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Jonathan S
How Long should i wait to eat or drink after i brush my teeth?
does eating or drinking even effect my breath or should i wait.

48 hours. thats whi i dont brish teeth

alison (:
who cares?!
dont ever eat again.

yes it will affect your breath. everything will, even water

it doesnt really matter i mean after you rinse its kinda like sealing the deal. it coats the clean

no need to wait

up to you
you can always brush your teeth again

Marixsalee x3
i dont know maybe 7 minutes. Cause i get hungry

You should wait a minimum of 24 hours to eat after brushing your teeth.
It's like not swimming within 48 hours after you eat.

Ice Man
about 30 min

You do not have to wait to eat or drink after brushing. The only thing you shouldn't do is eat or drink after you brush before bedtime. You do not want food and bacteria to sit on your teeth overnight. Otherwise, you can eat and drink whenever! Happy Brushing :) (and flossing too!)

during the day, 30 minutes. at night, until you brush again in the morning before breakfast.

eating at night adds to bacteria, plaque and bad breath. ewww.

yeah it effects ur breath... & wait 60 min

Jordan T
Around 20 minutes depending how sensitive your teeth are,
and if your mouth is cleaned.
If your mouth is clean the food you eat will taste better and
will prevent you from going to the dentist.

To cover your worries about your breath,
Don't worry right when you brush your teeth your breath will have the scent.

Shivani S
eating/ drinking will affect your breath anyways so it doesn't really matter when you eat/ drink. my advise: check your breath about 5 minutes after you eat or drink a fluid that isn't water and if your mouth doesn't smell good, wash out you mouth wil a glass of water (check your breath again) and if it still smells bad then eat a mint or some good smelling candy.

you should brush your teeth after you eat. or if youre out, chew some gum.

Turtles rock
10-15mins probs

30 mins. n yes it will effect your breath,

maybe you should eat and drink before you brush your teeth in the morning and then in the night you should brush them after you have eaten or whatver and hte bush them when yu are about to go to sleep

Raquel B

My rule for myself is 15 min. after brushing. :) It gives the toothpaste time to be gone before you eat or drink anything with the taste in your mouth.

smart guy
10 minutes

if you have a breath problem have your teeth checked for cavities or if you have a stomach problem, like a digestion problem you could have a breath problem. unless specified on the toothpaste tube or on the mouth wash, you don't have to wait.
you can carry a tooth brush around for after you eat. plax smackers makes a great disposable with tooth paste on it already. get your dentist to order you a box of 500. they are like $15.00 per box of 500 w/ paste

Eating and drinking definitely changes the smell of your breath. It doesn't matter how long you wait before you eat, it will happen no matter how long you wait.

You should know that eating and drinking affect your breath. I quess you should wait how ever long you want to and it depends on when you get hungry and thirsty. If you are only worried about your breath take some breath mints along with you.

Well I brush my teeth in the morning and night and I wait after I eat my breakfast then brush my teeth and after supper I brush them again

Mr C.
wait until that fluoride taste is gone then ur good

2 hours


You can eat and drink directly after you brush your teeth. Just rinse out the toothpaste first.

In some countries, they serve a salad or orange before a meal to help cleanse the mouth, and kill bacteria that are present, then serve the meal.

It is more common in America to brush your teeth after a meal - usually within 20- 35 minutes, unless you are at a dinner party, then you can wait until you go home and it's bedtime.

Best of luck to you.

Look on the tube of toothpaste or mouthwash. I believe they all say 30 minutes.

dental girl
Brushing twice a day, you can eat when ever during the morning if you rinse your mouth throughout the day with water. At night, brushing your teeth should be the last thing you do.

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