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 how to stop the bleeding after an oral surgery?
i have had my wisdom tooth pulled 5 hours ago but i can't stop the bleeding......

 HELP! I have massive jaw pain?
I had a filling fall out like 3 months ago and now my wholte bottom jaw hurts? I don't have insurance and i have a very limited income?Is there anything i can do to ease the pain besides orajel ...

 my gum is killing me help?
I don't have orajel at home right know and I need something i can find at home to numb my gum until morning, I think I'm getting a wisdom tooth.
Additional Details
oh and i'...

 What is the fluoride content of water in San Francisco, California?

I'm getting braces on thursday. I have lotz of questions.
What are the steps in putting braces on???DOes it hurt when you put in the metal bands?I have a crown on my front tooth, will it ...

 Does anyone know what helps soothe the pain of spacers in your teeth?
I just got spacers, since im getting braces soo, and they hurt like hell. I can't eat anything, unless i just let it dissolve in my mouth. Any ideas how to ease the pain?...

 i had my upper left wisdom tooth pulled a week ago, Im dying for some popcorn. Should I or is that a bad idea?

 I have an extra tooth on my palate (33 in total).Is this considered a DNA anomaly?

 What is a good remedy for bad breath?
The person brushes regularly,floss and uses a tongue scraper....

 Anyone clench their teeth at night when they are stressed?
I do, but not that often-- only when I'm super stressed. I don't grind, only clench, but I do feel that I'm clenching pretty hard. If you've had this problem, how did you deal ...

 Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery?
I got them out last Tuesday 12/5 and I have some questions. My jaw still hurts and it is stiff, is this normal? The holes/sockets look red and a little swollen. Inside the holes I can see white stuff,...

 anyone know the deal with invisaline braces?
how much with your insurance, how long, how severe, please shere your stories....

 How can you cure a toothache at home, without going to the dentist, due to money problems?
Due to money problems we can not get to a dentist right now. Tylonol, ibprofene and codine are not working. Crushed asprin does not help either....

 Anyone have a bridge? What is it like?
I am getting a bridge, tooth implant, braces to fill in the space, or leaving it. My tooth fell out, an it is not coming in. I need braces anyway, but what should I chose?...

 why are my gums bleeding when i brush my teeth and even when i'm not brushong my teeth?

 My teeth are the worst part on my face, what should I do?
The enamal has worn off on at couple of them and it looks really bad. Is there anyway I can strengthen the enamal and make it look normal again? I also need braces but the cost of them are outraguous....

 Okay, this is a long question so get ready ...?
Right - I have a buried tooth in my gums that is a canine tooth. I need surgery to pull it down and braces to help it. I also have my two eye teeth missing and in the place of one of my eye teeth is ...

 My old surgery scar has a clear sticky discharge coming out of a small hole that's opened up on the scar?
I've had 3 c-section and 6 surgerys thru this incision . I recently noticied a clear sticky type of discharge coming out of a small hole on the scar . My last surgery was 2 years ago. Has ...

 Im addicted, Idk WHY!?
Alright, ever since my mother got a new toothpaste, im addicted to it =( I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the taste, lol.
Anyways, now i would brush like every time I would go ...

 Does Chewing Gum Promote Brain Activity?

Do all children loose the premolar and molar tooth?
I don't remember if i lost them! is there a good website to learn more about it ? I have a 9 year old kid with crowded teeth ,but do i have to wait until he looses all the molars before he can get braces?

Tammy D
There are orthodontists that suggest pallet expanders for young children and when they are older braces can be put on. I have a friend that works for an orthodontist and she says it can be cheaper this way and the appliances do not have to stay on as long.

Yea, wait till your child age 13

Then plan with ur ORTHODONTIST

Deborah L
You don't loose your 6 or 12 yr molars.

Vix T
Here's an idea.

Take him to a dentist.

No not always, some people can keep their baby teeth for a lifetime! The only way to know for sure is to have an xray done, there you can see if there are adult teeth waiting to grow through or not.

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