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 Braces and braces?
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 Don't put off the dentist.?
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 What can I do for sensitivity at the gumline?
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 my 6 year old daughter is complaining of tooth ache ,?
since yesterday when i look where shes pointing i dont see anything wrong does anyone have any remedie i could use ive givin her tylonol and she hates orajel what should i do dentist is out on ...

 Is there anyway to help straighten your teeth other then getting braces?
My teeth's slightly crooked and I don't want to go through the braces process...
Are there any methods to help straighten it out?...

 how dangerous are tooth abscesses?
My partner might have one, he has had problems with this tooth for a couple of year, just hasnt visited a dentist...:(

and recently it has been very painful, and the tooth is rotten (!) ...

 I have to wear headgear every night and it messes up my hair, is there any solution to my problem?

 I have a habit of eating/chewing ice...is this bad for my teeth?
If so, how much damage does it do, and what type? Over how long a period would it take for damage (if it occurs) to become serious enough to require dental work?


 where can i buy a tongue scraper?
I looked at target, but i didn't see any. what do they even look like?...

 did you remember to brush your teeth?

 I have a huge fear of the dentist can you help please?
I am going to the dentist 2moz and i always seem to have a panic attack every time i go, is there any relaxtions exercise i could do?????

i am also a big beliver in angels and faith, ...

 I am 57 years old and deathly afraid of dentists. Any suggestions from anyone. ?
I do need some serious work ...

 Are you supposed to brush or floss first?
Are you supposed to brush your teeth and then floss or are you supposed to floss then brush?...

 My filling's fell out should i glue it back in with super glue?

 What are some ways to pull a tooth out?
my friend has a loose tooth and we want to get it out so how could we??? (we trie the door thing yahh it didnt work!! l0l)...

 I got 2 of my teeth extracted yesterday, and now (almost 24 hrs later), the hole is black and red, why is that
When it it heal up?...

 I'm starving!!!!!!?
how long after oral surgery (4 wisdom teeth) can I eat I'm starving!!!!!!! They don't hurt and It's not like a big hole or anything. But what if I get a piece of food stuck, or does ...

 Can I have a cup of coffee, extra sugar with a powdered donught please?
Oh, and throw in some twinkies and marshmallows if ya got em....

 i get my braces off in 9 days and...?
i really don't think my teeth are straight! idky i just dont, i made my impressions almost a month ago for my teeth but do you think they will hold off on taking them off? my bottom teeth are ...

 i'm worried about getting braces please help!?
Hi :)

I have a few questions about getting braces..

how much does it hurt and what kind of pain is it?
will I be able to eat chocolate and sweets?
Also, I'm ...

How can I file my own tooth?
I was in a car accident a few years ago and I have two teeth that are extremely painful to deal with. These two teeth are chipped from my accident and come to a point. I just want to file the two so that they are flat. I would love to go to a dentist but simply can not afford one. Please don't respond with negative feed back as I am a 27 year old man who knows that this is a last resort and would not suggest this to anyone else. Thank you in advance for your help!!

Frank Davila
in big jar

thats risky,
try a nail file

Madison <3
a box?

Hit your face with a filing cabinet.

sand paper. almost exactly what the dentist uses sometimes when trimming a tooth down but his is rotary.
(I am a dental assistant)
i do suggest that you somehow find some funds to get to the dentist. prevention is the best medicine, and a small problem is always easier (and cheaper) to fix than a big one. Good luck!

Ben Dover
Belt sander.

My advice would be to NOT listen to most of the people that have posted answers on here!
Definitely call your/ a dentist. It is not safe to "file" your own teeth, you risk exposing the root canal and having more issues than a broken tooth! As far as the cost for this type of procedure, most offices don't charge a whole lot. It really depends on the office.

whut do you mean with ''file''


A dentist will file them down for free if you are a recurring patient.

I got braces a while back and I noticed two of mine were straight but angled at the top.

I just asked him and he said, "No charge."

They will just remind you that your tooth, though unlikely, may split.


Try going to carecredit.com and see if there are any dentist in your area who take it, if there are apply for the card, that way you can get the work you need done and you will have a low monthly payment to carecredit, and you won't have to worry about getting a dentist to let you make payments.
You'll regret it in the long run if you don't take care of your teeth now.

Um I would not recommend filing your own teeth...your mouth is suppose to be numbed for something like that. And you would need to go to a dentist for it,

Doesn't sound good as you've probably damaged the enamel.

Peterbilt Power
That is a BAD idea

Vic D
My advice: call some dentists and explain the money problem and ask for his/her advice on how to deal with your chipped teeth until you have more money to afford a dentist (whether or not that actually happens). Graceful Skull's advice below is also recommended.

Seeing that they're already chipped, wearing away more of the enamel couldn't make things too much worse. Don't go crazy, though, you don't want to hit a nerve...

Graceful Skull
If you file them down, they'll get infected & you'll end up having to get them taken out which will cost much more in time. Just go to a bunch of walk in dentists, or dentist's offices, tell them you have no money & is there anything you can do that is cheap. They'll work with you.
When I turned 18, I was off my mom's insurance, I busted my tooth so bad, it cracked all the way into my gum. I waited until I couldn't take it anymore, went in the dentists office, told them what was wrong. They took it out for me right there when they saw how much pain I was in. I never even seen a bill & I'm 20 now. Just go in when you see its not very busy.

ummm? I would not do that

ok, dont file down too low because you well hit nerves. i dont know how far down that is. ok tools to use is a dremel. electric motor tool used for grinding and polishing. i've seen it done on u-tube. not that i advise it but i have seen it done. good luck. o and dremels well run u around 15-30 bucks. make sure to use a good bit and not too high of a speed.

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