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My tooth is starting to turn black, what does this mean?
I was playing basketball and someone hit my tooth really hard. It was kinda loss for a little while, but now it's pretty much solid. However, it has just started to turn greyish. I'm gonna get it checked out, but i kinda wanna know what this means? Thanks!!

Polaris Man
it normally means ur tooth is so called "dead"

means you got a little blood it there go to a dentist.

time for a root canal!

answer mine please!

Metal Princess Suspended!!!!
It may be dead. You'll probably have to get it taken out.

aaron c
it means to speed up that dentist appointment...

ther are blood vessals or nerves in your tooth and the nerves might have died.

it's probably a dead tooth (as in the nerve root was damaged)
A dentist would usually advice it was removed, though not always.. my dad has this, damaged it 30-40 years ago, its a bit discouered (grey) and has a tiny fracture line.. but is fine.

Its dead :(

- Ceceliaa . ( :
it is probably rotting

monika s
OMG its probably dead if not then its rotting!!!

I think its dead. Probably killed the roots when it got hit.

Its rotting. go see the dentist right away they will pull your tooth out :)

yvette p
your teeth might be roting

Ritz Bitz <3
I believe you have a really sore tooth.
You should get it checked right away.
It will spread through out your teeth if you do not get it checked before 1 year


i am no dentist or anything but i would have to say maybe it is starting to rot...? I really have no clue but that would be my best answer.

sounds like the tooth fairy will be coming early(lol) its going dead buddy!

You damaged the nerve of the tooth and the tooth is dieing.

I think you popped something, when you got hit, and the tooth was meant to fall but it didn't. good thing you're getting it checked!

either a cavity or its rotting..
you might wanna get that checked out

You may have to get it filled or extracted.

The Brain ^.^
Rotting. You will have to get it pulled.

it means he's pissed off cause you let that guy hit it...

so it said f u im out

livin life „ÉĄ
sounds like decay but if it's from an injury i don't know. maybe a damaged nerve or blood vessel? Ouch sorry that happened to you!

Maybe it's losing calcium. Drinking milk might help. Going to the doctor afterwards might be a good idea.

hm this happened to my older brother, he walked into a lampost and hit it pretty hard and hit his front tooth, it turned greyish and the dentist put a layer of something over the top of it and hes fine now, he didn't have it taken out, he didn't need to, but i think i remember him saying that the dentist said that he'd hid a nerve in the tooth or something and that's why it turned grey

Firstly, ouch! My cousin lost his front teeth playing football, so this is more common than you think!

Secondly, the same thing happened to me (without the trauma!). I have a calcium deficiency meaning that my teeth are very week, and one of my teeth turned grey and became very brittle (ew). It fell out on its own about a week later, and my dentist said that it had essentially died, no blood supply, although it still stang so I guess the nerves were still working...
Anyway, get it checked out by your dentist. He'll probably want to take it out if there's no chance if it just falling out. It doesn't hurt, I've had two teeth out, so don't worry!
Now play safe in basketball next time, OK? :D
Good luck :)

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