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 wisdom teeth removal?
im getting my wisdom teeth removed and i was wondering some suggestions on some foods to eat,besides jello potato's, soup
please help :)...

 nhs dentist = emergency?
i have a cavity in my teeth & i've noticed my mouth has been slightly sore, and my teeths are moving, i need braces - but i dont have a regular dentist. if i ring the emergency dentist at my ...

 What are some things you can do at ome to improve the whitening your teeth w/out the use of whitening strips?
I dont have realy white teeth. but they are not suoper yellow either. they are just in the middle. i dont understand why it is the color that it is because I brush every morning and night my whole ...

 My teeth have moved, need help and answers please!?
Okay, I had braces removed last October and I had impressions done immediately after wards, and recieved my first set of plastic teeth retainers 8 days later.

However recently on August 21...

 Brown streaks on teeth?
I have noticed one or two light brown streaks on the four teeth on the top row closest to the center. No matter how hard I brush, they won't go away. They weren't there before. What do I ...

 whats the best technique to whiten your teeth?
not crest white stripss. way too much $$$...

 Im getting braces!! please answer?
im 16 and im getting them ion a week. Will the braces hurt?. How do the braces go on my teeth?and will they feel weird in my mouth thanks....

 Rotting in between teeth, help!?
Hi, I'm 20 years old and the sides of my teeth(that are touching the other teeth) are starting to rot. I'm getting gaps in between my teeth now. It's not too terrible yet but if it ...

 I got elastics to correct my cross-bite, hurts like a mofo.?
what should i do? my jaw is soooo sore and i can only take an aleve every 8-12 hours. :'(...

 does anyone had experienced of dental implantation in dallas fortworth?
I was lost my tooth on 1 year half ago. cause of when i was a kid .i crush my tooth in accitdent but it wasnt fall off on that time, it just falled off a year half ago,
im 17. so am i meet the ...

 What does it mean when your teeth start to look translucent at the tip?
Is the enamel wearing away or something?
Additional Details
Almost see-through but not quite....

 What is the best way to whiten teeth?
The best way, as in, less painful??...

 Is there a home remedy for having whiter teeth?
I brush my teeth once every day before I go to bed, I also drink alot of water. I'm going to start brushing twice and flossing and I know it will help. However, my teeth are really disgusting. M...

 Will the human body be even cleaner if the person brushes their teeth more than twice a day?

 help!!! i need this answered fast!!! dental hygienist question!?
im doing this for school and i need this answered within the next few minutes. lol
is it difficult to get accepted into a dental hygienist program? is it competitive? explain your answer please.<...

 What are veneres for teeth?
What do they do, what are they made of and how expensive are they?

Someone explained to me that they were like false nails are for fingers for your teeth....

So we have an old barn that my uncle todd and bro. in-law was taking down for us I was babysitting and heard a loud crack and my brother in-law screaming my dad took off out the door.
It had ...

 keeping the human mouth clean ?
what are some hardcore sure fire way to clean your mouth and get rid of germs and make your gums healthy as if an atomic bomb of health went off in your mouth?you know like home ways like lemon juice ...

 what is the best teeth whitening product?

 Ridges on Front Teeth?
Hi Im 18 and have some ridges on my to 2 upper front teeth. The kind of ridges you have when you like 6 or something...
There pretty visible b/c the part where they are ridges is just a bit more ...

Someday Soon
How many teeth can you have pulled at the same time with the typical shot for dental procedures?
I have 1 tooth on top and 3 on bottom on the right side that I would like to have pulled all at once. I've been fighting toothaches off and on in all 4 of them and I've just had it. I hate the dentist and I'm scared to death, so if I'm going to do it, I want it all over in one visit. Is this possible?

Without seeing your mouth or x-rays I would say that is how it will be done.

Not sure if there is a limit, but I had 4 pulled at once myself

roza m
yes five the sametime. I just had don 4 days ago.

Marie D
Hi! Yes you can have them all pulled at the same time, this is painful and will be sore for about a week. Putting ice on the swelling and taking pain meds will certainly help to make it more tolerable and less painful. Often this would require multiple shots and if you are frightened, you will need more because of your high anxiety. You will hear the noise and feel the pressure and I think you will be very upset. Ask your dentist for the name of a good Oral surgeon and make an appointment to have them removed. The Oral Surgeon can put you into a "twilight" sleep stage and you will remember very little after wards. He will also guide you with a post-recovery plan and help you with the proper steps to make this as painless as possible. If you have any other questions, please ask. Good luck! Marie

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