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 what happens to human jaws when all teeth are lost? I mean what happens to bones?
give me a link ...

 What should I do about pain in a tooth with a temporary crown?
I had the temporary crown put in last week, and it will be in place for 3 weeks while I am waiting for the permanent crown to be made. I started having toothache type pain in this tooth 3 days after ...

 Can I use hydrogen peroxide in this way?
Can I make a 'tray' for my teeth out of foil, dab some hydrogen peroxide in there, and let it sit? Will that at all be a safe and efficient?...

 Braces.... Helppp!!!?
Im getting baces in a couple of weeks.
Does it hurt?
Does it makea differece?
How much are they?
Is colour free on braces or cost? how much?

Thanks :)
Can anyne ...

I am going to see a dentist but not until late next week. My back teeth on both sides hurt soooooo much. I wake up in the middle of the night with severe toothaches. Advil, Tylenol and Orajel aren...

 bad breath?
okay so i brush my teeth in the morning and at night, and whenever im bored, and i rinse with mouthwash
and i even chew minty gum, but i have bad breaht about 5 minutes later, how can i stop it?<...

 Are you shy to smile with your braces?
I got braces 2 weeks ago and since then, I can't seem to smile much. I thought I was ugly with my buck-teeth before and now I'm totally self aware that I have 2 huge teeth sticking out of ...

 white peices in mouth....what the?
I have noticed these small white peices of something in my mouth lately. They pretty small, about the exact shape and size of those little nerd candy....only white. I just recently started noticing ...

 what are some foods that someone can eat if they just had all their top teeth pulled?
my fiance just had all his top teeth pulled and he has to wait a month before he gets his dentures so I am wondering what are some foods that he can eat besides pudding, yogurt, bananas, applesauce, ...

 how can i whiten my teeth?
how can i whiten my teeth without going to the dentista and buying fancy tooth brushes. allso without whitening strips....

 Tooth problem,help please?
I have a tooth that back in October 2006 the dentist found that I had a cavity;well He scheduled me for a filling,I came in and He filled my tooth;well the filling fell out and I had to go to the ...

 Can a dentist help my 1 year old daughter recover her two top front broken teeth? What would be the cost?

 can a ventriloquist talk to the dentist whilst having treatment?

 I got my braces yesterday? Im in pain!!!!?
I got my braces yesterday afternoon! I haven't ate anything but pudding and soups. What can i do to ease the pain? it feels like my teeth are too tight and i can"t bite....

 need crown for cavity????
I went to the dentist to have a cavity filled and the dentsit filling-in...(not my normal dentist) tells me that another cavity I have needs to have crown. I am confused by this because it doesn'...

 AH! HELP ME! Yesterday I got 2 teeth pulled and it hurt ALOT! PLZ PLZ READ!?
Yesterday I went to an oral surgean, and I didn't know that he was gonna pull them. He said on the phone he was just gonna look at my teeth, and then maybe next week he would do them. Well while ...

 Pain in my mouth?
Hey.. I got this little like white spot in my mouth the other week and I thought it was just an ulcer so i used bonjelar what ever you call it. It went away in the end but then a few days later I got ...

 Everytime I brush my teeth i bleed from my gums. Anyone know whats wrong with my gums?

 I have a small hole in one of my front teeth. It just appeared there today. What might it be from?
What might this be from & what can be done to fix it? I am pregnant so I know that services are limited. Does anyone know what the dentist might do for me?...

 Have you ever used Crest Whitening strips?? [please answer!!!]?
how did they work out for you??

or what brand did u use?...

I have a loose dental crown. It was installed by a dentist I no longer see.Should I go back to have it fixed?
I had a crown put in by a dentist I have quit going to due to unprofessionalism and extreme turnover within the staff. I have found an excellent dentist I am very happy with. The crown keeps on coming loose-even the post came out!. I am not sure if I should go back to the dentist that put it in to fix it or keep paying my current dentist to re-glue it back into place. Has anyone else had a similar situation and what did you do?

Larissa D
stay with your current dentist. why would you even think of going back to your old bad one!. good luck!

It depends on how long ago it was placed. Most dentist will replace it with in five years. But, you are no longer a patient of theirs, for a reason. If he did bad work once, he'll do it again. Quality cost money. If the crown is loose and the post is falling out then you probably need a new crown. Have the dentist that knows what he is doing replace it!

lita ozzy bear
If your dentist before is unprofessional then it sounds like his quality of work shows. If you like your current dentist and like his quality of work. Tell him your story and he can tell you what to do. He will probably be able to fix it and his quality of work will be better. If he suggests and only if he requests you to go back to the other dentist should you go.

Dr Sam is right. You do not seem to have given a chance to the dentist to rectify his mistake IF ANY, and provide 'solution' (in the crown) to your simple problem. Such problems are some times also the result of uncooperative patients in the chair while the procedure is in progress. By changing or walking into the office of a new dentist, you are only throwing dust in your own eyes. Any dentist would be an extra courteous to a new patient. Take your catch.

Picture Taker
If the crown keeps coming out, something is wrong anyway. It sounds like you need a new post and then a new crown. Hopefully, your new dentist will do it right.

You didn't say how long ago the crown was done. If it was RECENT, as in less than one year ago, and if you have gone back ot the old dentist at least one time to have it recemented, I'd consider asking for some of your money back. You could say that you did give them the opportunity to "make it right" but now you know that it was substandard and it has to be made over again. As countryboy said, what have you got to lose?


John T
Placement of a crown is such a standard procedure that any dentist, even most dental students, shopuld have no problem fixing it. Tell your new dentist about it, they should be able to handle it with no problem.

yep my previous dentist was pretty shitty and done a bad job i just swallowed and paid my new great dentist to have it redone!

James C
I have 2 crowns and have found it's normal for a crown to come loose after 4 or 5 years (more so if you eat lots of foods that are unfriendly to teeth), so it would be hard to prove it would be the previous dentist's fault. I'd recommend having your current dentist take care of it.

Certainly NEVER go back to an unprofessional doctor.
Your new dentist should be able to make permanent repairs or replace the crown, if needed. Sorry you had to go through so much hassle. Unnecessary trips to the dentist are a bummer - not to mention EXPENSIVE!
Good luck.

I would recommend calling the old dentist's office and hitting them up to fix your crown. After all, what do you have to lose if you are no longer a customer??? Push the issue. If they say no, then that's the worst that could happen. I would think that the old dentist would be liable for the loose crown.

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