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 How do you get rid of swollen upper gums?

Additional Details
Its at left side of the roof of my mouth, next to one teeth....

 is there any dental insurance that cover ongoing braces.?
i have them on and need them on for two more years. my husbands insurance we had before canceled us cause he wasn't working his 40 hours anymore. so now i'm trying to find an insurance that ...

 Crown question?
When I was 12, I was tripped at a skating rink, chipping one front top incisor and fracturing the other top incisor (I believe these are the "correct" names for the teeth within my ...

 dental crown for my 6 year old?
My 6 year old has been told she needs a crown on her right upper back (next to the last) tooth. It had a cavity, but when going in to clean it, it was too close to the nerve. They will only do a ...

 what helps get a swollen face back to normal after after getting your wisdom teeth taken out?
i got2 of my bottom wisdom teeth taken out and its day 3 and my face is swelling up more and more. i am taken amoxicillin 3 times a day and it feels like its getting worse
is this normal? what ...

 Amalgam Fillings?
I have several amalgam fillings, and I have learned that they can leach mercury into your mouth? Can you get them replaced, if so, how much? Is it a health risk to keep these them in your mouth?...

 Is there a difference between carbamide peroxide & hydrogen peroxide??

Additional Details
chewychimp you don't know anything go away!!...

 How much would it cost to straighten one tooth as an adult?

 Getting through life without ever visiting a dentist!?
Ok please nobody try to tempt me to go to one. I would rather be dead, die and go to one in all seriousness. No offence to dentists i think you do a great job but its not my thing. I want to know if ...

 have you ever heard of 'dental shock'? what has your experience been?

 How do stains work?

 How do you get your braces to stop hurting?

 why do I have swollen gums?
I was fine.. until i had the burrito w/ a diet pepsi.. now my gums is solloen and hurts. What's going on??...

 Electric shock in my tooth!!?
Every couple of weeks I get an electric shock in one particular tooth. It generally doesn't hurt, although once or twice it has (only for 30 seconds or less though)

It feels like an ...

 Okay my next visit is to get a root canal(s) done, actually (2) right next to one another, is it?
painful AFTERWARDS once you get home and all the novacaine wears off or what?
I've never experienced tooth pain my entire life, even w/extractions ....... altho this is obviously different, ...

 does anyone know how bright shade A1 tooth crowns are?
hi i am having my front teeth crowned and i have gone for A1 shade. i have been trying to find pictures of this shade but havent been able to. any comments appreciated. ...

 is it true that we can use hydrogen peroxide to whitenour teeth?

 How do you replace the head on an electric toothbrush?

Additional Details
Its an Oral B, BTW....

 anyone had to have a tongue thrust appliance?
i am getting one next week and i want to know if it is really irratating or just annoying at first like braces. pls ...

 numbness of the lip and jaw after a root canal?
Had a tooth cracked and a root canal was done to save the tooth. When the freezing came out I had a very sore jaw for 2 days and a lump where the freezing was injected. As the swelling went down a ...

How long do white composite fillings last for?
I chipped my front tooth when I was 11 years old and had to have a white composite filling to fill in the chip. I had a root canal done when I was 16 and they cahnged the filling and I'm 19 now and still have the same filling so it's laster 13 years. I never use my front tooth to bite into anything so perhaps that is why it's lasting so long? Has anyone heard of a filling to last so long?
Additional Details
I meant to say that I'm 29 now not 19 funny me!

You're really lucky!

I have white composite fillings in my front teeth and they need to be renewed every two to three years - and I don't really use my front teeth to chew, either. Some of the fillings didin't even last a day. The newest one is now 20 months old and is quite crumbly, I can actually already move it. The others are still acceptable, but I wouldn't give them another year.

I'm 28 and have visited at least five different dentists, so it can't be their fault. Asked for a different option, but they said the filling is not big enough ... life's a *****.

sam a
hey it depends they could last you 5 year + but i dont think they will last forever, the glue normally stops holding the filling after about 6 or 7 years so it just depends if you use the teeth with the filling to chew then less....
silver fillings may look gross but they work the best

Rob Bob
I have got 6 white fillings in my back teeth and 5 of them have been there nearly 20 years the other one has been there nearly 12 years

Unfortunately they don't last as long as the metal ones.........in fact, you have to be careful and make sure you check them often...............one of mine eroded away over time and I ended up getting so much decay, I had to get a damn root canal. Good luck!

amy h
a dentist cant give an exact time on anything in dentistry, the only thing they can do is to give you a guarantee, which usually with a composite filling is a year. so you have done very well with this filling :) if you start to notice the colour is changing you can always go and have it r-done or have another persuader done now that u are older.

I was about the same age when I had to have my front 2 teeth filled with white fillings, I'm now 31yrs old and they've lasted the time with no sign of repair needed.

Filthy Lucre
That's a good question...I have a bunch of ceramic fillings and am anxious to hear some answers.

bobbi b
Can last anything from 30 seconds to 30 years, but average is five to eight years.

Yes have placed plenty of fillings that have lasted that long

Composite filling workk best where they are subjected to low forces - this is largely why they work better in front teeth than back teeth. Your's isn't exceptional.

Composite also works best where the tooth is really dry before the material is bonded into place which again makes it better at the front of the mouth where moisture control is more predictable.

The great thing about using a composite to build up a fron tooth is that you attach the material straight onto the tooth. If you have a crown then the tooth neeeds to be prepared and this weakens the tooth.

If your composite starts to discolour it is pretty easy to skim a little off the surface and refresh the surface with a layer of new composite.

I've got a couple of composite fillings in my molars, they've lasted well over 5 years now with no problems indicated by regular check ups and x-rays.

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