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 dog teeth?
why do dogs teeth turn yellow even if they have had there teeth cleaned recently?...

 How do you get rid of a severe toothache?
I have a severe toothache and there are no dentists open till Mon. and i need a way to solve this horrible pain. I have already taken Tylenol and it has not helped neither does Oragel. Any answers ...

 teeth whitening?
what is the best thing out there to BUY to whiten teeth?...

 name all the different type of toothpaste u know?

 how do i brush my teeth every day and remmember and make it white?

does anyone have any experience with Invisalign? do they work? anyone know the price? i am in ny. thanks. : )...

 Do you rinse you mouth using a glass or straght from the tap/faucet?
i rinse straight from the tap...
Additional Details
some people are prissy about it and would only ever use a glass.......

 my filling cracked...what is my dentist going to do?
my filling on my bottom moler cracked and i know this because he said it lol and i can also see it and i have just a little pain throught out the day and night from it. so he said he needs to refill ...

 how can you make your teeth whiter without buying anything? and doing it safely!?

ok, so like i just got my braces on a couple of hours ago,a dn they dont hurt or anything, but like i can't bite anything and i can't really chew anything. is this normal? when will it go ...

 Are there any negative side effects of chewing alot of sugar free gum?
It is suppposed to help clean teeth because of the chewing action and lack of sugar, but can the chemicals and sweeteners in it be just as harmful?...

 Do you think dentist just charge too much for their work?

Additional Details
Yes I just had a cap put on a tooth and it was $750.00. How can people afford much dental work??????...

 Have you ever taken Vicodin Extra Strength?
I just found out, that I have to have 2 very complicated surgeries on my Jawbone and my Hip, because of Bone Loss, due to a severe mistake, that a Dentist I saw years ago made, that almost killed me ...

 Teeth going crooked after braces?
Okay, so I had braces for 3 years, and I got them off 2 years ago (Feb 2008), but recently I've noticed that my bottom teeth are slightly crooked.

Its only one tooth that's ...

 I have a white tongue?
My tongues white and I have tried everything to get rid of it, brushing it doesn't help any suggestions?...

 Hairy tongue?
Okay, so I usually have a bad taste in my mouth and a brown tongue. A tactless friend with a keen nose swears I don't usually have bad breath, but it's still gross. Anyway, I heard of a ...

 help! i swallowed my bracket!?
i was just eating and i felt something weird. i expected the wire to be dislocated but my back bracket was gone! i didn't feel it go down, which i guess is good. what should i do?

 How to stop bad breath?
I brush my teeth 2-3 times a day. I floss my teeth. I chew gum. I have breath mints and I drink water but I still get bad breath. How can I stop bad breath. I've done all that i'm supposed ...

 Cleaning nicotine stains?
Anyone know a home remedy for cleaning nicotine stain off my otherwise nice teeth.
Shocking as im british....

 Novacaine....how long will the effects last?
What can I do to speed up the process of the medicine wearing off? My mouth is numb!...

My bottom gums hurt after I eat an apple?
My bottom gums hurt like hell after I tried eating an apple. I think they even bled a little bit. I've always been told I have puffy gums, and I try brushing them, but all these years (Im 20 now) and I still can't eat an apple without pain!!!

What is there to do about this?
Additional Details
It really hurts for me to take a bite into an apple, it's just too hard. I mean I can co through with it, but it just hurts too much to outweigh the satisfaction of the taste...

eat applesauce

Alyssa B
When my gums hurt after eating an apple, it means they are slightly infected with a buildup of bacteria and other fabulous things, and I need to start flossing and using mouthwash more regularly.

I recommend flossing and then rinsing with mouthwash (to get rid of the blood that will likely occur after flossing in your condition) and then brushing your teeth. I'd repeat this every day for at least a week. your gums will feel better at the end of the week. .. would be best to keep flossing on a daily basis, but many dentists are now saying that you shouldn't use mouthwash regularly, as it screws up the balance of good bugs in your mouth. (yes, you do need some bacteria)

As to exactly why your gums hurt when you eat the apple... the teeth sink into the skin of the apple, and go as deep as they can, up to the gums, where they are stopped. Like stabbing something up to the hilt of a knife, you know? But since your gums are soft and puffy, they press hard against the crisp apple skin, which irritates the gums.

Make sure to spend 3 minutes on brushing your teeth (3 times a day) paying attention to your gums, floss, and use ACT or Listerine mouthwash daily. I have very sensitive gums also and it hurts me to drink cold water sometimes. But ever since I've been doing what I told you to do, they haven't been bothering me like before. Start cutting your apple into thin slices until your gums aren't so sensitive.

Do not be afraid it's because you have very soff gum,you need to get used of it,you will see later how are going to be very strong,people it's suffering of this problems now because of the fast food.

This question is relevant to my interests. I too have this problem.

I solved a similar problem by flossing my regularly, this is sensitivity due to gingivitis.

Cut that apple up first into slices, sounds like you're trying to eat it whole which causes the apple to press against your gums. Cut that motha.

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