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 Do you chew gum, and for how long do you chew it for?
I can chew mine for a few hours, but my boss chews it for 5 minutes and then swallows it. Always! I just find it funny.

What about you?...

 I'm planning to buy mouthwash, but i do not know which to chose from.?
I heard that Listerine are quite popular, and i used it before. 1 thing i don't like about listerine is that you will the hot sensation in your mouth during the wash and dry. i haven't try O...

 My tooth hurts when I drink cold water?
Since last night my tooth hurts a lot whenever I drink cold water. But it doesn't always hurt, just usually. What could be causing this?

If it matters, I wear braces.
Additional ...

 What is a good substitute toothpaste (UK) for the original Mentadent P?

They have repackaged their old sensitive formula and now sell it as Mentadent P. I've contacted them - the old Mentadent P has gone forever.

I liked the old formula because it ...

 anaesthetic injection for wisdom teeth removal?
ill be under a local anaesthseis and im not be sleeping..how many shots will i get and where will they inject it?? please help!

all for of my wisdom teeth are growing towards the ...

 Is anyone else here allergic to flouride?
I am, and I need to use toothpaste with NO flouride in it. I am not sure I am protecting my teeth as I should. Any suggestions?
Additional Details
I do use Tom's of Maine, and a ...

 How do you tell your dentist he has a big wiener and please stop resting it on the arm rest because it is more
it is making me really uncomfortable but i really like ...

 What do you do when you have bit off more than you can chew?

 Have you a strange bite ... or have you had orthodontic treatment?

 Have you got fresh breath?
don't go out in Liverpool, you may get arrested.


 Why do dentists tell you to rinse with salt water when you have a abscess?
What exactly does it do?...

 How much toothpaste are you supposed to put on your brush?

 3 years ago I had a rootcanal on my front tooth after it was knocked out. Now it has a brown line thru it..?
Okay, 3 years ago i was skate boarding the board came up and hit me in my tooth. The tooth broke in half. I had caught the half that got knocked out. We went to the dentist and they put that part of ...

 What is a good toothpaste to buy?
Iam bored of the kind I buy what is good ...

 How long will I have to brush my teeth for perfect white teeth?
I just saw that commercial for how long it would take to get your teeth clean or something like that. And i wanted know. If my teeth were generally ok, but they are not those perfectly white teeth. W...

 Can you pray for me?
I just found out that I have cavities. I'm scared of the dentist, and I don't want to go. I don't know what to do except to pray. I know God will help me. Thank you....

 What size floss do you use?

 Please help me... they said they will have to do Root Canal Surgery to me...?
10 years back I had fallen on the floor and broke my tooth. Doctor pulled my tooth slightly and pasted enamel on it. Now after 10 years, I had toothache from 2 days onwards, Today I visited doctor ...

 How long do tooth fillings last for?
I've had a filling in my tooth for about 1 year now. It still seems okay, but going slightly discoloured. How long do they usually last for? Do they fall out? It's a tooth coloured one. Not ...

 Have to get Wisdom Teeth Removed- pls HELP!?
First of all, is this ABSOLUTELY necessary? I'm 16 and I just found out my wisdom teeth are growing in & I will have to get them pulled out, or cut out within the next year. I'm so ...

How Did People In Renaissance Times Brush Their Teeth?
Did they have toothbrushes back then or tooth "powder"?

more people died in that period from tooth infection than any other disease the toothbrush was actually invented only in 1893

Lisa C
no most people lost half of their teeth by the time they were in their teens and girls would stuff rags in the sides of their mouths to make their face look fuller to attract potential suitors. they had some methods of keeping their teeth clean like tooth picks and gargling with salt and herbs or even milk. but they were not very effective in preventing tooth decay and were mostly used to hide bad breath and the smell of their own tooth decay.

I believe that they just picked their teeth... if you actually study the renaissance you will see that they were not all that concerned with hygiene, hence the black plague, and i think that they might have had tooth brushes made of course horse hair... but that could have been later on in history...

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