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 Good home remedy for toothache?
I have many toothaches and dealt with them fine, but this one is bugging me and I have a Dentist appt. in two weeks but it's killing me!! Any ideas?...

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I've forgotten the technical word for "numbing medicine", sorry.

Anyway, I went to the dentist today and required a numbing injection in the right side of my mouth. This is ...

 How much does it hurt to have teeth taken out?
I'm having 2 teeth taken out in 6 months so i can have braces fitted. Does it hurt??? Help.....
Additional Details
Also, do braces hurt?????...

 how do you chew gum without your teacher seeing you?
because my teacher says if he catches anything in our mouth during his class we will have to right 1000 sentences and their really really long!what should i do?...

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 how much does a root canal cost.....molar tooth?

 does brushing your teeth hurt?

 choices in life?
what do you want to be when you are older or what do you do now?...

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I think I have a cavity, when I eat anything sugary, like candy, it hurts. Not really bad, just enough to be annoying. Why does that happen?
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Okay, maybe I should be ...

 Flossing with braces?!?!?
I have braces.
I haven't been able to floss in months haha.
I know that's really bad but I can never get the little flossers made for braces to go between my teeth.

 How likely?
Last time I went to a dentist was 14 years ago, when I was 15 and I had to get a filling which they decided to do without anaesthetic because they thought it was small. It wasn't, it turned out ...

 my teeth hurt help??
Okay so im 14 and about 2 or 3 years ago i had a root canal on my top tooth in the back second to the last tooth and now its gone and its just gum thats there but recently i have had pains there and ...

 lower braces hurt like crap? help?
my lower braces keep hurting like crap, i just got them on two days ago from tommorow, i keep takeing tylonel and its makeing the pain go away fro a little bit but it keeps comeing back, help!!!!

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What is the standard recommendation?...

 my boyfriend has rotting teeth and he sometimes uses my toothbrush. can this cause my teeth to rott?

 really badly chipped teeth..urgent?
my brother hit the bottom of my jaw hard and i chipped 4 teeth and 1 of them it broken about half way down and a bit more than half in width..it looks really ugly and school is almost starting..it ...

 teeth rotting?
Ok, so...

2 of my top front teeth are rotting away from behind the teeth. The rotted gap is so big now, you can see where theyve rotted from the front, its like the rotted part of my teeth ...

 Braces? Is it worth 5,200? (Pics)?
Are theres teeth so crooked that it's worth spending $5,200 on getting braces,
he doesn't want them because he see's it as a un-nescessary cosmetic expense, however some might ...

Pieces of tooth falling out?
Over a period of a few months pieces of tooth on one of my top molars have been falling out. Today another small piece fell out. I didn't realize it until I checked it. I know it happened today because I always check it. If I go to the dentist what will happen? I don't want it taken out because its not a molar that's in the back. I just wanted to know what they will do and how much it will cost me because I don't have insurance.
Additional Details
I didn't know that. But I have never been bulimic. Anyway, ,y tooth is not black or anything. Thanks in advance to everyone!

Well if most of the tooth is gone then the dentist will probably do a crown and build up and if there is still a lot of tooth structure left then the dentist will fill it will amalgam or compostite.

pancake on my face
you need to see a dentist

The cheapest thing to do is to have it pulled. They might be able to put a filling in it or do a root canal...but they're not cheap (several hundred at least for the root canal). If it's not sensitive, then they can probably do a filling (maybe $150-200). Also, a lot of dentists offer payment plans!

You defiantely need to see a dentist to get it fixed. you could have broken a tooth (well cracked it) and it is now slowly falling apart. I also know that people who are or were bulimic at some point have their teeth fall apart due to the stomach acids.
You may want to get bonding done, but it is pricey.

There really is no way for us to tell you what needs to be done. But you can rest assured that the longer you wait the more difficult and expensive the treatment becomes. The normal progression is:
filling ~$150
crown ~$800
root canal and crown ~$1400
extraction plus implant or bridge ~ $2800

These fees are average for my area but they can vary a lot depending on where you are. The sooner you get in the more likely it is that you can get away with just a filling. Make an appointment soon.

You say it's not black, no mention of pain, just pieces are falling out. Is it possible that you had a white filling placed in the tooth awhile back, and it's breaking loose and falling out? If you aren't experiencing any "pain," just "sensitivity" with this, that would be my guess.

It's really no way of knowing what is going on or what price range the restoration will be in without knowing what the problem is.

I would suggest that you have your dentist evaluate this. If it is a filling thats come out, it will be more susceptible to decay being uncovered leaving the softer dentin exposed. If it is an old filling breaking, at this point it may just need a new one to replace it. Hope I've been of some help and good luck with your dental treatment.

sounds like it is decaying either do to an injury or a possible vitamin deficiency ...
Just don't loose hope.
See if you can't get a fluoride coat for your teeth for prevention of future cavities,etc.
Prehaps there is a plan with your dental co. to make payments over time or get a loan from a credit card company.
Save your tooth.
Good luck!

It sounds like you need to see a dentist. A crown or filling will probably be needed.
Local dental schools offer very reasonable rates from "dentists in training" to their dental patients. They are monitored and skilled. You usually only have to cover the cost of the materials used. They may take longer in the procedure because they are still learning.
If this option is not available, go to the dentist, at least get a consult on the tooth, set up a payment schedule.
I bet you can find a local dentist for cheaper than you think.
they will give you up front fees if you ask so you are prepared.
The fees will vary greatly depending on where you live.

Do not wait, the sooner you go the better.

tha last don
you need sum fillings and a crown so go to the dentist.

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