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 What do dentists do to cavities?
I just want to know if it hurts while they fix it and my teeth are white and im not planning on smoking before i go but can a dentists still tell if you smoke even if you cover all the evidence?...

 fastest way to get rid of a cancor sore?
[first of all yes i know i probably didnt spell that right...anyone have correct spelling?]

okay so its been in my mouth for like three days, and it hurts really bad, even when i just ...

 How do i stop grinding my teeth?
I have been grinding my teeth all my life I always do it at night and one time i had grinned one of my baby teeth that it was really really small. How do I stop? Is there a mouth thing that i can use ...

 what's the average range of price to pay for invisalign? what are the other choices for straightening teeth?

 what happens when the antibiotics do not get rid of the abscess?

 Orthodontist Appt?
I am so nervous. I have a second orthodontist appt on Thursday. I had the records done at my first appt. What should I expect? He told me at the first appt that I would need some extractions. How ...

 national board dental exam study material?
I am looking for national board dental exam study material, kaplan or ASDA booklets , dvds ..etc , if anyone wud like to sell the second hand stuff pls let me know (specifically part one)...

 do i really want to be a dentist?
it would be so nice to have a job, but i've been failing my way through school for 8 years to get through the prereq's. i have one semester left, and then i'll apply to dental school....

 Mouth infection help?
Alrite, for the longest time a gland of some sort (I have one on each side of my mouth) has been secreting this vile tasting liquid and it's driving me crazy. It's behind my uvula in the ...

 I have 1 Cabdury's WISPA bar. Should I put it on ebay or just eat it????
Or give me a good answer & I'll give it to you.............................

 What is the cheapest way to fix an overbite?
Im low on money, but i need my teeth fixed....

 The best CHEAP whitening treatment?
Home-remedies, drugstore products, or whatever...


 Why do people get their wisdom teeth taken out?
and does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth taken out? why?...

 If a dentist has a DDS, does that nessecerely means that he/she is a good dentist?
i had a filling in december of 2005 and up till today it is still giving me problems. So i decided to change dentist and the new person i am going to see says he has a DDS. does that nessecerely mean ...

 Does getting braces off hurt?
Does wearing a retainer hurt? I'm getting my braces off soon and I'm scared! Please help!
Additional Details
Thanks so much to everyone who replied!...

 Wax you put on your braces? ?
The wax you put on your braces when you get sores, how long do you leave it in there? Do you leave it there while you eat?...

 ok white teeth?
ok,i am 16 and i smoked for 2 years. well i hav quit and was wondering how to whiten my teeth with out paying a fortune at the dentist?...

 Does brushing your teeth with baking soda really whiten your teeth?

 I don't have two permanent teeth?
I'm 14 and I still have baby teeth that's falling out. When I went to the dentist, she gave me an x-ray which showed that two of my teeth didn't have any permanent teeth under them, so ...

 how do i stop chewing gum?

How long will it take me to recover from having my teeth pulled and dentures put in?
I am 31 years old and will have all of my top teeth pulled this coming April. I am really nervous about the recovery part and how much time I should be out of work. The line of work I am in also requires alot of talking too and I know that learning to talk will be a challenge. Any advise is helpful. Thanks

Two weeks maybe.I am not sure.

cat lover
It will not take to long.

Mr. Dental
generally, boon needs about three months to get it's final shape after extraction... but this is too long to wait for a denture.. so u can have a temporary denture after extraction, then after three months u can have a permanent one of relining for the one u already have.

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