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I don't want to take pain killers as I have been eating them for the last week.
I don't think Bonjela will help either because it's not an abcess.
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I am only 14 and my teeth are extremely yellow, a deep shade.
But my dads were too and he had really naturally yellow teeth, and i have this too.
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were you put to sleep?
did you experience numbness.

i went today to try to get mine taken out, got the shot, and freaked out to much for the doc to do it, and it hurt and i put my ...

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I have had a terrible toothache for more than a day and my dentist won't be able to see me until this afternoon. I have taken Excederin, Advil, used a heat compress, put ice on my cheek, used O...

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i'm 14, turning 15 soon (i'm a sophomore) and my dad isn't doing anything about my dentist's advice on getting braces. so i might not get them until i'm 15 or even 16. and my ...

 Dentist questionnnnnnnnnn?
my dentist, says ive been grinding my teeth, so he made a mould of the teeth of my bottom jaw & later on i got this plastic gaurd. It covers my bottom teeth. He said wear it at night before you ...

 how many teeth did u get extracted for your braces??
for me i got to extract 2
Additional Details
u are so ...

 What causes a metallic taste in the mouth?
And the sensation that you are chewing on foil? Is it a filling problem, enamel erosion, a nerve problem. Something else?
Additional Details
I can't afford to, ...

 What Can And Cant You Eat With Braces!?
Im getting braces in three days...

-i know most likely the orthodontist will tell me..
but i wanna kno ahead of time. so i can say my last good byess too mmaaa babbbiiess <-- My ...

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i just got braces yesturday and they really hurt, they keep scratching my cheeks what can i do?...

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 Tooth Pain in the Morning?
It seems like in the morning the back of my two front teeth are in pain, I don't know why. I feel the pain when I tough them or lightly push against them...

Any ideas on how to ...

Does Coke Zero and other zero/diet drinks erode teeth?
Does coke zero still erode your teeth if it has 'no sugar'.

This question goes for all other 'Zero' drinks and no sugar drinks like Pepsi Max.

Additional Details
In light of the answers i am going to down all my soda drinks and never buy them again. I knew it was too good to be true.

nahh i dont think so

Kimmy l
yeah. even worse than normal coke. because there is more of the chemical that erodes teeth, they replace the sugar with the chemical.

i am saying chemical because i can't remember the name.

Jay babe
yes, unfortunately..

Caramel Color which is used mostly as an artificial color and partly as an emulsifier (keeps oils used for flavoring mixed with the water and lowers the surface tension to make the drink fizzier) will stain your teeth. Cane sugar or more commonly high fructose corn syrup are prime food sources for the bacteria that convert the sugar to acid which will break down tooth enamel and lead to dental caries. Sugar substitutes in general would be ignored by that bacteria except for Xylitol which mimics sugar closely enough to actually attract and then starve the bacteria which is why Xylitol and other sugar alcohols (malitol, etc) are touted by dentists as actually being "good" for your teeth. They are used in gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash a lot because they have a cooling effect on the tongue which goes good with mint flavor. No one has made a Xylitol soda, probably because excess use of Xylitol leads to diarrhea. And why pretend the rest of soda isn't harmful? Citric acid and phosphoric acid which are contained in even higher concentrations in diet soda will wear away the enamel on your teeth without any help from bacteria, but bacteria will thank you anyway because they love to swim in an acidic environment.

So, unless you can chug the diet soda in such a way as to not get any on your teeth and then brush your teeth immediately after, it's time to switch to Aquafina.

Thats right, It sure does.

yes, it is still a soda

Pretty much all soft drinks, whether they have sugar or not, are somewhat acidic and do wear on teeth. However not so much that if you take good care of your teeth (brushing a couple times a day, flossing, etc) that you have to worry about it.

Always Right

Right there is no sugar, but it is still acidic which is what the bacteria need to eat away your teeth.

Crazy Cav
Diet soda, including Coke Zero, causes NO TOOTH DECAY WHATSOEVER. Ignore the uninformed responses that have been given to your question thus far, and read the truth straight from a qualified dentist (Dr. Martin S. Spiller, DMD) at the following weblink: http://www.doctorspiller.com/Tooth_Decay.htm#Sugar%20habits

To paraphrase, diet soda does not contain the sugar metabolites that bacteria need in order to cause dental caries. Contrary to what prior responses have said, the acid content of the diet soda is so insignificant that it is naturally flushed out almost instantly by your own salivary glands and causes no tangible damage. Read the link I provided you for more details and discover the truth about diet soda (namely, that diet soda DOES NOT cause dental caries).

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