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 10 month Infant & Teeth Brushing?
I have a 10 month old I started brushing his teeth at 2 months when he got his first 2 teeth no problem's. However now 5 more teeth have erupted in one month and now when I brush his teeth he ...

 braces question....?
My four front teeth are messed up so I would like them to be straighter. can I get clear braces? how invisible are clear braces? and how long do you think I will have them on for? thanks!...

 how do i make my teeth really pretty?
i brush and floss my teeth daily but i cant seem to find out how to make them as white as i would like...any suggestions??...

 I use Listerine but I still get bad morning breath?
Isnt Listerine supposed to kill bad breath? I brush my teeth, floss, and I use Listerine every night but my breath smells bad in the morning........

does anyone have any remedies for a tootheache? a filling fell out and I cannot get into see the dentist for a week next monday. I cant take pain meds like codiene hope i spelled that right. do you ...

 What foods to stay away from to avoid cavities?
I swore off soda and candy after finding 6 ...

 I'd like to have my rotting teeth removed and have full mouth dental implants. How?
I can't seem to find a general price on anything and no one seems willing to share the price unless I actually go there in person which means forking out more cash.   

Surely ...

 Do Brayces hurt while they put the on???
I am getting Brayces soon and i dont know if they hurt while they are putting them on. Do they?...

 Is there any truth to british people having not so perfect teeth?
NO DISRESPECT INTENDED!!! I was married to a Brit so I am obviously not putting them down. I was wondering because my ex-husband does have VERY bad teeth though he takes good care of them as far as ...

 What causes bad btreathe and how can i get rid of it?
Lately have been having bad breathe....cand i took breath mints ... everything....but nothing works...anyone know what can solve this problem?...

 How to cure halitoisis?
My pupil colleague has really bad breathe- it sometimes makes me sick.
What kind of things can i suggest to her.
am very tactful- but its driving me nuts....

 I have a retainer and it really smells bad...?SEE DETAILS?
My friends always say I have bad breath and it really hurts my feelings, but there is nothing I can do about it...I DO EVERYTHING that my orthodontist suggests but it still smells bad. Are there any ...

 braces pain?
i just got braces, im going on my 3rd day and i still cant chew, is this normal, if it is how much longer before i can eat solid foods again? if not what can i do about it?...

 do u HAVE to get spacers before you get braces?
like can u just get braces and not have to have spacers?...

 I need a spacer because my mouth is small???
Ok well I 've heard it been called a Palat Expander. I am really wondering what it is and does it hurt and whatever. Thanks for all your help....

 when someone loses an adult tooth? can they get it replaced?
like with a tooth that goes into you're jaw and dosent come out instead of a tooth thats like a denture
Additional Details
i mean like a implant that goes in you're jaw so no ...

 I had a root canal yesterday and my face is swollen today--how can I make the swelling go down?
Aside from taking ibuprofen--taking plenty already and the antibiotics, also. The pain is subsiding, but the swelling is getting worse. Help?
Additional Details
The ice makes it hurt ...

 what is effective treatment of gingivitis?

 What cant you eat with clear braces?
Can someone give a list of foods you cant eat with clear braces or give me a link to a site that does.


 should you whiten your teeth WHILE you have braces on?
i got braces in june of 07. and i dont want my teeth to be yellow when i get them off.
but im not sure if i should be trying to whiten them beacause i dont want to have yellow squares where the ...

60X7 On the way
How long does it take for your tounge to heal after being pierced?
I got my tounge pierced yesterday and it HURTS like a *****..how long does it take to heal?

like 1 week in half

Well, I had my tongue professionally pierced when i was 19, and had it in for 9 months. The swelling never did go down completly, and i developed wicked scar tissue, the top scar was as big as the ball of the ring. Not cool. I am now 25 and have a tiny scar, not really noticable. But I would not recommend this piercing to anyone. I know my results were atypical, but you never know how your body will react. By the way, the scar tissue didnt begin to develop until maybe the 4th month.

for the most part, about 2 weeks. 6 weeks before you can um...you know...USE that tounge (if ya get my drift). the 2-week healing window is a fairly superficial healing, not deep inside, and is still suceptible to infections fairly easily.

use a product like Listerine (instead of Scope) because it kills the bacteria steadily thruout the day. everytime you eat, drink anything other than water, smoke, or put anything else in your mouth, rinse out your mouth.

ice cubes are great when it's still sore (shaved ice, in my opinion, is better tho, less edges!) & will help swelling go down. try drinking lots of meal replacement shakes that are frosty-cold for sustinance since you can't eat well yet; milkshakes or Frosties pretty much will make your day! an ibuprofen will also help with the swelling.

depends...mostly2weeks...eat liquid stuff(soups)...and dont take it off,cause it is the fastest place u pierce that heals...hope u enjoy it

mine took about 3 days before I could eat real food again, but they say about 6 months

Mine was swolllen and bled for a week... thats it. I drank ensure for 7 days, haha.

depends how well u take care of it. Wash ur mouth out with mouth wash constantly. It will make it feel better soon. Dont eat any stringy foods that can get caught around it.

at least 2wks. at least.

A month to a year.


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