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 How does mouthwash react with bacteria in the mouth?
How is bacteria killed or decreased by mouthwash?
What conditions in the mouth well suit bacteria?
Please include sources/websites....

 Tooth Extractions :( ??
Im getting 4 teeth taking out for my braces but its not wisdoms.

Can you tell me please what the pain factor is from 1 to 10
and can you tell me what the procedure is thank you very ...

 my wisdom tooth is growing and it hurts?
my wisdom tooth on the left side only is growing a and it hurts..also whenever i swallow my throat hurts..can that be connected..the tooth isn't fully grown only a bit of it is starting to show<...

 cool braces BEHIND your teeth?
Ive heard of it once before. Does anyone know of a dentist anywhere that offers this?...

 anyone ever had a sore mouth from being to the dentist?
I have come away with another ulcer after 2 fillings and its where she help my lip down?...

 What would you like to ask?
can anyone suggest some simple ways to a have a healthy teeth?

 I brush my teeth every morning & night thoroughly yet I still have yellow teeth. Is this because I'm Chinese?

 Urgh, horrible abscess, any help?
I have a horrible abscess under my last molar.. I had the thing last year and the dentist was going to refer me to the orthodontist, to get a root canal.

It popped up again about 2 this ...

 underage smoking dilemma !
well.. i am underage and iv been smoking for the past 5months a couple a day but then my annual dentist appointment came through and my pal says the dentist can tell if you have smoked even if you ...

 I have a flossing question?
Is it better to floss before or after you brush your teeth?...

 Braces and maybe infected gums?
I just went to get my braces tightened and the dentist said that my gums were puffy and might be infected. Any tips to clearing it up and for how long until they are normal again?...

 My wisdom Teeth?
I recently got my wisdom teeth removed and i got stitches, i am wondering if i accidentally undid the stitches when i was brushing. There was a piece of thread in the back of my mouth, and i think i ...

 Is 4 cavities a lot? not in one visit, but overall

Additional Details
just out of curiosity, what is average?...

 how much is teeth whitening?
i wanna get it done for family pictures, i just got my braces off :D...

 how do they wire a jaw shut?
how do doctors wire your jaw shut?
there is this girl in my class and she had to wire her jaw shut but i dont wana ask her cause she very emotional about it but like i dont understand how its ...

ok i have one crooked tooth on the top row of my teeth and two crooked teeth on the bottom row of my teeth. they're all right in the front of my mouth too. so my mom says i'll probably need ...

 Dental help please?
My tooth is killing me.. I just discovered that I have a hole in it.. Is there anyway to get dental work done with a low co-pay without dental inssurance? My job doesnt offer dental and I just want ...

 what is the best toothpaste for coffee and tea stains?
my husband drinks a lot of coffee and tea. Of course that leads to stained teeth. What is the best toothpaste on the market for those stains but yet is still good for preventing cavities?...

 About a baby tooth coming in wierd?
My kid is 5 and she has a tooth coming in. But the tooth it is replacing is not even loose yet. Did I mention the new one coming in about 1/4" behind the baby one?

She has a dentist ...

 What's the average cost for root canal and crown in Los Angeles with dental discount plan?
I need to get a root canal and a crown for one of my bicuspid (middle) tooth. With the dental plan I have, the endodontic specialist is charging me $489 for the root canal, and the dentist is ...

Tongue Biting and tongue sore and lumps
I frequently bite my tongue and get blood.Now i notice a large sore white red color in the size of a big peanut in my tongue for many days.Please can you advice whether this is a serious issue.whom should i visit to cure this?.

Miss Chievous
Rinse with warm salt water for a few days.

Biting your tongue or cheeks is similar to cutting your skin so often it will leave a sore.

If they are not coming from bites reduce your acid intake. Too much candy, orange juice, cranberry juice and fruit can also cause sores.

stop bitting your tongue, just kidding! when you bite one area in your mouth it swells and then you will continue to bite it over and over again. you should talk to your doctor ASAP, or dentist. could just be swelling but better to be safe

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