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 Do you still go to the dentist if you have braces?
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 What do I do for a 2 year old who is teething and won't allow topicals?
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 I got toothpaste in my eye, could that hurt me?
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 why do my gums bleed?
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 Im getting a tooth Pulled tomorrow and I have a really important qustion.?
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 do i need braces!?!?!?
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 Why are random teeth becoming sore with braces?
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 Ear pirecing help??ASAP ASAP?
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 im getting four of my wisdom tooth pulled out. will it hurt?
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 Wisdom teeth coming through. What age did yours start to come through?
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 im getting braces tommorow and im sort of nervous?
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 does getting your teeth out hurt im really scare :?
im having my tooth out this week and im wondering weather it hurts im really scared but i know i have to have it outt . does the needle hurt :S????...

Mouth Ulcer... How can I make it go away?
I can a mouth ulcer at least 2 - 3 times a year. I'm not sure what causes it, but it hurts bad.. I tried the salt water, but it hurts so bad when I try to "swish" it around. Is there anything out there that I can buy to make it feel better or just make it go away???

Biologic Dental Consultant
amosan is better than salt water

Hey there.

It's called a canker sore. You can read all about them and how to prevent them, here:


You can rinse with a mixture of half hydrogen peroxide and half water a couple of times a day. Letting the sore dry (like folding your lip back if that's where it is, and letting the air reach the sore) will help speed healing, if it's in an area where that's possible.

There's an amino acid called L-Lysine that you should take, to help it heal and help prevent future sores. You can find it at the health food store or the vitamin aisle of the drugstore or grocery store.

Are you under stress? I often get mouth ulcers/canker sores every time I'm stressed (it's a genetic thing... my dad gets those too). I just try to catch up on my sleep and it goes away in a few days.

If you want pain relief, a doctor may be able to prescribe something... My dad uses a Chinese alternative medicine called watermelon powder, though.

I also posted a link in source as extra reading.

Try a rinse with equal parts malox and benadryl thats what works for me

You can get them accidentally if you bite the inside of your mouth like tounge or lip. You can also get them from an unhealthy diet. Mostly from junk food, have watermelon to balance out the negatives in your body. Use mouth ucler gel, it will hurt because the germs are being killed. Keep it up for a few days and it'll go away! victory shall be yours!

Jaclyn A
I disagree with using Hydrogen Peroxide at home. The reason being that it can give the patient a "black hairy tongue". I would be curious to know where these sores are in your mouth, because it would tell me if it is a virus or a tramatic ulcer. Most virus sores occur on the attached gingiva (translation: on the gums below the gumline) If it is a virus: your body system will always have the virus dormant with outbreaks periodically. If this is the case: please do not share drinks, makeup, or kiss when you have an active sore. This is contagious, furthermore do not go "down south" either because it can spread to other "areas" of the body. It can even be spread to the fingers called "Herpes Witlow"
Lysine supplements do help in prevention of outbreaks.
there is also ABREVA. This is a topical ointment to help heal faster and relieve some of the pain. If in alot of pain, may I suggest Orajel for topical benzocaine at home. These sores are thought to have outbreaks in times of stress, immuno-comprisation, and hormone fluxes. Hence, many patients tend ot get sores when sick with other major or minor illnesses. One last thing to add...if you do in fact have Herpes in the mouth. It is best to reschedule appt. with your dentist until the ulcer has healed, or it can be spread throughout more areas of the mouth. Usually 10-14 days to heal completely.

Xiu F
"Heatiness" due to stress, body temperature, hot weather conditions, "heaty foods" (like fried foods,etc) can caused mouth ulcer.
2 months ago, I'd mouth ulcer, it was painful when accidentally bite on it while eating. It was gone between 1 to 2 weeks. However, the doc prescribe Soragel, an antiseptic pain relieving oral gel which I've no chance to use it, since it was healed by its own.

Hello Kat, Mouth ulcers can have many causes eg. Bacteria, Fungi, heavy metals, drugs B Complex deficiency as well as disease of the gastrointestinal tract or even cancer. As an Australian I and my friends and family swear by drinking plenty of water and replacing coffee with tea (for the tannin content which soothes mucous membranes) and ceasing smoking till cured. And VEGEMITE! Dab good old Vegemite on the offending ulcer/s every hour or so and 24 hrs later....NO MORE ulcer! It may sting a bit at first but it is worth it. If that fails go see your doctor and check that it isn't anything more sinister causing the recurrence. Happy Days!!!

mother of Bridezilla
ambusol works great and doesn't taste bad.......good luck

I get them occasionally and the thing that works best for me is a thing called "Ulser Ease". You can buy it at Wal-mart for about $5. Go to the pharmacy counter to buy it. It will numb the ulser and the ulser will be gone in about 2-3 days. Works great!

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