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 Does it hurt when you get braces?
Does it hurt when you first get your braces?

My mom said I am going to get braces next month so I want other people's opinions on them.

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 Do you brush your teeth everyday?
common be honest. what make you skip brushing your teeth the day you didn't....

 How do I make my teeth look less yellow ?
I'm fifteen and I have a boyfriend. Everytime I smile, I always turn away from him or cover my mouth because not only are my teeth quite yellow, but i also have braces! I'm really ...

 Would you feel disgusted if I tell you that I want to be a dentist?
I am a female for your information and I want to be a dentist but many people are so disgusted when someone tell them that he/she wants to be a dentist because he/she has to see 'nasty' ...

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 Can you french kiss if one person has braces and the other doesn't?
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 I have chipped my tooth and it hurt when my tongue is over it. What should I do?
(My tooth was chipped by when I ran into someone.)...

 If your WISDOM TEETH are *NOT* impacted, does it still hurt to get them out?
I am getting my wisdom teeth out at Christams time when I come home from school, they are not impacted and I am getting all 4 out at once.
The only reason why I have to get them out is becasue ...

 When do children start losing their teeth? ?
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 My Teeth Hurt, Im serious, please help, Im going crazy!
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 I don't brush my teeth?
Is there a problem with that? Just because I refuse to become a sheep and follow the rest of society I'm suddenly "icky" and "eww". Make your own choices. Make your own lives!...

 Does toothache ever go on it's own?

Additional Details
I cant afford to go to dentist, and I don't have an NHS dentist, as all are full, my dentist went PRIVATE and I could not afford to stay with them....

 Why won't my dentist help?
My daughter (21 months old) chipped her two front teeth about a year ago - infact not long after they came out. I know exactly where and when it happened. They are quite sharp so took her to the ...

 please help people who have or had braces!!!!!!!!!!?
I am getting braces tommorow June 17 and I am kinnda scared does it hurt after and while your getting them what hurts the most?...

 Why do dentist's always have bad breath?

 Are root canals painful?
I'm really nervous about getting my root canal done next week. Is it really as awful as everybody says it is? Does the procedure hurt? Does it hurt afterward? I can only imagine that digging out ...

 Does root canal surgery hurt?
I have an infection in the root of one of my molars. Does getting root canal surgery hurt?...

 Is this unhealthy....?
I chew atleast 5 pieces of sugarfree gum everyday. Is this unhealthy?
Additional Details
yes im positive its sugar free
and its not annoying i dont chew it loudly or anything (:...

 can normal family dentistz tell you if you need braces?
I think i need braces. i have uneven teeth and a huge overbite. my last question was bout an hour ago about overbites and if i need to get braces for them and they said yes. but my normal dentist ...

Marcus Fenix
If i brush my teeth like 20 times in a day would it whiten my teeth ?
haha kinda curious. i use arm n hammer whitening. is there a certain limit per day before it doesnt do anything?

it sure wouldnt hurt! but there are better ways to whiten teeth. brushing your teeth will just clean your teeth and decrease the build up of plaque. You should try this easy, nonexpensive way to whiten your teeth! :

You need:
1 ripe strawberry
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Directions: Crush the strawberry to a pulp, then mix with the baking soda until blended. Use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture onto your teeth. Leave on for 5 minutes, then brush thoroughly with toothpaste to remove the berry–baking soda mix. Rinse. (A little floss will help get rid of any strawberry seeds.) Carrel says you can apply once a week.

know your teeth will be red from your gums bleeding

omg!!!!! best idea ever!!!!!

Love & Live
no, dont do that there are other ways that are safe for your teeth. That can damage ur gums and your enamel.

ways to get white teeth:

*rub strawberries on your teeth

* brush ur teeth really good. Then get a white wash cloth, pour some extra virgin olive oil on it and scrub your teeth.


* get white strips
* look in stores for good whitening products

good luck!

Tanya Singh
Yes,it will whiten but the best is to brush three times a day because it is a good and health way.And if you brush 20 times a day it will ruin your gum.

Yes if you scrub too many times your tooth enamel wears off and is unable to prevent you from more cavities. 3 times a day tops! Sometimes people just have yellow teeth from their genes. Other things you can do, cut out all soda, coffee, orange juice, tea, cigarettes, dip, etc.

Do Not Do That. Do An Alternative Like Use Whiting Strips . Do Not Over Use Though. Use The Amount The Box Says :)

you will actually damage your gums, dont brush more that 2wice a day use bicarbonate of soda

you might want to ease back on the number of times you brush . . . oh by about 17 - 18 times. Too much brushing wears away the enamel. Keep the brand you use, it's pretty good and cut back on the teeth staining things that you ingest. Coffee and tea, for example, leave their mark. And of course, you want to visit the dentist twice per year, as recommended.

no. It will make your mouth irritated.

Jessica H
never brush that many times. when you brush your cleaning them but you are also taking a way the layers of your teeth. so your teeth will get real thin and breakable. bush your teeth 1 time a day. in the morning and make the brushing count but don't scrub hard. for the whiting part go see just keep trying toothpaste till you find one you like

No, You need to use Crest Whitening strips. Its $24-$30 but its really works.

You're Just Jealous
No. The enamel will wear off. Your teeth are like polishing silver or a pot, it takes a while to get them to glen. Just keep using arm and hammer, brush three times a day or after every meal, floss and change tooth brushes every so often. Plus, don't forget to see the dentist for your choppers. Happy brushing!

christina l
No, you can try the white strips or a whitining gel. Get something approved by the ADA and follow the instructions.

Not really, because you'll lose the covering on your teeth that makes them white

If anything it will ruin them.

Yes, brush it before and after every meal!!!!!
It makes it look a lot whiter!
and it prevents cavities

If you teeth can be whitened, it will whiten them. Teeth have different natural coloring. What brushing as often as you will do--it will wear away the enamel from tooth surfaces. That will open the way for cavities and tooth sensitivity - which can really hurt. It might also irritate your gums which could make them recede which will expose parts of the tooth that are supposed to be under the gum. This part can cause tooth sensitivity and be open for cavities. Brush no more than 3 times with a non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft brush.

If you want to do more than using the toothpaste, add tooth whitening. My dentist recommends Crest White Strips if you don't want to come in for office whitening.

Many dentists have tooth whitening specials. Call the office and find out when the sales are on. Cut down on foods that stain your teeth, including tea and coffee.

There are many brands of whiteners in the form of toothpaste, rinses, whitening products, etc. You might have to experiment with a couple to find one that works for you. The color can only be whitened to the natural color of your teeth. Some actors have porcelain veneers to correct tooth shape and to look whiter. Teeth are translucent and you don't want to whiten to the point that they look like they have paint on them.

No. Brushing has nothing to do with whitening teeth directly. If the whitening toothpaste is erosive, do not use it too often because your enamel will wear down.

Daughter of the King
Don't do that! If you want to have anything left to smile with that is...

If you want to keep your gums i wouldnt suggest trying that

it will clean it up faster but ur gums will probably get messed up

Amber C
no it will scrub the enamel off your teeth and make them weaker

Joe P
yea but you would also ruin your teeth. brushing that much would kill your enamel.

brush to much and it does damage to the enamel on your teeth!

You would strip your teeth of enamel, which protects them, so you would end up with yellow-er teeth.

no, it would just wear down ur teeth and then u'll have no teeth in a few weeks...haha just get some white strips

Every one of the previous posters are incorrect. Brushing 20 times a day will not hurt your enamel. Enamel is a very hard substance that cannot be harmed that way. If, however, you are brushing too vigorously or with a brush other than a soft bristled one, you could cause problems to your gums. (recession)

The only ways there are to really whiten your teeth is to use Crest Whitening Strips or have it professionally done at your dentists office.

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