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 Why should you brush your teeth after breakfast and not before?
I always used to brush my teeth after breakfast...for two reasons mostly - for one, why clean your teeth and then eat, dirtying them up again, and two, food tastes gross after brushing.


 how do you know if a dentist is skilled or not?
i was wondering about this cuz im scared to death about an unskilled dentist pulling my teeth out....

 there is a hole that leaks out pus and blood from my gums what can the doctors do to it?

 what can I do if I swallowed a fake tooth?

 What does it cost to have a crown done?

 If I brush my teeth 10 times a day will it be even more healthier than before?
I usually floss and brush twice a day. But I want better and whiter teeth....

 home treatment for abcess of primary tooth?

 Good home remedy for toothache?
I have many toothaches and dealt with them fine, but this one is bugging me and I have a Dentist appt. in two weeks but it's killing me!! Any ideas?...

 I need braces. Can you help?
Well, your all gonna think im really stupid. I've been made an appointment by my dentist at the orthadontist. He thinks i need braces for my bottom teeth. But my top teeth are bugging me. They ...

 Dentist's numbing injection?
I've forgotten the technical word for "numbing medicine", sorry.

Anyway, I went to the dentist today and required a numbing injection in the right side of my mouth. This is ...

 How much does it hurt to have teeth taken out?
I'm having 2 teeth taken out in 6 months so i can have braces fitted. Does it hurt??? Help.....
Additional Details
Also, do braces hurt?????...

 how do you chew gum without your teacher seeing you?
because my teacher says if he catches anything in our mouth during his class we will have to right 1000 sentences and their really really long!what should i do?...

 Are retainers comfortable?
I have traditional braces. In a year or so, I'm going to get retainers. I have a 2-year treatment. I've had braces for 1 year so far....

 Where the heck does 'with baited breath' come from?
'So I'll wait here with baited breath for an answer'!

Does that mean I have to put some kind of smelly food on my tongue to help entice an nice answer? Does the choice of ...

 how much does a root canal cost.....molar tooth?

 does brushing your teeth hurt?

 choices in life?
what do you want to be when you are older or what do you do now?...

 Why does my tooth hurt when I eat sugar?
I think I have a cavity, when I eat anything sugary, like candy, it hurts. Not really bad, just enough to be annoying. Why does that happen?
Additional Details
Okay, maybe I should be ...

 Flossing with braces?!?!?
I have braces.
I haven't been able to floss in months haha.
I know that's really bad but I can never get the little flossers made for braces to go between my teeth.

 How likely?
Last time I went to a dentist was 14 years ago, when I was 15 and I had to get a filling which they decided to do without anaesthetic because they thought it was small. It wasn't, it turned out ...

My filling to my root canal fell out, what do i do?
My filing to my root canal came out, what do i do?

go to the denstist or get a different denist because the same thing happened to me and it was just crappy dentist

Princess Amanda42O
There's some OTC temporary 'filling' that you can buy at the store. I'd suggest using that until you can see your dentist. You really should see your dentist ASAP though, because you want to avoid further problems & costs, such as infections.

Pick up some of that temporary filler at the drugstore and see your dentist as soon as he or she can get you in.

it happned to me go back to the dentist and they will do a permanent replacement that doesent fall out and its painless. mine fell out becaesei kept moving it with my tounge for some reason??? :]

Hollywood Prod.
I being an engineer thinking I know everything would just glue it back but that might not be the best thing

put it back

Call your dentist?

obviously go visit your doctor and your get to have fun again!!!

Go to Wal-mart in dental section you will find a product called GUM filling repair, use that until you can reach your dentist

It's a sure thing
Go to Walgreens and in the dental section, they have temporary filings. It will work until you can get to your dentist.

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