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I'm pregnant what can i do about a toothache?
What homeremedies can i use for a toothache while i am pregnant?

ok babe this is gonna sound a lil weird but believe me IT WORKS!heres what u do...get some orajel and 1 tylenol..breakdown the tylenol maybe smash it with a spoon or whatever and mix it with da orajel and with a q-tip apply to wherever u have pain and ur good.mexican home remedies but trust me ur baby is safe and so are u.

pregnant women can take tylenol

Soak your tooth with Epsom salt dissolve in warm water.


You can't, you have to go to a dentist. He can help you out. You can't live with that pain the whole time you are pregnant and the tooth and gums will probably get badly infected which is also dangerous.

Tylenol is safe for pregnant woman, but if you have a severe toothache, Tylenol is not going to help. You should schedule an appointment with a dentist, because the cause of the toothache could be an infection. You don't want to keep an active infection in your body while pregnant. Not safe to take Aleve, Aspirin, or Advil while pregnant. If you need immediate relief, there is an oil put out by the brand Red Cross, found at most Walgreens near the toothpaste. It's a clove oil, and will numb everything it touches temporarily (you can apply with a Q-Tip). Typically if there's a nerve exposed, covering the nerve with some of that wax they make for people with braces will help alleviate the pain, too, as nerve exposure pain is mostly caused by air, saliva, or temperature change, if not infection.

Good luck. I've had a toothache before where nothing seemed to reduce the excruciating pain even a slight amount. If it gets bad enough, and you start to experience facial pain...jaw pain...etc, then go to the nearest ER, there are some prescription pain relievers that can be taken under supervision while pregnant, along with an antibiotic if necessary. And in the ER, then can even give you a shot to numb the nerve for 8-12 hours.


purchase a EUGENOL paste from a local drug store or supermarket ,if they dont have the past then get something that contains eugenol it will help and its safe you just put it on the spot that hurts and its instant pain relief! I am a Registered Dental Assistant trust me this works!

See the medical links below and search for more specific information regarding your symptoms...

Cold or heat therapy is often a suitable pain therapy. An ice bag or a heating pad may help to alleviate the pain. Apply 10 to 15 minutes then remove for 10 to 15 minutes...reapply as needed to reduce the pain. Also, I suggest a toothpaste designed for pain sensitivity.

Get well soon and congratulations...

How bad is the toothache and what is the condition of your teeth. Im a dentist you can email me if you like. Rob

Dr Matt W (Australia)
Well, you could use the remedies suggested by other participants, but why not go to a dentist for definitive treatment?
Eventually your painkillers may not help anymore, and then what'll you do?
Same if you're taking antibiotic for a tooth infection? What will you do if it becomes less effective?
Dentists can treat pregnant women at any stage of there pregnancies with local anaesthetics, Xrays, nitrous oxide. The aim is to relieve the pain and prevent infection ASAP.
The 3 Ds of effective dental care are: Diagnosis, Dental treatment, Drugs, in that order.

Best bet is to go to a dentist and get the tooth fixed. Then it won't hurt. I always told my kids, you can go see the dentist now, or go later, and pay a LOT more money.

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