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 does it make a big diffrence in your teeth and face after you get your braces off?
i have braces and i really want to know if it is worth all the pain in the end???????...

 never been to the dentist before. what should i expect?
i was meant to go wednesday but i was ill
Additional Details
got dentists on 22...

 does anybody know what the term "bite"..i heard about getting your "bite"fixed up..what does it mean??

 Im 21 & if one of my tooth falls out, will a new one grow back?
Or dont adult teeth grow back if they have fallin out due to cause it was loose for some reason? or would i have to go to a dentist & get a fake tooth put in? & once they put that false tooth ...

 I'm a jr in college and have a 2.5 gpa, can i still get into dental school?
I have 2 jobs, 2 clubs, and 17 credits, 3 lab sciences. My grades arent slipping because I'm not trying, bu there are only so many hours in a day. The material is ridiculous its a biochem major ...

 what's an inexpensively good way to whiten your teeth?

 does pulling teeth hurt?
i am due to pull 3 back top teeth this week .the dentist is going to give me a tablet to ease my tension.he also will rub some gel to numb my gums and then give injection.i am very frightened but ...

 what is meant by root canal?
i when went the dentist he told me that u should undergo rooot canal and it needs 4-5 sessions?so what does this means.how it is done?
what are the steps in it?pls explain with pictures iff u ...

 what health problems can rotten teath cause?
I have had this problem with my teath for 10 years now, the bottom teath are fine, but the tops are rotten, decayed, cracked, chipped...I never did brush three times a day like dentist say you sould. ...

 do i need braces? please help!?
i thought my teeth were suppose to be like straight but ive been asking my dentist for the past 3 yrs if i need them or not but he says they are fine.. are they?

 do you think it is good idea to chew gum while having braces?

 If you died with braces on would they take them off?

 Have heard about the 5 yr old girl ?
She went under anesthetic for dental work and never woke up , she died?...

 How soon after oral surgery can I drink through a straw?

 Coffee staines my teeth. Diet pop and hot tea arent much better. I love caffiene what can I drink???

 How to leave the habit of chewing your fingernails??
I have got a bad habit of chewing my fingernails whenever i m sitting alone. I have this habit since childhood. Pls suggest me if u know a better way to make me stop chewing my nails.....

 Are crocket teeth unatractive?
I am a quite pretty girl. You know - pretty skin, pretty eyes, long hair and so on. But my teeth are really crocket. They are not in line at all. My front teeth is behind the other teeth, and i also ...

 does anybody know anything about children getting dental work done under GA????

 Does nitrous oxide (laughing gas) kill brain cells, (when used at the dentist)?
I have heard rumors, but want to be sure. They always give it to me when I go to the dentist, and I don't think it has affected me....

 How can I get my tooth out?
It is very loose. It is bleeding. Doesn't really hurt. Won't pull out! Not going to dentist he is my enemy! Want it out! Adult tooth already 1/3 in. Maybe a little less. Please help me! W...

Scared to Death of the Dentist?
Are there any dentists that will put you under with mild anesthesia in the Southeast Kansas area, i've searched but haven't yielded any answers...it sounds childish but I cant even have my teeth cleaned without feeling like i'm going to pass out. I think it maybe on the level of a phobia. I need of braces, but I need work done to prepare my teeth, can anyone in my area help me?

My dentist gives me sedation through an IV, it puts me right to sleep. I wake up when they're done, it's just like having a good catnap! It's awesome!! Beats being awake, that's for sure!!

Don't be scared of the actual dental work, be scared of the bill! Dentists are notorious for padding the bill and also defrauding insurance companies because no one ever checks the bill vs. the dental insurance statement. Be very careful I've had two friends who worked for dentists and both said that bill padding and fradulent charges were not only encouraged but even part of the daily routine.

ask for an anti-anxiety med , like a valium or something, to take prior to your appointment. Your general dentist and prescribe something. This with the use of nitrous and/or other local anesthetics is usually sufficient. But the anti-anxiety med is really what you need.

Dentistry gets a bad name that it does not deserve. Dentistry is painless in this day and age. I had a root canal today and felt no pain whatsoever. The more you go to the dentist, the the more you will discover this. Good Luck

I am the same way, so you're not alone. Best advice I can give you is check the Internet under Yahoo Yellow pages. Some of the listings should have websites, that tell if and what types of anesthesia the dentist will offer.

Don't feel too much like a coward. Going to the dentist has always been one of the top five fears that Americans typically dread the thought of.

Where in Kansas are you located? If you let know where you're at, I can maybe point you in the right direction.

Almost all dentist ( acutally I don't know any that don't) offer gas to relax you as an option, they do that plus the medication to numb your mouth.

You don't have to be scared of the dentist its all right to be but just think about the good side about it your health.

The infamous bongblaster
Ever since i had 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled I'm petrified of the dentist. They are pure evil!

Do a search on the Internet for sedation dentistry. That is what I did and I found a great one where I live. You get these little pills and you don't remember anything. It was great, but you will need someone to drive you home.

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