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 Teeth whitening?
If I smile in the tanning bed, will the UV rays make my teeth whiter? I know the question is kind of stupid, but the lights in the tanning bed look like the ones the dentist use to whiten teeth.

 Dental Work - Gaps in Teeth?
My teeth are relatively straight, but I have small gaps between a few of them, particularly in the top row. I intend to pop into an orthadontist very soon, but until then I was wondering if anyone ...

 does wide gap between incisor teeth indicate embryological disorder ?is there any mythological facts abt it?

 is there a way to kill a cavity fast?
Im getting a root canal because one of my cavities is too deep to remove. but i want to know how to kill it before its too late....

 Which antibiotic should one take specifically for an abscessed tooth?
I Currently am suffering from an abscessed tooth. I know I need to go to the dentist. However, my situation is as such, that I cannot go to a dentist right now. In the past, I have been prescribed ...

 What are the natural materials that make up a healthy homemade toothpaste?
I would also like to know what vitamins, minerals and herbs are good to add to the toothpaste. If you have any idea of proportions it would be of much help.
Additional Details
Since b ...

 Any way to get rid of an Absess tooth without a dentist?
I have my wisdom tooth that is absessing. It generally hurts very little or a dull pain that is constant. But sometimes It hurts so bad I can't think all I want to do is cry. I feel like I'...

 Dental Bridge?
Just found out I may need a Dental Bridge,
I have been told I should shop around for best price/quality work.
Any suggestions of where?
What am I looking at for price and work to ...

 Does anybody have information about root canal treatment and pain?
I had 1st stage of root canal today - too painful to continue and scared of dentist so i'm being referred for sedation. However, have read that the pain is there because there is infection so ...

 I have a serious dental question,several issues and questions..please no jokes?
I am in the process of getting all of my teeth pulled and getting dentures, due to periodontitis
What is the best thing to use to hold them tight?
Do they look natural?
Can you eat ...

 why are my dentures rubbing my gums?
I had dentures placed after extractions and I am having one spot that is rubbing making them really uncomfortable. Also when I bite down they feel like they are lifting out. Is there anything I can ...

 Just for fun?
Easy 2 points......Just out of interest:

1. How many fillings do you have in your teeth?
2. What's the most number of cavities you've had found at one visit?
3. What...

 I badly need a dental crown. Ontario Disability Support Programme does not cover this.?
They will cover for the root canal, but not the crown. I was quoted at $900.00, which i can not afford. Does anyone know of a free dental clinic in Toronto that does this work. I know that the U of T ...

 Is there treatment for pain caused by grinding teeth besides analgesics?
Will mouth guards work? Will the pain eventually subside? My dentist verified that I don't have an abscess by x-ray. The pain radiates under my left eye and the roof of mouth as well as the ...

 Can dentist remove porcelain veneer easily?
My porcelain veneer are like 3/4 crown and the previous dentist didn't do a good job on the preparation as the surface is not flat. I want to have it replace for some other reason. Is it a hell ...

 what is the right age when teeth stop growing. ?
my kid lost his front 2 permanent teeth in an accident. what is the age when his remaining teeth wll grow to their maximum length , so that i can fix him up with permanent dentures....

 Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?
Every time I brush my teeth my gums start bleeding, its been this way for the past 3 weeks and there is no obvious reason for it, I chance my toothbrush regularly and I'v been using the same ...

 When will my braces stop hurting so much?
Most people say about a week, but I mean when will they stop being unbearably painful? I don't mind a dull ache or anything, just not so.. pulsating.

I got them on two days ago. The ...

 Need you people to suggest a dentist in Bangalore?
I need a checkup to be done on my teeth. Being new to bangalore I dont know which dentist is good, please help. I live in South Bangalore...
Additional Details
I need a ...

 I just had a temporary crown placed on a molar. Is it common to have pain when eating?
Tooth is very sensitive when contact is made with opposing tooth. Permanent crown will be placed on next month....

Tooth extraction for canine teeth?
My two canine teeth are a bit sharper than normal people's. Will I need a tooth extraction or will a dentist just have to file them?

a dentist will never pull healthy teeth because they are too sharp, most likely they would file them or just leave them alone.

Your dentist has several options at his/her disposal when dealing with a situation like this one. Rest easy because as long as your canines are healthy they will not extract them. The canines are not only some of the most complicated teeth to extract, but they are also very important. Canines are responsible for giving your lips structure and also function as the cornerstone for the rest of your teeth. Your dentist will do everything in his/her power to save these teeth.
If the way they look bothers you consult with your dentist about having them filed down or getting some caps placed on them to reduce the sharpness. Both are very easy, inexpensive ways to remedy your situation. Good luck!

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