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 What should I do if nearly all of my teeth are bad/have cavities?
For years my teeth have been deteriorating at a rapid pace, and I just don't know what to do to stop it anymore. I brush, floss, and the cavities just get bigger. I've got at least one on ...

 How long do you keep a retainer until you change it?
until you change it because it doesn't fit or ...

 got wisdom teeth removed...now my throat hurts?
I got my wisdom teeth removed only 3 hours ago. My lips are still a little numb but I'm starting to feel pain at the removal site as well as in my throat. Is it normal for the throat to hurt a ...

 How much do braces cost in total?
How much do braces cost in total? With and without insurance? I am trying to save up to get braces and so far, so good. I have not spent a dime of my savings. Although I do not know how much they ...

 What happens DURING an IV sedation?
So, I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed - they're not actually in yet, so they're cutting into my gums to pull them out - and I'm getting IV sedation. What happens WHEN you are ...

 Braces pain help please?
I just got my braces on yesterday, and it didn't hurt until this morning. When i tried chewing on things this morning it felt like ALL of my teeth were cavities.. and now it still does. Is this ...

 why does your tongue hurt after you burn it?
whenever i burn my tongue it feels weird what causes it to feel this way?...

 Had teeth pulled out!!COMPLETELY NERVOUS?
Okay so before i get braces i need to get 4 teeth pulled out in a while,but my questions are:
Their my permanent teeth will they hurt even more?
What should i drink for the pain?
What ...

 are purple braces ugly?
i just got braces and i chose purple even though my fave color is red :| now my siblings are actually laughing at me and now i feel so ...

 What is a good toothpaste brand ?
I think crest is good lol.
Additional Details
yeah colgate is good to lol....

 Can Alka Seltzer give u whiter teeths?

 how much do braces cost?
im age 16 and have no money to afford braces. i was wondering how much they cost. can i get insurance or something?...

 How do braces fix an overbite?
I don't have a hideous overbite but my upper teeth are jutting forward so it looks kind of strange for my face. I got braces last summer and had two of my upper molars removed. My teeth are now ...

 Help!!! Sunken cheek after wisdom tooth removal :(?
I had a wisdom tooth removed from my upper left jaw.
where the tooth used to be, and the cheek that covered where it used to be, is sunk in now :(
My cheeks (and face) no longer looks ...

 I'm having all four wisdom teeth removed?
First off I'm 16 years of age, a female, and I'm having all of my wisdom teeth taken out sometime in the next month. I'm very nervous about the whole thing. I've tried to do some ...

 My tongue is yellow after I brush my teeth?
I bought a new whitening toothpaste about a week ago, and I just started using it like 3 nights ago... tonight when I brushed my teeth my tongue was like a pale yellow/ white, and it faded a little ...

 People who have had braces please?
I need braces and I've heard that they hurt A LOT.
Im 12 and have really jacked up teeth and I also need spacers....

 Should I go see dentist for TMJ?
Is it something I should go to the dentist for or should I not? Because I don't feel as though the dentist could do anything unless you have it severely and then that's when you get ...

 Do you see a lot of blood as a Dental hygienist?
Please help! thank ...

 dental cavity..help please?
i have a tendency towards dental cavity.i brush my teeth twice daily(right after the night meal & after the wake up in the morning).but i can't protect my teeth from having cavities......

Mouth got numb from the dentist, quick ways to make it unnumb?
i just got a cavity filled and i didnt eat anything ALL day im sooo hungry but i dont want to eat while my mouth is numb, i got it done about an hour ago how long do u think it will take to un numb... anyways to make it go by faster!!!!!!!!!!!

you cant unmunb

There is no way to speed things up -- but there is no need to wait before eating.

steve g
eat anything you want, a warm cup of coffee will help as it will speed up the blood supply around the area.

This is the best time to treat yourself to a chocolate shake.

It's different for everyone, but usually 3 or 4 hours. And there is nothing you can do.. you just have to wait for the drug to wear off.

you should wait until the numbing wears off. you don't want to bite your cheek or tongue and not realize it. that is why the Dr. tells people not to eat until it wears off.
You can have soup or tea or jello. anything that just kinda slides down without chewing. also make sure it is not too hot.
numbness should wear off in a couple of hours. sometimes it depends if he did a block or not. the numbness lasts longer with a block.

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