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 Will Gargling your own urine whiten your teeth?
Im not looking to do this and his is a serious question, but Ive heard of ancient romans who practiced this and wondered if this was actually true....

 Are you completely knocked out when your wisdom teeth get pulled? ?
I am getting my wisdom teeth out & have decided to be put under. So does that mean I am completely knocked out? I won't remember anything? Will be all limp and stuff?
I'm just ...

 bad breath?
i have bad breath what can i do
please no joke
help please!!.
i dont smell it but people say it smells..???...

 help to get rid of bad odour from my mouth?

 When can you drink alcohol again after getting your wisdom teeth extracted?
I know not to take my medicine with alcohol but once I'm not in pain enough to need to the medicine, when can I drink alcohol and resume normal behavior?...

 explain why my girlfriend is freaking out about something stupid?
i have been dating my girl for about 5 months now almost. she needed to go to dentist for checkup so i took her everything was good andthey did cleaning for her well everybody gets a cleaning every 6 ...

 I have to get braces...?
what would you think of a sophomore in high school getting braces?...

 Does it hurt when getting your braces off because I'm getting them off tomorrow. Please give me advice.?

 Will i get stains after my braces are removed (pics)??
Im worried that im going to get white squares on my teeth after my braces are removed because for 9 months i used to drink 2-3 cans of coke zero a day. I asked my ortho and he said that he would be ...

 what does pale pink gums indicate on humans ?

 will my dentist get mad that i have a pireced tongue?
and will it ruin my teeth like everyone says even tho the ball is plastic?...

 How do u deal with an acholholic?
I know someone who drinks about 2 to 3 bottles of 375ml rum a day. At 235lb, what kind of health problems will occur?...

 how to whiten my teeth?
i would like to whiten my teeeth upp. like without spending moneyy. cus the toothpaste im using gets them clean but not as white as i would like. soo what ways could i get them whiter?

 Use of dental floss?
We "ALL" use dental floss, except those that have NO natural teeth, but who reuses their OWN used floss, after washing it out two or more times, or better still, reuses it several times WITH...

 should a dentist take out a tooth with an infection under it?

 i just got braces and food getting stuck all the time. Any tips on how to eat without getting food stuck?
I know braces questions are probably really common and annoying but I'm not asking what type of foods I'm allowed to eat. What kind of foods won't get stuck in there? I don't have ...

 Will you share with me your wisdom tooth horro stories?
I'm having all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed in a month. What can I expect afterwards? Recovery time? Pain? Personal experience opinions recommended.
Additional Details
I'll ...

 after u got ur braces tightened for the 1st time...?
how many days did the pain last? what about the 2nd time? and did it hurt as much when you got rubber bands put in? how many days did the pain for rubber bands last?...

 Home Tooth Whitening Products?
Can anyone recommend a home product for whitening the teeth that actually works. I've tried some and they seem to be an expensive waste of money....

 ok i just got my braces to day is it normal for them to taste weird and them not hurt really?

How do you know when to take out my child's teeth?
I want my child to have straight teeth; how do you know when to take it out so that it would come out straight?

Pull them out now - why wait?

go to the orthdontest and he/she will take xrays and will tell if she needs braces or needs a tooth pooled

yes, either pay for braces (which is expensive) or just wait for them to be loose. when i was a little kid my mom would tell me to pull them when they come loose. So don't just yank at them or tell a dentist to pull them out for no reason; just wait for it. then when they call fall out we can talk about braces then.

Kelli in FL
You need to wait until the primary(baby)teeth are loose and ready to come out. It doesn't matter how or when you take them out because the permanent teeth may still be crooked. There is nothing that you can do to guarantee that they come in straight.

Don't touch your child teeth please....Pulling or causing your child's teeth will cause problems for permanent teeth and mandible growth. Thats why you might have heard of pediatrician dentist use a "space retainer", to trick the mandible of being a tooth where there really is a space. They might only have to be extracted if your child has very deep caries, the tooth or teeth are very much destroyed, if your child presents some type of pathology.

you shouldn't take them out unless they are supper loose and all bleedy. Otherwise, leave them in the child's mouth. If there is a problem, the dentist will know when and how to take them out. Lots of kids have teeth that don't grow in straight. It is not that terrible. they just get braces. they even have clear ones now a days.

gerald M
If your talking about your child's first teeth, you don't have to do anything, they will come out on their own, forced by the child's permanent teeth. Any straightening that might have to be done, may be done with braces later in the child's life.

Take your kid to the dentist every six months and while there ask their advice.

never heard of taking out your childs teeth...just let them fall out naturally. you might have to consult a dentist later

I think you need to let the teeth come out normally. If a child loses a tooth or teeth due to an accident or some weird parent decides to pull them so they will be straight, the new permanent teeth could be damaged.

pay for braces!

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