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 what happens if i do cocaine the same day after wisdom tooth removal?

 Survey ... How old were you when your wisdom tooth grew in ?

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If I go to the dentist and I need 3 fillings and he says he can only do 1 because theres no money in the pot.
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 I'm getting this finally off my chest! :) Honestly, how do my teeth look (pic)?
I have spaced teeth. They are pretty much white, and I'm extremely conscious about them.

Are they really that bad? Okay? Or good?

Please be blunt.. I'll take anything....

 If you lay in the tanning bed with whitening strips on your teeth, will anything happen?

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has anyone out there ever got this cosmetic dental procedure done on them?...

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 How much does Braces for teeth cost?

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 what is the cause of bleeding gum?
Sometimes when i brush it is bleeding in between my tooth. Also on that particular place tooth is brownish.Please tell me how to cure it....

 I went to the dentist and was giving a cup that turned out not to be water!!!!!?
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 dentists charge huge amounts for a service which we already pay for through tax/ni.lets boycott them 4 a year?
dentists(who all seem to have nice cars and houses and lots of reception staff stood yapping)say they cant afford to do nhs work.why dont we use market forces and stop going for 12 months(except ...

 Does anybody find this gross?
My friend's Orthadontist was chewing gum when he was doing something with my friend's braces. And his gum came out and fell into my friends mouth! LOL! My Friend forgave him and he still is ...

 Can dentists remove plaque? If so how much would it cost?

 black for braces.?
is black a good color for braces??
i know brown and yellow are bad.
white is good, only if you're a very avid brusher and you already have really white teeth.
but what about black?...

 What's the best & fastest way to whiten teeth and get them super white? Money is not an issue...?

 Cavity and Fear of Dentist?
So i think that i may have a cavity.
But i am TERRIFIED of dentists.
So is there any other way to get rid of the cavity ?...

 What is taking so long!?
my orthodontist put on bottom braces on November 2nd...but I still don't have tops, what is taking so long...I know I should have braces on top too....

 do i need braces ?! (photo included)?
Additional Details
lol i do look like a vampire with them .....

I just got a filling today. How long will pain from the novacaine shot last?
Had a tiny cavity in my molar. Just barely breached the enamel. Got it filled, no pain, and plenty of peace of mind. Looks like I don't even need my wisdom teeth removed. All seems well, which is a relief.

However, the novacaine shot still hurts the back of my mouth. How long is that gonna last? It's been about 6 hours since the procedure.
Additional Details
Thanks for your concern guys, but the pain is pretty much gone. I guess I was a little too nervous about the whole thing. And, I've got a nice, nearly unnoticeable filling where a rather unpleasant hole used to be. Gotta keep taking care of my teeth though.

Katie T
about 2-5 hours.

Hmm....It should begin to go away soon, when I get it, I go across the street to Subway and back and it begins to hurt a lot and starts to get annoying :/ But later you start to just get used to the feeling. When you get THAT feeling (lol) it should go away :)

that's weird since novacaine is actually supposed to stop pain, isn't it?...

TX Mom
I would say a day or two, but he probably didn't give you a great amount of novocaine considering the size of the filling. So 24 hours of soreness.

TX Mom

it may turn into a small bruise or cut just like a shot in ur shoulder like from your doctor the pain should be gone by morning and if its not, give it a few days if the pain does not go away within a week go back and see your doctor to see what the problem is

Courtney B
well it should go away soon.
are you trying not to move it?
cuz that could cause it to stay sore.

Queen Jilligan
it may actually still be sore tomorrow. but after that it should go away. if not, call your dentist.

Trevor G
2-5 for Novocaine to wear off
rest of the day for any other pains to go away

It will be gone by morning. Take a couple of aspirin.

- Stuart

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