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2. do they hurt?

3. what colors should i get?

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Hey guys,
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 should I wait this long?
I recenly went to the dentist about a week ago.that wast the first in about 10 years because growing up I never had the insurance. I do have a few cavities to be filled and my front 2 teeth need to ...

How do you take off your braces by yourself?
My orthodontist won't take off my braces until I pay the money I owe, which is alot, due to my financial conditions. I wouldn't pay them anyways, because their REALLY rude and last time he didn't even use a glove, all he did was wash his hand. Anyways, so how do I take it off myself?

evil izzy
drink a lot of soda

my orthodontist said not to drink soda cuz that will make the brackets loose and they will fall off

so, just drink soda or swish some soda in your mouth

Red 76
Wow!! I took mine off with needle nose pliers in 11th grade. I also had to go back and have the glue and the brackets taken off and it caused all sorts of problems. In fact, I have to get braces again at 31.Try calling around let them know of your financial situation, most places will take them off and bill you. I wish I had gone somewhere and had them taken off. Good Luck!

Lucas l

Anita G
Please do not take your braces off by yourself you can take the enamel off your teeth and without a retainer your teeth will not stay straight.

Try to make a different payment plan with your orthodontist or if you are really desperate some orthodontist will take them off for you for a small fee plus the cost of a retainer.

( I work for an orthodontist) So please listen to me

Kiley K
Don't do it. Find another orthodontist that will work with you or go to a dental/orthodontist college to get inexpensive treatment. I took my own braces off when I was a teen because I had a bracket break off and the office was being unreasonable. I had straight teeth and braces ready to come off at the time, and with the broken bracket and removing them, I have bottom teeth that are a mess (I'm 39 now)- and they weren't all that bad to start with. I regret it to this day and am considering orthodonics again at this stage in life.

Don't do it yourself. Find another provider and finish your treatment.

Dude. If you are serious....I did this when I was a kid. I thought my parents were going to take a pipe to my head. I got the wire off myself. (cut the bands) and pulled them off. Then I took fingernail clippers and clipped the dang metal pieces off. There were still some cement glue residue that stayed in place. My parents of course had them put it back on.

As for the cement glue residue, after wearing the braces for freakin' ever, they were removed. He pretty much did the same thing, but with more high speed tools. Then he took one of those sanding tools to get the glue off. I think any dentist could do that though. Which would be cheaper than the orthodontist doing it.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Don't try and take them off yourself. Bad idea. Either find an different orthodontist who can take them off for you or wait until you have the money for this one. You could really mess up your teeth if you take them off yourself.

Lisa G
I agree - find another ortho, because not paying your bill won't let you get off scott-free. And secondly, don't try the soda method. You'll only end up with cavities and a few extra pounds. Be smart about this!

I don't think you should even try, that could be really dangerous.

Bianca O.
Don't You DARE take them off by yourself. Trust me I used to have braces and your teeth and gums are so sensitive. If you rip the braces off, you could lose your teeth and experience excruciating pain! :(

It's much more involved that just taking off your braces. First of all, if the ortho work isn't complete then your teeth will shift and the whole point of having braces is gone. Second, if you do remove the brackets, you'll have a lot of cement left on your teeth (which can be removed by the orthodontist... or a hygienist... not our favorite thing to remove!) Third, if you don't pay your bill, expect to be in collections one day. Fourth, wire cutters should remove the brackets, but count on more trouble to follow. Good luck with that.

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