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 Removal of braces...?
What is the procedure of the removal of braces and does it hurt???...

 what are the terms and conditions to be a Dentist?

 Retainer after braces?
How long does it take to make a retainer after getting braces off?
i'm about to get mine off and i was wondering how long they take to make?
I know its crucial you have to wear the ...

 Should my daughter get Braces from a dentist or an orthodontist? ?
The dentist is fully trained, and fits the Damon System of Braces. I asked him the difference of getting him to do it over an Orthodontist, and he said that an Orthodontist can charge more, simply ...

 White Teeth FAST?!?!!?
What are some goodd home remedies forr WHITE TEETH FASTT!!! :)

i hattee my teetth!
they're yellow, and embarrisingg.


 feels like there's hair on my tongue?
Hello, for some 5-6 days i have feeling like there's hair on my tongue. It's just a feeling as i've looked in the mirror with a flashlight and there's nothing there. So what could ...

 Piece of pepper/spice under gum? Weird Question...?
I was eating steak last night & when I was brushing my teeth I noticed a pepper flake on my tooth near the gum..I tried to use floss to get it & I only pushed it up further..when I woke up ...

 i have something in between my back teeth like a flap of skin can anyone help me???
i have something in between my back teeth like a flap of skin it really hurts and is annoying can anyone help me??? or tell me how to cure it or what it is???? thanx
Additional Details

 what are effective ways to rid of bad breath i tried everything from altoids too tongue scrapers this is imba

 where can i buy safety floss?
I am a bit nervous of using standard issue floss ever since my friend Kevin accidentally flossed off his own foot. I guess it just goes to prove the old maxim "Drink and dental hygiene don'...

 What are Six Month Power Braces???
I heard they're supposed to be just as good as regular braces but dont take as long. Even the most difficult cases take as little as 9 months.

Whats the difference between ...

 I am 13 and I have a tooth growing in the top back left. Is this wisdom teeth?
I think I am too young to have wisdom teeth. I was wondering if these teeth are normal. Thanks! - I have braces
Additional Details
Its not 12 year old molars, I already got those :)...

 gum problem?
So my gums are inflamed but I have been brushing them like crazy and using mouthwash once in a while is there any remidies that dont involve the ...

 How do you use baking soda to clean your teeth? ( when and how)?

 How can I convince my parents to get me braces?
I have a big space between my teeth and I don't like it! I keep asking my parents to get me braces but they say they are to much for them to pay right now. How can I convince them to get me ...

 Does the loss of this filling mean I now need to have two teeth extracted?
I already have one tooth thats broken and has to be pulled but am too scared to get into the dentists chair and I've been waiting until such a time when my courage is good enough.


 Yellow Teeth :'(?
Hi, my teeth are EXTREMELY yellow. I am only 13 years old and they are a huge embarrassment. All my friends have perfectly white teeth. My top teeth and side teeth are fine, it's just the bottom ...

 Is it possible to brush your teeth without wiggling your @rse?

 I have braces but i want to get a vertical labret lip piercing will it effect them???
If i get a Vertical Labret Piercing will they effect my braces???...

 What will drinking lemon juice mixed with water do to my teeth?
I drink a glass every day.
Will it make em yellow? Cos I'd hate to see that!...

I just discovered a hairline crack in my front tooth HELP?
I am really upset about this... I'm 20 years old and today when I was driving, I put down the mirror and looked at my teeth and the light from the sun illuminated the crack in my tooth. It appears to go from the top to the bottom.

My teeth are very slightly crooked, I have a nice smile, never had a cavity in my life and I brush twice a day and floss at night. This is really upsetting me and I've been scared to bite anything with it and when I drink I've been avoiding touching it with my teeth.

I am going to set up a dentist appointment but can anyone tell me if this can be fixed? I am literally very upset and I am crying as I type this. Right now I can't see it unless I look at it in bright light or if I look at it very closely in the mirror but I can't get it off my mind. Will it get worse and discolor inside the crack? What could have caused this? Will my tooth eventually try to split apart? The crack is down the middle. Is there anything to repair this???? Thank you in advance.

dentist work miracles with your teeth these days. they can fix most any dental/cosmetic dental problem, just be sure not too wait too long to see the dentist.

norton g
What you see may be a surface scratch rather than a crack in the tooth. Till you see your dentist try not to chew with that tooth. IF any part of the tooth should come out, save it and take it to the dentist. Many general dentists can do excellent cosmetic tooth repair with some new rapidly hardening surface enamels and glue. I have personally been benefited by such good repair. Hang in there and good luck with the dentist.

lumineares they will fix the crooked ones and they keep structure

hairline fractures are actually pretty common in front teeth. I have several vertical cracks in mine that you can see when they are dry and the light hits them just right.
Usually it is nothing to worry about. Your tooth wont split. It is usually caused by your front teeth banging together, or trauma. If the look of it is noticable you can get veneers but they do have to frind a bit of your teeth so it is better to just have your natural tooth structure,

yes actually they can help you! well i had a little accident at school at and crack half or my tooth but i went to the dentist they fixed it but they put like a fake tooth over it and you would never know it was fake till now but u might need braces

Ah, lucky you. I never thought I was going to get a cavity, but since we moved to another state, and a few problems, I didn't see the dentist for 2 years and had 2 cavities....

Just go and see the dentist. Obviously noone else can solve problems about teeth. =]

If my dentist can fix my mom's chipped teeth, then a dentist can fix the crack in your front tooth. I wasn't trying to mean at my mom, it's just, well, it CAN be fixed. Do not worry. =]

I have some of these in my teeth too. Does your tooth hurt? If not, I wouldn't be too concerned. But the dentist can fix alot of problems. I have broken several teeth recently....he told me that as you age your teeth become brittle. He has fixed the breaks, and it was painless. Don't worry, we have great technology today.

married with children
Oh, honey don't fret, I know it's hard to not to, though. I also have a hairline crack on my front tooth, caused recently by wacking it up against a metal rod.?!!? I know. Anyway ,Dentistry has come a long way in the last decade even. If you have a great dentist , they will x-ray, shine a blue light through your tooth from the back to determine the dept of the crack etc.. They will keep a close eye on you in the future. Just make sure that you keep your 6months app. on a regular basis , and you'll be fine. My dentist recommended for me, anyway, was not to tamper with it , just keep an eye on it.
Growing up, i used to have nitemares about my teeth falling out, most of the time , in public. I do feel for you- also watch the hard candy-like candy apples, maybe even corn on the cob etc...

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