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 How to get stains off of retainer?
I've had this retainer for quite a few years and it has white marks on it that I can't get off with normal toothpaste and toothbrush. Please leave some helpful hints/solutions on how to get ...

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 Need a DENTIST that does root canals & crowns inexpensively. Can travel to rural areas in NSW or Sydney suburb

 How would flossing help gums?
I really don't get it how people say that flossing helps gums. When you floss, the thread doesn't even touch the gums, only between the teeth. So, how would it help your gums?


 badly rotten tooth, more details inside?
My husband has had a rotten tooth since he joined the army (in 2002) he went to the army dentist but they just filled it, well now its starting to get alot worse, it has rotted so much the filing has ...

 White Teeth?
Best Tooth paste and any other tips?...

 Sometimes my jaw muscles slam shut and make me bite my tongue. Why?
It usually happens when I'm asleep....

 I have a white spot on tongue? What is it?
I have a white spot on tongue. Painless, not raised, no lump, not hairy. It just matches the rest of my tongue, but colored white. Im 23, non smoker, rarely drink. My dentist found it and i have a ...

 Why do my teeth hurt?
my gums are itchy and my teeth hurt like a bruise. why?...

 how much can a dentist expect in canada (in $)??
I am asking for a friend who is a dentist & is planning to migrate to canada ... it would be very kind if someone could could tell me the salary expectations of a dentist ...

 I need a root canal... Pain relief please...?
My dentist is going on vacation and she gave me atibiotics and 600mg mg of ibuprophen, but its not helping...is their something elese I can do? I can't sleep and I can't eat....

 Speaking clearly when braces come off?
When my braces come off, will I be able to spak clearer and more precise? I am already a pretty good speaker, but once in a while, with S's, etc., its not as clear. Will the braces off make any ...

 what is required to be a dentist ?
i need this for a school project so
if u could help it would be ...

 how do i keep fresh breath all day long?

 How can you cure or control halitosis?
I have bad breath constantly, even after i have brushed me teeth. please help with any home cures!!...

 I had a filling at the dentist, now i cant taste anything on that side of my mouth.?
Had filling at 9:30
and injection
i can now feel everything again, but i cant taste anything on the side of my mouth i had the filling.
Is this normal?!...

 I got pain in the left side of my mouth where 2 wisdom teeth were removed and 4 fillings were done?
About 4 weeks ago I had my top left wisdom tooth removed and the doctor also filled the two teeth in front of the extraction. 2-weeks ago I had the bottom left wisdom tooth remove and the doctor also ...

 Is there any alternative to getting braces?

 Wisdom teeth removal...?
I am 14 and am getting my wisdom teeth removed in a couple weeks. I was just wondering does it hurt and for how long, what the procedure will be like and tips for recuperation (what I should eat, ...

 What do they do when you get braces?Colors???
I'm wondering what they will do because I'm get braces in 1 week and i don't know if I'm gettin spacers or braces.

***by the way what is a rubber band( the brace term )...

How can you have a cavity under a filling?
I thought all the decay was removed before the filling was done. Once it is covered with the filling and no longer exposed, how can it become decayed again?

The edges of the filling starts to break down. It create a very small microscopic gap between the filling and tooth. The gap, however is large enough for the bacteria to enter. The bacteria decays the tooth under the existing filling. Dental term the flling is "leaking" causing recurrent decay.

sometimes the filling can "leak", which means that there is an opening for bacteria to get under the filling again and cause decay. another thing, just because the tooth has a filling on it, doesn't mean that you don't have to take care of it. brushing three times a day, and flossing at least once a day will prevent tooth decay. also, the use of act fluoride rinse once a day, in the evening, before you go to bed will also prevent tooth decay.

this happened to me. I got a new cavity in one with a filling. it was in a different area of the tooth apparently (so my dentist said). actually I suspect that my dentist messed up with the filling and so my tooth was not protected from other cavities. so maybe it results from improper fillings.

yes you can and these make the structure of your tooth weaken, I have had alot of toothwork, it could be because you dont have a cap put on, or from plaque buildup and then it builds. Once I started getting regular cleanings and using Listerine all the cavitie and decay went away and now I am in the process of rebuilding my mouth.

Also sometimes when you have a small cavity they just take care of the small hole they dont do anything to protect the remainder of the tooth, so if you have alot of "fishers" in a back molar and they just fixed the small cavity then you can still get another cavity in another "fisher" in the same tooth.

the have this thing called "sealant" that apply a film on the tooth and protects them from cavities, like a barrier. I just put the on my kids before they get cavities. Good luck to you and look into the sealants for your back teeth.

If the filling is old, it can "leak" which allows more bacteria into the cavity, creating more dacay. if it's a newer filling, maybe it wasn't done right the first time.

depends on how long ago it was filled, the same thing happen to me. but the filling was like 10 or 12 years old so they had to fil it again.

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

Heather N
Your filling is made of metal or a metal alloy. Metal expands and contracts with heat and cold. Bacteria and plaque can still get under the filling. It's called seepage. This causes recurrent decay.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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