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 Dentures & Bubble Gum! I cant get all of the bubblicious gum off of my dentures!?
I chewed some gum and it got stuck all over my teeth, I got most of it out, how can I get the rest of it off? Plz help-...

 How long does it take for teeth to grow fully through?
I'm 17 and I went dentist today and found out I still have a baby tooth in my mouth that is trying to come out but my adult tooth is stuck so it cant push it out. I've got to have a ...

 Does swishsing whiskey around in your mouth really take away the pain of a toothache?

Additional Details
Swishing, my bad....

 im still so scared, i took some tylenol and the pain is gone but i still have swelling?
i took my temperature and i have no fever, im scared to death i live in a small town where they dont have many services and with my agoraphobia they wont even talk to me. im shaking here because i ...

 What's wrong with you people, brush your damn teeths - i'm going to suffocate?
Imagine this,

You're in a small college classroom; a classroom where you will spend the next 1.5 hrs with a sweaty Calculus professor and a roomful of college students. If that'...

 dental insurance?
Hi, i'm looking for a good dental insurance and a good dentist in philadelphia....

 what are the best products to whiten your teeth?

 Dental hygienists in California?
Up until now I have been planning on becoming a dental hygienist (nursing is not for me). The pay looks great, the hours seem flexible, and you never have to worry about working holidays and most ...

 for anyone who has used the Listerine whitening quick dissolving strips?
ok, so, today i bought the listerine whitening quick dissolving strips for the first time today and i just tried them, and they tasted HORRIBLE! they left a bad taste in my mouth and after they "...

 dental phobia?
I have chronic dental phobia.... I am terrified of going to the dentist. I am 40 years old so I feel like I'm a big baby...but I can't get over it!
Trouble is I need some major dental ...

 Mouth Sores?
Why does my mouth flair up on the back or sides with werid white sores now and then?...

 do vegetarians eat animal crackers ?

 Braces behind the teeth?
Why do some people wear braces behind the teeth? do they have a choice or their orthodontist chooses for them? I heard it hurts more behind the ...

 Question about my filling?
In the beginning of October I had to get 6 fillings done, in one of the fillings it hurts to bite down on hard things. If it bites in the right spot I get a sudden jolt of pain in that tooth, it'...

 Can a tooth that has had a root canal still give you a toothache?
I am in so much pain~! I have a toothache. A month and a half ago, I went to the dentist cause I had a toothache..he pulled the nerve out, but didnt do the crown because I had to pay up front..I dont ...

 What happens to the teeth under Veneers?
Do they rot away because they aren't maintained?...

 chewing gum....?
do u like chewing gum?
is chewing gum bad for you?...

 what happen if zombie have no teeth?

 I bite my tongue in my sleep. Anyone else have this problem?
This started 3 or 4 years ago and it is quite bothersome. Sometimes I bite my tongue 2 times in one night. Is there some way to stop doing this? My hygenist was going to order me a night guard and ...

 How Do You Make Toothpaste?

♥Special Red Girl™
Have you ever accidentally bitten the vein on the bottom of your tongue?
That happened to me earlier when I was chewing my gum. It STILL hurts & pinches very badly. I don't know how I did it. & I was chewing with my mouth closed & properly @ the same time.

YES and it really really hurts!!!!

Sick Of Your Ish
Oh yes, OUCH!

Yea,that Hurts.Love Jo xx

Yeah i did that a few years ago. i fell out of a tree and hit my knee on my chin and i bit on my tongue and it hurt like that for like a week then it like grew back cuz i like bit straight threw it. but the pain will go away in a few days

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