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 Receding Gums?
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 Can you wear 2 times the rubber bands for braces at night, and none in the day?
somebody toldme that if you double up your rubber bands at night, it's the same as wearing the 1 set for 1 whole day

is this true?...

 anyone know of a way to get dentures with little or no dental insurance?
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 i am SO scared! PLEASE HELP?
even though im only getting one baby tooth out im petrified.
people have been trying to help me saying it doesn't hurt but i am SO SO SO SCARED!
i havn't been able to think about ...

Patrizia R
I dreamed that I had really white teeth and I was always smiling, what does it mean?
In My dream I was purcheasing something and the women were looking at me and my teeth

i was always told dreaming about teeth related to the events in your life. say if your teeth like his ^^ were falling out it meant that you felt you where losing control of some part of your life. so maybe yours being really white means something in your life is going the way it’s supposed to.

Beeg Juan
It probably means that in real life your teeth must be pretty yellow or you wouldnt have thought it was unusual for them to be white in your dream.

time for a cleaning.

maybe you just brushed you teeth really good that night, or noticed it and smiled at yourself when you went to bed? or maybe you're trying really hard to impress someone..

if i go to bed without brushing my teeth (usually from exhaustion) i dream that my teeth are so loose they just come out and i end up chewing on the chunks and not spitting them out for some reason. it gets so bad that i just wake myself up and go and brush them...

yellow teeth?? eww

April W
Well, teeth falling out typically shows someone who is not confident in themselves or worried, according to the dream web sites (although in my instances, it typically meant that I fell asleep while feeling guilty about not brushing my teeth--which I suppose would be true about the worrying part!) In any case, according to dreamoods.com,
To dream that you are brushing your teeth, signifies your level of confidence, struggles and aggressiveness. You need to look out for yourself and your own interest
This sounds the closest to yours--you say that you dream that you have really white teeth, which would indicate the opposite of dreaming of yellow teeth or of teeth falling out--it means that you're getting more confident in yourself!

Hope this makes sense to your life! Good luck!

In Chinese folklore, dreaming of teeth is associated with death. The fact that you are smiling may indicate that its a welcome ending... like when someone who has been in suffering with a debilitating condition finally passes away or you will get a major inheritance as a result of someones passing.

true blue
It means you're feeling confident. Having nice teeth in a dream is a sign that you're comfortable with your own aggressive side. So take advantage of it and make a bold move!

buy some crest whitestrips, they work great!

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