yesterday at a place I had never been to before. The hygienist used some sort of drill or buffer on my teeth before using any scrapers, which I found a bit odd. I have had many ...

 How much do Newwports cost...?
How much for a pack in Kansas?
Additional Details
Automatically was put in Dental so don't even ask me why.. and yeah I'm white... your point?!...

 I have a 5 rows of teeth?
Is this normal?...

 braces too expensive?
my teeth are really bad. i never smile with confidence. i am 25 years old. and i want to do something about it. i saw a few dentist, but the quote, way out my budget. where can i have cheap braces ...

 So, how long is the process before braces?

im going to the dentist today to ask if i can get braces.....im scared as i've heard they really hurt to get put in.......what will she do today(will she just look and make another appointment?) ...

 How many minutes are you supposed to brush your teeth for?
On average.


 I find calcium hard to swallow, how can I get around this?

 I'm getting my tooth pulled and I'm really scared! Does it hurt really bad?
I'm getting 4 baby teeth pulled and I'm really scared. Does it really hurt? Any ideas to make my teeth really wiggly? I need to avoid this appointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 Difference between cost of NH and private dental treatment?
Is there much difference between the two. How much is a typical check. I havn't been for years now and need 6 fillings. Will it cost me an arm and a leg?...

 any invisalign-credited doc in philippines?

 I have gingivitis and it hurts, what can I do?
I just discovered it today; a white, hard matter has gathered on the borderline between my teeth and my gum and whenever I scrutch it, it hurts like hell. It also bleeds when I brush my teeth. It is ...

 Does it hurt when you get your Wisdom teeth pulled out?
I need 2 know cause a lot of ppl told me it doesn't hurt. But I still think it hurts. Help plz!...

 Home remedy pls?
Is there any home remedies for teeth whitening? I have quit smoking for 4 years now, and would love to get back the smile i used to be proud off. My teeth aren't as white as it used to be. Any ...

 Teeth Whitening?
I am having my braces taken off soon [yess!] and i am afraid that there will be spots from when i got them on. Like they were whiter or dirtier from when i first had them on. What are some around ...

 IV Sedation . How does it feel and works?
Hi my oral surgeon doesnt want to give me total sleep sedation because my fast heart-rate issue and he ask me to check with another dentist to see if my # 19 teeth is really crack and if is save-able ...

 Do the after-effects of having your wisdom teeth yanked out hurt more than getting a vaccination?

 How much does Delta Dental Premier pay towards wisdom teeth extractions?
If you have Delta Dental Premier as your dental insurer and/or have personal experience with the workings of dental insurance companies, it would be greatly appreciated. The codes for the extractions ...

 Best way to whiten your teeth?
What is the best way to whiten your teeth? Whitening strips or is there another way? A trip to the dentist to do it costs $600 or more...ouch....

Tooth filling, how do they do to fill the tooth?
Hi, i'm getting a filling for my tooth this friday and I'm abit nervous (I HATE needles!) and wanted to ask what common procedure they perform for a tooth filling


Well, first thing they're going to do is, they'll shove your head under a massive guillotine and whack your head off so you don't feel your teeth.
Then the take a hammer and slam the tooth out of your mouth so your gum's don't hurt when they operate on it.
Then they have their cement truck out back which is where they take your tooth next and fill it in.
It takes about a week to recover from the whole ordeal but it's worth it

A simple filling honestly doesn't hurt, and it's not that scary!
Some can even be done without an injection of local anesthetic, but that's if it's only a surface filling.

Firstly, they'll put gel; a TOPICAL anesthetic which the dentist will place on the GUM at the injection site (if an injection of LOCAL anesthetic is needed). They'll wait a minute or two, to test that it's working, and then gently insert the needle. You probably wont feel the actual needle, the only part you might feel is the actual anesthetic moving through the gum. It might cause a slight stinging sensation for a few seconds.

The dentist will then put the needle away! and wait.

They usually give you a few moments, and then test to see that the local anesthetic is working, by doing a few different 'tap' tests on the tooth and surrounding gum area.

There's two types of 'numbing' techniques used. One for just the tooth that's being worked on (usually the technique used for simple fillings) and there's a block technique used to numb the whole side of the jaw. (If you're having major work such as an extraction, or root canal, they'll use this technique).

Once they've made sure that the tooth and gum is numb, they'll use a small drill to drill out the 'decayed' area. There's no pain associated with the drilling, as your tooth will be more than numb. You will feel a strong-ish vibration, as the drill moves around and the handle touches your lip or gums. This doesn't hurt, it just feels like you're resting an electric tooth brush in your mouth. Bit odd, but in no way painful.

When they've cleared away the decayed part of the tooth, they'll then start the filling process.

Fillings are actually a paste like substance, which they 'paint' onto the hole, or surface of the tooth. It usually goes on in quite a few layers, depending how deep the cavity is, to be filled.
When they've finished filling it up with the paste like substance, they'll shine a UV light onto the tooth, which 'seals' the paste like substance onto the tooth's surface. They'll then ask you to bite on a small piece of black 'blotting' paper, and presto! You're done!

It's really as simple as that!

Remember, if you've got ANY pain, at all throughout the procedure (even though you shouldn't), make sure you raise your hand, and alert the dentist or assistant.
They can then top you up with more local anesthetic as needed, and once again, wait and test to make sure it's working!

If you're extra nervous (like I was the first time I had dental work done a few months ago), it's a very good idea to get Nitrous Oxide. It's actually what you'd know as Happy Gas! It's brilliant stuff. It doesn't send you to sleep, but it relaxes you to no end. A few deep breaths BEFORE the needle, will do absolute wonders.

I used to be so scared of dentists, and I didn't go to one for 10 years, because of my fear- but I ended up having three periapical (root) abscesses, which all required an extraction of the three teeth.
I was shaking, teary and ready to bolt on that first appointment, but Nitrous Oxide, and a really nice dentist got me settled, and now- i've been to the dentist 14 times in a year now, for different work and now orthodontic work, and I couldn't be further from a fear.

Don't worry, you'll be fine :)

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