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 Do they still make disclosure tablets for dental plaque?
I remember at primary school, a dentist visited our school to gove a talk on dental hygeine. Some packets of tablets (mainly red, but there might have been sme blue ones too) were given to us. They ...

 Do Braces Hurt ( Having Them On?)?
Does Anyone Know If Having Braces On Hurts?

Thankyouu <3

Love Kaytee


 Ouch! I burnt the roof of my mouth about 6 hours ago, but it still hurts. How long will it take to heal?
And are there any foods i need to avoid? Should i use mouthwash tonight or rinse with salt+water?
Additional Details
I think the chocolate ice-cream remedy works for every ailment! :P

 Hi! When did you get wisdom teeth?
My friend got them when she was 16. I'm 17 now and there are no signs of them. What's the normal age to get wisdom teeth and when do you get them? I heard that most people got their ...

 hi guys u gotta help me out...sensible answers are most welcome :)lenthy question..read on!?
well i got my nose pearcing don 10 days back, only two days before my nose parcing i was suffering from cold and cough but still i went for nose pearcing. As soon as i did wid my Nose pearcing we all ...

 I'm getting braces tomorrow?!?!?!?
So the title says a lot of it I am getting braces tomorrow and I have no idea what color(s) to get! Ok please don't say get your school colors cause mine are green and white which isn't the ...

 how do i stop from barfing on my cavity
i have a cavity in the very back of my mouth with very bad gag reflex plz some 1 help me
Additional Details
when ever some 1 touches the back of my teeth or does some thing in my mouth i ...

 Do braces hurt?
i'm getting braces on february 12th and im kinda nervous. is it smart to get red and pink for my colors for valentines day? answer soon!!...

 why is it when I chew mint gum and drink ice water it really hurts?
When I say it really hurts, I mean it is really physically painful. Is there any scientific explanation for this?
Additional Details
It isnt my teeth that hurt, it is my toung and mouth....

 how to make braces stop hurting?
just got braces tod and they hurt soooo bad any ways to make the pain go away?...

 Can your gums heal?
in between my front two bottom teeth i was flossing and i sliced into my gums. Will they heal or am i S.O.L.?...

 How to Beat Bad Breath?
I brush my teeth every night and morning and I also use floss and mouthwash every other morning. I chew gum at least once a day and my breath still smells horrible. Is there anything I can do to keep ...

 abscess has started to drain itself do i still need antibiotics?
Hi i posted a couple of days ago about an abscess i have on my gum on my upper teeth, there has been little pain itself from the abscess but very bad headaches and eye socket pain down the right side ...

 My gums are turning brown/yellow?
The gums below my teeth and some above are turning yellowish brown.They are not swollen, do not bleed and are not the slightest sor or tender.Just the colour is changing and i want to know why? HELP!!...

 I need dental work but don't have insurance, will dentists accept payments?
I am overdue, by about twenty years, for some dental work and I am at the point were I am starting to look kind of English and the pain is becoming`somewhat unbearable. Will dentists accept payment ...

 why does my saliva taste spicy?
my saliva tastes like coke when you drink it and tastes ...

 braces hurt REALLY bad!?
My braces just make me want to cuss!!!! I just got them on today, they are so painful! Any suggestions to relieve the pain?????...

 why are so many people afraid of the dentist?

 Wisdom Teeth Removal Care?
My boyfriend is getting his wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. I have been looking up websites to find some precautionary and post-op care but they are all different.

What kind of foods can he ...

 how bad is the pain during/after wisdom tooth removal surgery?

Is it safe to pull a rotten tooth, and what is the best way to do it?

Ajid M
Burn it out with fire.

Give it a yank

I wouldn't do it, but if you insist on it, use a string and put it around a door, then pull. *wince* Ouch. Then again, I'm a wimp.

Yes, it's safe as long as you do it right. Although, I suggest you see a dentist so that he/she can help you get it out without or little pain only. Sometimes, you won't even be able to feel the pain when it is done.

Probably not the best idea to do it yourself because it may disintigrate an u will be left with little pieces still in your gum.
Go to the dentist if possible.

Hold Your Toes
Go to the dentist.

Simple answer, No!

The problem with pulling a 'rotten' tooth, is if it's decayed badly on the part of the tooth you can actually see, it's most likley decayed right down to the root of the tooth.

Decay makes the tooth 'soft', and if you tried to pull out a fully 'rotten' tooth, you will most likley just fracture part of the tooth, and pull out a section.

Remember teeth have quite long roots (especially if they're molars!).

If a tooth is heavily deacyed, and a dentist has to extract it, they usually have to break it into 'sections' to scrape some of it out. As the tooth goes 'soft' from the gum line, and up. (or down depending on upper/lower jaw).

You have to go see a dentist. ANY rotten tooth is likley to have an infection at the root (an abscess) which MUST be treated by a dental professional.

Go see a dentist, don't do it yourself.

Best thing is to go to dentist. For more information on dental topics you can visit the following very informative dental website

Please just go to the dentist. You'll really regret it if you don't.

If money's the issue (isn't it always?), see if you can find a payment plan. Even if it takes you a while and you're late, or even don't pay it off, it isn't worth saving your credit to harbor infectious bacteria in your mouth. Money isn't everything.

Yes, it is safe to pull a rotten tooth, but you need the right person to do it for you.

The best person to do that will be a trained / licensed professional, like a dentist !

So, go to one ASAP.

Leaving a rotten tooth in your mouth is unsafe since that can spread infection throughout the body.

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