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 when was the last time you brushed ur teeth?

 What are the age restrictions on whitening teeth & what is the cost?
I would like to get it done professionally. The insurance I have will not pay for it. I'm 16....

 I accidentally hurt my gums while brushing and now they are swollen :( Help?
I accidentally scratched my gums with a new toothbrush, now my gums around my molars are swollen and in pain. Anyone have any good home remedies?? Oragel only lasts for a tiny while!! :-( Ouch....

 i need some reasons about why kids SHOULD BE ABLE TO to chew gum during class?

 What would happen if you use Bleach Soft scrub for teeth whitening?
I was thinking last night and i wondered what would happened if i bleached my teeth with the soft ...

 Could I have a cavity?
When I drink soda, my one tooth hurts really bed. It feels like poking something hard up into my tooth. But when I'm not eating/drinking anything, it feels fine. Could I have a cavity? I'm ...

 Will I be able to go?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. I have an event on Sunday. I've heard that you can be swollen and hurting for quite a few days to even a week. Will I be able to go to the ...

 best way to whiten teeth?
ok so im 15 and i have yellowish teeth. its really ugly and i fkn hate it! i brush 2x a day and it doesnt get better. i cant afford to get it bleached or whitened at the dentist so want a good cheap ...

 i have a gap between my teeth so how can i make smile pretty?
my parents dont have alot of money to get me braces. i have a gap between myteeth and i hate it! i hate smiling and its hard to look good like picking cute clothes out then smiling after that. how do ...

 How to be an Oral Surgeon?
I am really interested in becoming an oral surgeon as I find that stuff interesting (weird I know)

I have few questions if you don't mind answering:

1. What are the ...

 How can I get healthier and whiter teeth?
Okay I know brush,floss,mouth wash...
alright I love pepsi and I hate water
I know for a fact Pepsi = death too the teeth
and same for about every other drink aside from water.
I ...

 can i use 6% hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth...? or is it dangerous?
i picked some up from my work today (hairdressers) because i heard it does wonders for whitening your teeth! i decided to pick up the 6% bottle rather than the 9% because it sounds less harsh on my ...

 is there anyway to get straight teeth besides braces?

 what is the next step after you get ur teeth molded for braces?

 Wisdom Teeth appointment?
I got refered to have my wisdom teeth out in hospital. I got my appointment through for wednesday. what will actually happen at this appointment? Will they take my teeth out there and then?...

 Why do people hate braces?
Because i would LOVE to have braces, i think they look cool. I have straight teeth for the most part, cept two crooked teeth at the bottom.

But braces look reaaally cool(:...

 i suddenly have a very bitter / sour taste in my mouth.?
never suffered from the affect before.
the taste of water especially is disgustingly sour.
have you had these symptoms.
whats the cause?...

Two-part question: 1. Chipped molar: what will be done? 2. Price: how much am I looking at here?
Okay, the tooth is specifically the "first molar, upper teeth."

I had a root ...

 anyone who has or had lingual braces?
does it hurt alot? i really want these, how long do you have a lisp for? just questions im wondering about, do you eventually get used to the feel of them on your tongue?...

 what color should i get for my braces?!?
i want to do maroon and white but im scared about the white. will it get really nasty? also what other color ideas do you have? like seriously please list every color combo youve ever had that looked ...

I keep on biting the sides of the inside of my mouth with my back 4 teeth. why is this happening?
when ever i chew or eat, i keep on biting the sides of the inside of my mouth with my back four teeth. A white coloured wound mark is left where ive bitten my mouth. I would like to know why this is happening and what can be done to prevent this.
Additional Details
when ever i chew or eat, i keep on biting the sides of the inside of my mouth with my back four teeth. The flesh then becomes swollen and a white coloured wound mark is left. I would like to know why this happens and how it can be prevented. also, it happens on both sides all the time.

Do you have dentures?
If so they might need attention ,or have you lost any teeth lately that could cause yor bite to change?

it could be a habit or u could have ur wisdom teeth of which u get 4 these r the last teeth u get at abt 18yrs sometimes they hide under the gum and cause no probs or they break thru fully or partially which allows loose gum to flap over and sometimes gets caught between teeth whilst eating ..ur dentist can fix this.............

Ciara C
First time you bit it it would have swollen, meaning that your teeth are going to keep catching on it. You should try eating with the other side of your mouth for a while until the swelling goes down. I would also use some Bonjella on the wound, it is great for easing discomfort.

Jess W
I sometimes do that, theres nothing wrong with you, its just a habit like some people bite their nails :)

If you don't have dentures then the only other cause might be the end result of Orthodontic Treatment.

I am assuming you had Ortho Treatment done.

You will inadvertently bite your cheek that bad if the horizontal overlapping (over-jet) of the top teeth (in relation to the bottom teeth) is not achieved properly.

It is time to pay your dentist a visit and get evaluated :)

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