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 do your teeth become loose after putting braces on your teeth?
I'm 46 years old and just had braces put on a week ago today. My teeth are so sore and it feels as though some of them are loose. Is this what happens? Someone HELP me:)...

 What types of vegetables help whiten teeth and what other non bleaching ways can a person whiten teeth ?

 Whats the healthiest way of whitening badly stained teeth?
A one that works please....

 How are you supposed to use baking soda on your teeth?

 Teeth abcess,will it cause swelling in the upper neck and on the cheek?

 getting braces?!.......?
did you ever have braces? cuz im getting some and im so nerves what should i do?! do they really hurt ?...

 How do you get rid of bad taste in mouth?
I just got back from the dentist and I have a really bad taste in my mouth from what they did. I've already tried brushing my teeth and using mouth wash and it's still there. I need to know ...

 I just got one of my molars taken out..How long will it be bleeding for? I got it pulled at 2pm?

 can anyone get defenition or what s SCISSOR BITE? in human dentition?

 wat braces do u guys hv or hv experienced?which are best, and which are worst?plz tell me!♥?

 how much would it cost roughly, for the braces that you can bearly see?

 can you clean dentures overnite with baking soda?

 wisdom tooth pain?
I've got 1 wisdom tooth on the top of my right.I've currently have 3 wisdom teeth that are coming out at the same time.Just below that wisdom tooth on the top of my right,is one of the 3 ...

In 2 days i'm getting braces.
When i went to the orthodontist a few weeks ago they told me how braces were put on.
They are different now..They put this thing over your teeth that ...

 Some questions on Invisalign, help?
I'd like to get Invisalign, and I have Metlife Dental that covers 60% of orthodontic services, and that would include Invisalign because it would count as braces, but the question is, is there a ...

 Is there a good way to restore lost gum line?
I have recently been doing some 'at home' dental work on myself, and scraped away a good 5 years of plauqe. Well, underneath all the plauqe is nothingness, where gum used to be, and I'...

 What is the best choise of anesthesia for a dental implant procedure?
For a healthy adult? My friend is at loss, his dentist told him he can either go for local or general anesthesia, it makes no difference to her, people do either way. My friend is asking me as if I ...

 Is it right for a dental office to refuse 2 see a patient?
A friend of mine was running late to get her child to the dentist-they were ten minutes late.The school was packed with cars in the towing zone so no way to drive up to pick up child for dental exam.<...

 Tooth pain with temp crown?
I had a temp crown put over a lower molar tooth last tuesday, as well as general cleaning, and then on thursday they were bleached.

My teeth were pretty sore from the bleaching, but the ...

 Does the dentist scare you?

Sooo, I fell asleep with a Crest whitening strip in my mouth...?
will it damage my teeth at all
What about if this happens more than once?
my teeth are a little sensitive to heat or cold right now, but I'm pretty sure that's temporary..
Please && thank you!

I'll like to add real fast that whitening strips can damage your teeth in general.

The chemicals in the strips can eat out your "enamel" which is a layer that protects your teeth and keep it healthy.

I don't recommend using white strips but if you do, use in moderation.

As to your question, the answer is yes. It does damage the teeth. Because it's eating away the "enamel" which is a protective cover for your teeth.

I hope this helps and informs you so you can make the best decision for you teeth.

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