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 My mouth hurts =(?
Ok here is the deal...This past week I have started this new flossing routine. Since I have started the upper left side of my mouth has been killing me!! I know its not a cavity because I just went ...

 When should a child get braces?
Our pediatric dentist has suggested that our 8-year old daughter see an orthodontist now. Our daughter has a "small mouth" and her adult teeth are coming in crooked in some places, the ...

 my teeth on the back of my mouth?
really hurts!!!!! what could cause it and what can i take???? right now i dont have a dentist and like advil control my tootache but im running out of it now!
Additional Details
i dont ...

 If i need six fillings at the dentist do i pay ¬£42.40 for each filling or ¬£42.40 for all fillings.?
I have read that one course of treatment is payable for treatment received within two months of your first visit. however the last time i was at a dentist (4 years ago) it was something in the region ...

 Question about Braces?
Um so I got braces put on today, at first I felt nothing it didnt hurt or anything. Now my two front teeth feel pushed together and my lip feels weird on the braces is this normal or did the wire ...

 Wisdom teeth?
I was wondering what kind of pain meds they give you for your wisdom teeth when you have them out?

I am only having my top two out....

 my breath always smells!?
what is the best way to get rid of bad breath? i brush and floss daily, for two minutes each....

 how do you combat bad breath?
my hubbie brushes flosses and mothwashes twice a day,but still has probs....

 receding gums, what shall I do?

 Am I being a hypocrite?
I'm going to see an orthodontist in a week about getting braces. I'm 21 and I have a tooth (lateral incisor) that's really pushed behind the other (surprisingly very straight) teeth ...

 My dentist told me i have to have two teeth taken out does it hurt??
i have braces and in order for my overbite to go away i have to have two teeth taken out for my teeth to fit in perfectly w/o the overbite.... has any one had the same experience??? does it hurt? ...

 This may seem like a stupid question, but I need to see a dentist..I am young and on my own without much money
do dentists have payment plans?...

 How can I keep my teeth as white as possible?
I'm gettin gmy braces off in a couple months. I don't want to have those blotchy white spots. I brush my teeth all the time. But so did my friends that already have braces off with white ...

 What's the best way?
to treat sensitive teeth? The sensitivity comes and goes in one area. Today it did not start hurting until after lunch. I have an appointment with a dentist for 2 weeks in case it's something ...

i may have to get them how much does it hurt when they put them on and ...

 should i be worried??
I am getting veneers, so I payed my doctor $4,000.00 to put on 8 veneers on my top teeth. The first time I went they were to long he had to send them back to get shorten. Then I just went back today ...

 I need to know if i need braces?
i havent gon to a orthodontist and i have a overbite that i can fit my fingernail and my two front teeth from the top go in and my bottom teeth some are crouked and my top two front teeth have a gap ...

 Wisdom teeth extraction?
I just had 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted 24 hours ago. I was just wondering can i drink like some warm soup or something? i'm starving i haven't eatin in like 35 hrs. My face is really ...

 How can I make flossing a habit?
I have never really flossed and the dentist told me I needed to start. I agree and want to start but every time I have, I've slacked and quit flossing. I am commited to flossing this time so ...

 When you get braces, does it hurt when you eat?
My dad says people with braces, don't eat a lot because it hurts when they chew. Is this true?...

How can I tell if my filling fell out?
I have this sort of "drill-like" pain in my tooth where I had a filling a few weeks ago, only when I chew on it. I can't see that tooth with a mirror, so I don't know what's wrong. But could this mean that my filling fell out??

If its not there.... then it fell out.

Do you feel a hole in your tooth where the filling would be? If you don't then the filling probably fell out. You should go back to your dentist anyway. Good Luck

tina p
I had the same type of pain and it was because the dentist had made a mistake.. she told me to come back in right away.. well I got nervous and didn't go b/c I freaked out.. a year later, had to get a root canal on that tooth.. So I suggest heading back ASAP!! hope to help :)

normally run ya tongue over tooth fell a gap

k girl
i think you shoud get it checked out by a dentist . one time my filling fell out, there was what felt like a rough hole on the surface of my tooth, but no pain. anyway get it checked out to make sure

There will be a hole there.....and give it a day or 2 and between food and air, there will be PAIN

there are a few ways to tell if ur filling fell out (ask someone, go see ur dentist, buy a dental mirror), but the easiest and quickest would be to get a piece of tin foil from the kitchen, chew on it, and if it hurts like buggery, ur filling is still there

yeah probably

It may have. Try touching it with a cotton ball ear bud and you will know if its there or not.Also you are able to tell by touching it with your tongue.

Serious Trouble
Do you feel a hole there with your tongue? If a filling fell out, there would be a big hole.

If the filling was big, it can take a while, like months, to settle completely down. If it seems to be getting better, don't worry. If it gets worse, see the DDS.

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