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 Teeth cleaning question-deep or regular cleaning?
I went to the dentist yesterday and they told me I needed a deep cleaning on 4 of my back lower teeth. They quoted a $960 price and I told them I couldn't afford that. I asked to just get a ...

 What is a funny bone ?

 Baking soda, is it bad for teeth enamel?

Additional Details
Sodium ...

 Receding Gums?
I'm 25 and already have several teeth with receding gums. I have no cavities and my teeth are in good condition. My dentist said that it's caused by my incorrect brushing (brushing too ...

 can you use mouthwash after you put spacers in your teeth?
the spacers are the rubber bands you put between your teeth that heps you get ready for putting in braces....

 Can you wear 2 times the rubber bands for braces at night, and none in the day?
somebody toldme that if you double up your rubber bands at night, it's the same as wearing the 1 set for 1 whole day

is this true?...

 anyone know of a way to get dentures with little or no dental insurance?
I want to get dentures, but my insurance will not cover them because they are considered "cosmetic". Does anyone know of any programs that can help me? I could afford some form of monthly ...

 Anyone had cosmetic dental work in thailand?? Howd it go?
Was it quality?? Cheap?? Would u recommend???...

 i am SO scared! PLEASE HELP?
even though im only getting one baby tooth out im petrified.
people have been trying to help me saying it doesn't hurt but i am SO SO SO SCARED!
i havn't been able to think about ...

 Who has a toothbrush and paste at work ?
do you use them often ?...

 Is it harmful to swallow gums? Bad for digestion system?

 My top 2 wisdom teeth were fully grown and removed. When can I start eating solid food?
How would I know when the blood clot / extraction site is fully healed? I can't see it in the mirror.
Additional Details
When does the extraction site become 100% solid....

 Dry socket self help?
I had a wisdom tooth extracted last week and unfortunately I developed dry socket. I went back to the dentist and he put some medicated gauze in the hole where my tooth use to be. It worked wonders ...

 I have had an apasectomy after a crown got infected i now keep getting a yellow filled blister what is it?

 Braces & vampire teeth?
I have braces... can I wear vampire teeth? I don't have another orthodontist appt. till the 27th and I don't wanna talk on the phone LOL

 i am having trouble on wat retainer color i should choose?
hi. well i am getting my braces off soon and i get the wire retainers where you get to choose the color. and i need some ideas on wat colors i should get
i really wanted watermealon but the ...

 Dental Amalgams: What countries have banned them?
...and why?
Additional Details
If it's safe, then why are there videos such as this that show the mercury vapor escaping? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9Qep-NSSRY...

 What in your opinion is the dumbest show on television?
There are so many to choose from.
Additional Details
This question is in dental because my previous one was in dental and Yahoo!A defaulted to that. Oooops! =...

 can my mouth absorb odors?
okay I was cleaning out my fridge that is abandonded in the garage and I had to clean out the most nastiest thing in there. I think it was rotten blood or vegetables. it stank so bad and now I feel ...

 braces...??? HELP!?
I am having a lot trouble flossing my teeth. I just got braces yesterday, I can't eat anything solid. Even light foods are getting stuck in my teeth. Plus my mouth is really sore and hurts, so ...

Is recalcification of teeth possible?
That is, rebuilding of tooth after (small) tooth decay?


Yes, if the decay isn't through the enamel and it's kept clean by excellent brushing and flossing you can arrest the decay, just make sure to keep an eye on it so it doesn't progress. Lot's of patients have them and never have to have a restoration. Good luck and I hope I was of some help.

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