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 dentists,,E M E R G E N C Y?
i'm a dental student, i'm gonna make thesis starting this semester but i dont have the topic yet..

please help me to find a good and easy topic for my thesis, that involves the ...

 What colour Braces this time?
Just for fun, I'm going for my 3rd visit to the orthodontist tomorrow morning, and I might get my colours changed again, I'm just wondering what colour you think I should get? I want a ...

 I need braces, does it hurt?
i need braces, does it hurt or make you sick?...

 My son has an under bite, can this be fixed?
I haven't really asked a profesional about this yet. It looks just fine now, he's an adorable 3yr old. But I don't think too many men that have underbites look too attractive with it. I...

 Will I get general anesthesia?
I need to get my wisdom tooth pulled because it is growing into my other tooth. It is not full out yet it has barley reached the top. My question is will I get the general anesthesia? My mom says I ...

 How bad does it hurt to get a cavity drilled?
no pain


extreamly ...

 Why are my teeth yellow?
A few days ago my front teeth were stained yellow - well, the sides of them anyway. I thought floss would work. It didn't. I THINK it may have been caused by candy. How do I get rid of it?

 Great toothache home remedies?
I have sensitive teeth and get a toothache. What are some good home remedies? Meaning, no over the counter medicines?...

 can stress trigger a tooth abscess?

 when you get braces on your top and bottom at the same time what do you feel, what should i eat. ?

 i just had a tooth filled?
is it nomal for that tooth to hurt when i chew with it??...

 why are all my tooth fillings falling out?
i just got all my cavities filled three months ago and from the day i filled them, they started falling out, i just lost another one eating a gummy bear, what's going on here?...

 How long to braces take to put on?
I am very impatient? and does it hurt to put them ...

 another question about braces?
I get them tomorrow and I wanted to know if they let you listen to music in the chair while they put them on and if i should take the spacers out before i go in. ive been messing with them and taking ...

 Do you love gum?
Why? Do you chew it constantly during school and panic if you don't have any with you?

It's not like I do that or anything... *wink* *wink* ;)...

 Are spacers for braces supose to hurt?

Additional Details
I have had them on since tuesday this week. but it hurts when i eat? Should it?...

 Ahhhh...Getting brace. Do they hurt?
I need a little advice. I am extremely afraid to get braces. I am afraid they are going to hurt. Any comments from past experience. I know they're not the most pleasant thing as i have heard??...

 How do i get myself to commit to daily schedual things such as brushing my teeth every night?
Somtimes i get into bed and i just dont want to get up to brush my teeth. What can i do?...

 Does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
I have to get my bottom braces put back on tomorrow... and the ortho made me schedule an appt with a dentist to get one of my teeth pulled to get my teeth straighter (appt. is tomorrow!!!) soo i was ...

 If you seen a cute girl but then noticed she don't have teeth, how bad would it freak you out or turn you off?
I'm havin the rest of my teeth taken out on Tuesday, but I can't get replacements til about springtime. We don't have dental insurance and not much money. My teeth started gettin ...

My wisdom teeth are coming in and they hurt what can i do?
i went to the den and they told me that its fine and i wont need the removed but they hurt..any ideas?

Joe S
cocaine is supposed to dumb ur gums...

gargle warm salt water if they are trying to break through. For the pain you may just want to stick to an anti-inflammatory pain reliever like ibuprofen, motrin, Advil.

ffa chick
just gargle some salt water and try to ignore the pain it will go away soon trust me i have the same problem.

Bonjela is great - parents use it for babies when teething and you can also use on mouth ulcers.

jason c
Try rubbing ground clove on to your gums.

Orajel and Tylenol

Michelle G
get something to numb to pain or just try to ignore it.It will stop soon

have some sympathy for teething babies? you can try oragel, but it's very temporary relief. maybe a pain reliever/ anit-inflamitory like advil or aleve. tylenol isn't an anti-inflamitory.
look up suggestions for teething babies, it's the same thing. i'm not suggesting you go buy a teething ring, but maybe a frozen washcloth to gnaw on when you're not worried about others watching.
i feel your pain, my wisdom teeth came in while i was pregnant and they couldn't remove them until after i delivered my daughter. it's not fun.

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