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 toothache under a crown?
i got a crown put on a tooth few months ago and now the tooth is in extreme pain. From research it looks like i might need a root canal. This crown is permenant. Does the pain ever go away? what ...

 teeth question?
is there a way to make only a specific tooth(s) grow? and is it also possible to sharpen that tooth?...

 ATTENTION DENTISTS What is a typical workday for a dentist?
I have to pick a career in school and I picked dentistry. Although I don't know what a typical workday is. How long do dentists work and how long do you have to go to university to gratuate from ...

 Gaps, braces not an option, help!?
Okay so here's the deal
I have HORRIBLE gaps in my teeth, like they are so crooked and spaced out.
I went today for a consultation with my orthodontist, and he said that braces are ...

 What is the best natural way to remove the white finger like spot on my tongue?
I tried it to remove them always everytime using a toothbrush but still the white things doesn't disappear......

 Wisdom Tooth Extraction Question?
I have an appointment with an oral surgeon this Saturday to talk about getting my last two wisdom teeth (right side) extracted. I am so nervous because the first time it was such a bad experience, ...

 why do people get mouth olsers?
I brush my teeth twice a day, i eat healthy.

yet all my life every 3-5 weeks i get a mouth olser. anyone know why?...

 Receding gums.. what can i do to prevent them?
Any vitamins i can take? Any special way of brushing?
How can i prevent them receding any further?...

 Which are better, Metal braces or Clear braces?
I went to the orthodontist the other day and he said that invisaligns wouldn't fully work for me, so I have to get braces and I chose clear braces, but I'm not sure if it would really look ...

 skoal tobacco?
is Skoal smokeless tobacco bad for you? like are there any effects on your gums?...

 My teeth have shifted??
Okay, so I had my braces on for about a year. Then they took 'em off. But now my teeth have shifted, so they are putting them back on!!! Why? I wore my bloody retainer day and night!!!!! WHY?????...

 braces- could my teeth be getting more crooked?
Hi, I have had my braces for a month (I am 36) Some teeth are straightening and I am excited to see the change.

But a couple teeth on my bottom are actually looking worse. It si normal ...

 What can I do about my tooth pain?
I am a mother of two and currently in college and unemployed. I am having horrible tooth pain and have no money, credit or insurance. I am worried that my tooth is infected and I don't want the ...

 is sugar free gum bad?

Additional Details
i don't chew gum all the time.
just wanted to know if it was bad or not....

 molar pulled friday?
i had a mola r pulled friday they said bulbous-i am now on amoxicillian 250 mg and naproxin-i have some bactrim ds if i take it too will the pain subside and infection go away faster?...

 what should i do???
im 15 and i have a falce tooth and i realii luv it but i want my tongue piercing, i av wanted it doing for ages and i dont know witch to get done if i get ma tongue done thn i av to have a permanant ...

 Whiter teeth help!! i need a home remedy for whiter teeth !!
school is at the end of this month what can i do to make my teeth whiter by school. and no harmful stuff :L like hydrogen ...

 Wisdom tooth??
I have a wisdom tooth coming in and it's swollen and hurts REALLY bad. I think it may be infected (because of the swelling???) I'm just barely getting over the flu, and I have weird stuff ...

 Can filling a tooth cause a tooth to shift?
My girlfriend had a tooth (2nd molar) filled the other and immediately felt something was wrong after she left the dentist. We looked into her mouth and saw that the tooth that had been filled was ...

 Inflamed gums?
This happened all of a sudden, when i was watching TV, my front tooth (Central incisor) it went numb and tingly, and now i have this dark red spot that looks like a splinter, in my gum (above my ...

cool guy
How many dental crowns do average people have?
I am 39 and have 3 crowns. What is typical for my age? What is typical for older ages?
Additional Details
Cynical George, that's why I asked the AVERAGE

Cynical George
I'm 31 and have none...does that help? Thought not! How long is a piece of string or how tall is a China-man...we're all different. Cosmetically, it depends on how out of line your teeth are vs. how much spare cash you have. Restoratively, it depends upon how broken down your teeth are. Finally, it depends upon whether your dentist is taking you for a ride and crowning teeth that don't need crowning!

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