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 Is it bad for a dentist to file down the front of your teeth to make it look straight?
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Hi. :D

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Its the inner top part of my mouth behind the top ...

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 What should I do about my fractured tooth?
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 Periodontal Disease Information?
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 What's wrong with my jaw!?
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 Why did I react so differently to nitrous oxide this time?
I had to have a tooth pulled the other day and I was nervous about it and I asked to have the N.O. I remembered a long time ago when I was about 17 or 18 or so and the dentist gave it to me without ...

 Where can I get Therabreath products in Singapore?
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 Braces - Are There Any Guys Out There That Like Them?
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 what food did u miss the most when u had braces??
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 Can you answer these questions about orthodontic retainers?
I have these specific questions about my retainer. I had braces for just over two years and I want to know some things about the retainer:

1. Is there a purpose for the wire that goes ...

 How long did your pain last after having your wisdom teeth extracted?
I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed about 4 weeks ago. Initially, everything went really well and I recoverd quickly. However, about a week after the surgery, I started to experience sharp pain where ...

 can I take z pack for gum infection? does anybody know? and will I get a side effect from it ? thanks?
I heard I have to start with 5 the first day? my gum is swollen and tender when I eat today,I gargle with warm salt water but it doesn't help, ...

Lou W
I am 13 years old and still have 12 baby teeth is that normal ?

mark b
Yeah its normal.soon they will fall and new teeth will form;)

ummmm....i'm 10 and i only have 9.one kind of pointy one and all my molers.i dont think that really normal. email me back for what you think.and how many teeth have you lost because i've lost 15.but on june 7 im tunrning 11. please wish me a happy birthday.

yes that is okay=just think that when you get your adult teeth they will last longer with care

Usually you will loose all your baby teeth by 14 or 15 years old. So yes this is normal.

Is a bit too late. Anyway, you can check with your dentist anytime. What your dentist will do is to have a radiograph done. WIth that radiograph, we will know whether is normal or not.

It's a little late, but not abnormal. My oldest still has many of his. If it really bugs you and your mom hasn't taken you to a dentist, ask her to do so.

I think everyone's different. i once had a maid who had 40 teeth, because her milk teeth had been anchored back into her gums when she didn't pluck them out. They're in two rows, like a shark.

Yes! It means that your teeth are really heathy.

YES!!!=) many people are diffrent and have diffrent ways. some people first baby tooth comes out like when there 10.... so still having 12 baby teeth when your steel 13 is normal

Picture Taker
It's only a little late - probably no more than "one standard deviation" from normal. Don't worry. Once the first one comes out, the others will all probably come out within a few months. The front 4 (top and bottom) come out when you are 6 to 7 years old and then you take a break from losing teeth for a couple of years until the back teeth start to come out.

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