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 Is opening things with your teeth dangerous? Why or why not?
(Things like candy bars, wrappers, etc.)...

 my spacers are irritating!!!?
ugh! i got two spacers last week, and two today but i dont remember them hurting this bad! they are irritating the gum! ugh i just wanna ripi them out but i know i cant! any suggestions? it kills ...

 Teeth Chattering??
does anybody know why we do it when we're cold??...

 Teeth braces... help!?
I've just put on teeth braces and I cried a lot about it because I think I look like an idiot with them! Has anyone been in a similar situation? Please, help me because I am afraid of going ...

 do invisalign braces stain?
i am doing a report on braces, and i was curious: do invisalign braces stain? thank you for any help you can give me! :) I love you all!!!! bye bye, and thanks again....

 why is Aquafresh toothpaste so inexpensive compared to other brands?
It cost $2.20 versus $3 or $4 Crest or Colgate toothpastes.
Does Aquafresh toothpaste have the same quality as Crest or Colgate?...

 Can you buy dental equipment if you are not a dentist?

 Crest White Strips.?
I use crest white strips and i threw away the directions and forgot if ur suppsed to brush ur teeth before or after using them....so help me please.......

 Is it bad for a dentist to file down the front of your teeth to make it look straight?
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me and answer this question. I know filing down teeth will damage the enamel and you can't replace or thicken enamel. Has anybody's dentist ever filed down the ...

 Does anybody know what a procedure is like when you are having a bone graft on your lower teeth like.?
Is it painful?...

 Which retainer is better - Hawley or Essix?
Hi. :D

I'm getting my braces off in roughly 3 months (so close!) and I was wondering about which retainer to get. My orthodontist hasn't exactly informed me about any choices ...

 I'm getting 8 fillings in my teeth, will it hurt?
First off they said they were going to do one section at a time, so do the top right the first week, the top left the second week or so, and then the bottom right the week after that, and then the ...

 I burned the top of my mouth with pizza and the skin came off, does anyone know what i can use to take pain?
Its the inner top part of my mouth behind the top ...

 Do you use a normal hand job toothbrush or a Sonic hedgehog?

 what is the easiest way to whiten your teeth at home?

 Is it possible to regrow/repair teeth without stem cells?

 What should I do about my fractured tooth?
I noticed that everytime i ate or drank something cold, that my top right K9 tooth would send a shooting pain up. I am like paranoid about my teeth so i went to the dentist immediately. The dentist ...

 Periodontal Disease Information?
I'm fifteen and went to the dentist today and was told that I have periodontal disease in my mouth. The dentist told me I need to have a deep cleaning done, or I could be without teeth by the ...

 What's wrong with my jaw!?
my right side of my jaw has been popping in and out of place for a month/2 months, but i just ignored it. two days ago, i woke up and it was kinda stuck in place on the right side, it hurt to move it ...

 Why did I react so differently to nitrous oxide this time?
I had to have a tooth pulled the other day and I was nervous about it and I asked to have the N.O. I remembered a long time ago when I was about 17 or 18 or so and the dentist gave it to me without ...

Side effects using a sensitive toothpaste?
I've been using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth for a few days and I've noticed my tongue feels burny and my lips tingle...like when you've scolded your tongue when drinking a hot drink. Has anyone noticed any side effects such as these when using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth? Thanks.:)

no, i havent. dont know which one your using but the new crest pro health is great and your teeth feel very clean (unlike the others ihave tried)

Never had no problems personally...Maybe you have an ulder coming or something

yes, i used to use aquafresh toothpaste- the whitening one, and i often got lke a rash around my mouth- my skin went lke red and it looked lke i had chapped lips. my lips and tongue used to tingle and sometimes it like hurt as well. so i changed my toothpaste and the side effects went, so i suggest just simply changing your toothpaste! hope it goes away x

If these side effects are from the toothpaste, simply change it.

I visited the dentist today as I have been having real tooth trouble recently. I thought my teeth were becoming sensitive so I changed to Sensodyne toothpaste. I too am left feeling like my tongue is burnt constantly. I was trying to think back to when I could have burnt it, but as I`ve been in pain I haven`t been drinking hot drinks. I never even considered that it could be the toothpaste! Thanks for making me aware!

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