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 Do they file your teeth after braces come off?
I have braces and some of my teeth are pointy, when my braces come off will they file them or just leave them?...

 Pain after wisdom teeth extraction - Please help!?

Last Thursday I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed under general anasthetic.
I was told by the surgeon that the bottom two were slightly impacted, and that I 'wouldn�...

 Ahhh getting my braces off wednesday. need information?
okay, the thing im sooooo nervous about is, the drill when they take the glue off, that scares me so much. cause im afraid it hurts.. and the molding, does it really make you sick?...

 i cant stop clenching my teethwhile im awakeand my gums and teeth are very painful .what is causing this?
illcatch myself clenching and tell myself to stop ,i do for prob less than aminute and right back at it again, i cant stop,,,,...

 What are some enamel strengthening toothpaste and mouthwash I could use?
I usually use Colgate toothpaste, and active! Mouthwash, and dental floss, but what are some good, enamel strengthening toothpaste I could use?
Additional Details
I do have good teeth, ...

 Can a swallowed tooth cause injury?
I had a small piece of a back tooth break off and I'm sure I wound up swallowing it. How likely is it to cause injury? It's been a couple of days and so far I'm fine....

 How well are you supposed to rinse your mouth out after brushing?
Are you supposed to leave a slight amount of toothpaste or try to rinse it out altogether? I was told that if the fluoride sits on your teeth is causes tooth decay....

 orthodontist in Canada.?
Where in Canada is the cheapest place to get braces?
Or how can I get cheap braces, is there any health care plans I should look into?...

 Wisdom teeth question!?
I went to the dentist today to get a tooth pulled out in the back of my lower mouth. Anyways.. the dentist told me that my top wisdom teeth are impacted? I don't have bottom wisdom teeth. I don&#...

 HOw to whiten teeth? any good ideas because i need some?
i take good care of my teeth. i brush twice sometimes tree times a day for about 5 minutes each time i floss and i use Listerine. My teeth are still yellow and i have been doing this for 3 years. W...

 Teeth whitening help?
I got my braces off on september 14 2009...My Orthodontist gave me a bleaching kit 2 use but ive herd that bleaching your teeth isn't good. I only used my kit 2 days after i got my braces off ...

 what happens if you let your teeth go because you can't afford dental care?
I have two infected teeth that need pulled, and 4 cavaties. I can't get help because my income is too low, and the township trustee says I need too much dental work for them to pay for. So what ...

 Do Dentists ever think there patients are pathetic?
Its just interesting to ...

 Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth?
My teeth and gums are extremely senstitive. I cannot use the over-the-counter whitening systems as my gums feel like they are on fire and they turn white and puffy. But at the same time, I feel self ...

 Can i get braces if most of my teeth have filling in it?
i m 20...and i would like to get braces someday in future to realign my teeth. and i also had 2 root ...

 Why is my top gum sore?
I don't really know how to explain this, I have a permanent retainer that stretches behind the 4 middle front teeth. My gums have been sore where my retainer is and and it even feels a little ...

 They want to cut my gums to show more teeth.....???/?
I have small teeth and a very gummy smile.

Well first off, my orthodontist referred me to this doctor/dental guy and I had my thing cut that connected my upper gums to my upper lip, the ...

 How can you tell if you have a dry socket?
I had my widsom teeth removed on Thursday and one area where the tooth would have been is giving me a lot of trouble. is it possible that it has become a dry socket?...

 I can not fit dental floss between my teeth. What can I do? I have Water-Pic, but not the same as floss?
Thank you!...

 Some dental questions?
In 7 hours i have an appointment to get my tooth in the back pull out because its decayed and just have a shell and my front teeth are starting to try to get massive holes in them.One of my teeth has ...

How can you tell how strong your enamel is?
if your teeth are yellow or stained does that mean your enamel has fully worn off?

Matthew Diamond
Enamel is translucent, whereas dentine underneath the enamel is yellow. If your teeth appear too yellow this can mean you have worn down your enamel by brushing your teeth too hard, for too long or with hard bristled tooth brushes.
However whatever enamel is left can be made more strong & resistant to caries, by:
1) using a soft bristle tooth brush
2) high fluoride toothpaste 1450ppm (colgate total recommended)
3) pea sized amount of toothpaste
4) make light vibrational movements/ NOT saw-like movements
5) do this for 2 minutes (30 seconds each quarter of your mouth)

Also try to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet & the frequency of your meals- allowing your teeth to repair themselves (remineralise)

Nothing beats going to your local dentist & asking them for advice as i cannot see your teeth.

Your teeth can become stained even if they are perfectly healthy.

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