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 do braces hurt???????
i need 2 know i'm getting them in like 3weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 what color should I get my braces whenever I get them?
I really like red and purple but would red and purple look good together plus I'm really pale so Idk I'm a girl What color combinations would look good for pale skin?...

 Deathly afraid of dentists.....?
Is there something that will just knock me out when I go to the dentist? From the dentist, can they put you out like surgury?...

 Do braces hurt as bad as everyone says they do?
ughh! im having to get braces next wensdayy! which is really gay bc my teeth are perfectly straight but my last tooth is like to high up in my gums so i have to get braces to fix that! i only have to ...

 What can I do to alleviate the swelling from an absessed tooth?
What do I do for swelling in my face from absesses ...

 Biteing nails..?
does it mean anything?Or just a habbit?...

 What do they use to put people to sleep during surgery?
My friend is really freaking out, and he thinks he going to die because they have to put him to sleep inorder to lower his gums, give him a root canal and remove 4 wisdom teeth with have yet to grow ...

 SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! What can I eat?! I just got my wisdom teeth out and I HATE ICE CREAM, PUDDING,..?
I'M SERIOUSLY GOING INSANE!!!!!! All I've been doing is fainting, crying, and I feel like I'm going to throw up. All I can eat is ice cream, pudding, smoothies, custard, and all of ...

 What causes mouth ulcer and how can I get rid of it fast its so painful?
Is it cause by eating too much heaty food or is it cause by my teeth accidently biting my gums?
Additional Details
Thanks everyone for the answers!...

 Hi....... i am havin probs with choosing kulorz 4 my braces can u help?¿?
i am striving to be a gurly gurl and i am tired of peeps sayin ur fav cause mayb i don't knowee my fav. kulorz and i want sumthin that looks best soo every1 can b amazed!! ♥...

 Is my gum infected due to my diseased tooth?
One of my upper molars broke off in half last year and I never went to the dentist. It does hurt and most likely full of cavaties but I'm hoping it'll fall out like my wisdom tooth did.

 Braces problem! The brackets keep falling out! What do i do?
Its been 5 weeks since i've gotten my braces. Each week, i have to return to my orthodontist because my brackets have fallen out. Each and every single week so far! I have not been eating hard ...

 How long does it take for the huge "holes" in your mouth to heal over after having wisdom teeth pulled?
I had two wisdom teeth pulled 6 days ago and I am afraid to eat anything but mashed potatoes and pudding, in fear of the "holes" getting food stuck in them. Can anyone help me out. I tried ...

 In my mouth, under my tongue and on both sides I have a hard bulge like thing--like a little marble.?
one on each side. I have had them for years and have never given much thought to them. I have pretty good teeth and get my teeth cleaned regularly. The dentist has never said antthing about them. T...

 What is the best way to get your teeth white?
I am getting ready to get my braces off and I might what to get my teeth whitened or do something to them. But, I don't know what to do. Let me know what you think!

 I keep getting crotch noodles stuck in my teeth. Should I just go ahead and use it as floss?

 should I put a hot or cold compress on an infected tooth?

 Can you get braces on only your bottom teeth?
My son's teeth look good on the top, so says our dentist, but he has crowding on the bottom that braces would help. So can i get him braces for the bottoms only? How much cheaper would that be?...

 Pain in the face?
I have been feeling this pain on my face for a couple of weeks. It feels as if I have been hit on my jaw and gives me lots of headache. I pulled out my wisdows teeth already (all of them), so is not ...

 Whats your fav color of braces? What are the best combos?
What are the best colors/ combos?...

Tooth Pain in the Morning?
It seems like in the morning the back of my two front teeth are in pain, I don't know why. I feel the pain when I tough them or lightly push against them...

Any ideas on how to prevent this?
Additional Details
touch* damn spelling...

dont eat things.....

help me please!!!!

help me please!!!!

help me please!!!!

my terrier rocks
don't touch em and put sum Tylenol on em

Start using sensitive toothpaste at night.

Brush, brush and brush!!!

Maybe you have a cavity or two. I would check with your dentist.

check out the link below.

Noob B
dont sleep on ur face

go see a dentist

Is it possible that you clench your teeth together at night? Maybe a nighttime mouth guard.


you are prolly clenching your teeth while you sleep. i think i do that.

like pushing your teeth against each other while you are alseep.. i reeally dont kno what to do about that.

You might clench your teeth in your sleep. Sometimes that happens to me as well. The most effective treatment is to go to your local pharmacy or drugstore and buy what's called a nightguard. It's basically a mouth guard that you wear while you sleep and it's made of a silicone-like material, so it keeps pressure off of your teeth if you are clenching your teeth. If you don't want to go through all of that, you could try to control the problem by yourself by making sure you aren't doing that before you go to sleep.

It doesn't mean anything

thats happened to me b4 too every time i sleep with gum in my mouth it hurts and im not sure why even tho i dont fall asleep with it in muchh,

I get this too, and I know what causes it, if I sleep light I push my tongue against my two front teeth really hard for a while and it makes them so sore and even a bit wobbly...took me a long long time to work this out, and since I have maybe I'm more aware of what I do and i dont seem to do it as often!

dentist appointment waiting

Broken wings
you might be grinding or clinching your teeth in your sleep. They have a guard you can get a walmart that you put in at night that prevents such as that.

u may grind ur teeth at night. a dentist can make u a device to help u.*

you have bruxism (grinding your teeth during sleep)
take muscle relaxant before you sleep
orphinadrine 35mg
or diazepam 5mg
you need to check a psychiatrist too if you feel having some psychological problems

good luck

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