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 How do you treat a toothache that is causing extreme headaches?
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Ok so I just got spacers abuot 2 weeks ago and they hurt really bad!!! So here are my questions:
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2- H...

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 why do my gums bleed?
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 What is the best toothpaste for your teeth?
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 Im getting a tooth Pulled tomorrow and I have a really important qustion.?
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 do i need braces!?!?!?
or is there another alternative for the fang teeth!!??! cuz the rest are straight!!!!!! :S


 Why are random teeth becoming sore with braces?
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All four of them are impacted. :(...

 Wisdom teeth coming through. What age did yours start to come through?
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 im getting braces tommorow and im sort of nervous?
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 help! i think i just broke my braces!?
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 Ways to stop bad breath?
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 Brushing teeth??
Ok i know this is going to sound like a completley wierd answer but is it right.
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Dentures at age 25?
I had braces twice. I have many problems with my teeth. Beginning with braces, the first time at age 15, they didnt work. The second time i got braces at age 21, there wasnt even space for them to go back, so now my teeth relapsed, and our a little buck. My first dentist had also filed 3 of my molars saying he was correcting my bite, but it just made me start grinding my teeth at night. I wear a nightguard at night now. I have trouble chewing cuz most of my teeth are flat. I have many fillings, root canal, crowns, swollen gums, relapsing teeth that hurt. I hate my teeth, They not only look bad, but are also unhealthy. Should i remove all my teeth and get dentures at age 25? Are dentures very uncomfortable? I have dental insurance, but i'm not sure if it will help me cover for these reasons. I have been very depressed, I need advice. Thanks!

Hello. I had braces twice, too. I got braces to correct a gap on the front of my upper teeth and ended up with overly filed teeth, which resulted in major enamel loss. They also made my perfectly straight bottom teeth crooked by tightening them so much that they had no where to go but turn towards one another. So now I have problems flossing my teeth, and it is very frustrating. Sometimes my gum bleed because I have to press really hard in order for the floss to get in between my teeth, and it hurts. I imagine yours is a lot worse. But don't give up just because it hurts. I tell myself that if I can't take a little pain now, I'm gonna have a lot of pain later. And that is especially true for you. I know it will bleed and hurt when you first floss and brush, but I am convinced that if you work up a routine with your dentist and follow it religiously, your teeth will feel a lot better. As for dentures, don't even think about it! At 25, that should be your absolute last resort. Follow everyone's advice on seeking help from medical and dental professionals to see what options is available to correct or salvage your teeth. In the mean time, try to take better care of your teeth with proper flossing and brushing techniques. I am sure there are lots of alternatives out there for you. I don't mean to scare you, but I happen to know many people with dentures, some of which are family members, and believe me, they are not pleasant. It is hard to find a good dentist who will pull your good teeth. The ones that will pull your teeth are usually not very good or reputable dentists, and they will more than likely do a really poor job casting your dentures. They will not fit right and you might have to come back to have them filed and fixed numerous times, and they will hurt excruciatingly. You think swollen gums is bad, imagine blisters all over. Not only your gums will be hurt, but also your hard-palate and everything else (if you have full denture). And while they're fixing it, you won't have any teeth. When you do have teeth, you can't eat everything that you want because some of them can break your false teeth. And if you want your mouth to stay healthy, you have to take the dentures off to soak everynight. Relationship-wise, at 25, I don't think you want to go to bed without teeth for the rest of your life. Beauty-wise, and this is my mother's opinion, it could cause premature wrinkles and folds around your mouth since there aren't any teeth to support your mouth's natural contour while you sleep. If you opt to wear your dentures overnight instead of soaking them, they will smell and could cause inflamation and other oral/health issues, including cancer. Also, dentures can cause gradual boneloss on both your upper and lower jaws. So I really suggest you seek out a good dentist and see what your options are. Take care and good luck.

You need to see two kinds of dentists. A Periodontist and a Prosthodontist.
A Periodontists treats gums and the surrounding areas of the tooth including the bone that houses the tooth. The term 'peri' comes from surrounding. Prosthodontists are restorative dentists, who do all kinds of restorative, cosmetic and implant work including complete dentures.
Complete dentures are a poor compromise for people without teeth. I would try everything to avoid getting into that situation. Your chewing ability with dentures is several times worse than with even really bad teeth.
You have been a victim of bad dentistry. A lot of dentists these days try to do things they are not trained to do and therefore create problems for the patients. Go to a specialist for your needs - you wouldn't go to your family physician for an open heart surgery, why settle for an semi-trained generalist.
I would suggest that you go to a prosthodontist first. He/She will assess your situation and refer you to a periodontist or whichever other specialty you need to see. Most of the time they will work jointly to fix your problems. That would be the best approach.
Don't go for dentures!! Seek help. At 25 your immune system is good and you will heal better. You have better chances of recovering completely than a 65 yr old.
To find a Prosthodontist in your town go to
Hope you get better.

Dentures are a one way street. You get them, there is no going back.Your bite probably causes the grinding. Pick up Viadent, a mouth rinse,for you problem with red swollen gums. Do you know the proper way to floss.? Try your best to keep your teeth. Dentures are like shoes. Some pairs fit fine are comfortable and you are so glad you have them. Other pairs do nothing but pinch, cause blisters, and hurt to walk in. Some people love there dentures, other people never put them in. Thye are expensive. At your age you would need them every 5 to ten years depending. They can also break. At over 3,000 for your extractions, 2500 to 3k for the dentures, it's an intial 5-6K investment. then 3K every 5-10 unless you only need a reline. Your teeth may simple hurt from the grinding. They can also hurt alot from inflammed gums. If you hate your look with teeth, I assure you the first time you see yourself without them will not be a pleasant experiance. I am urging you get a opinion for how the night guard is being handled. Plus pay the 50 a month to have them clean you instead of pulling them . I have had three people in 30 years say, getting dentures was the best thing they ever did. Hundreds were having trouble varying from slurred speech, dry mouth, over wet mouth,gaging, broken teeth or acrylic, incredible sore spots from ill fitting dentures, ones that would not stay in place, ones that fit improperly for the bite, ones that looked horrible.
As with anything you get what you pay for. The quick one step ones are worthless. You may not find a good dentist willing to pull good teeth. If you get them now, later your bone will go so thin it is a real possibilty the denture will sit on a nerve, that will shock you unmerciful. Take control of your health. See a medical doctor for the depression, see a new dentist for an evaluation of your condition. Schedule extra cleanings until you get it under control. I promise you , if you set the trooth brush and floss, and picks by your chair where you watch TV, and dry brush gently, floss, and run the pick or proxy brush every night for three nightswhile you watch your favorite show, you will see immediate improvement. Use the Viadent, more progress. See if the pain is gum related, or the clenching. They have made great progress. They put in implants to hold the dentures in place- each one is about $3,000 or $12,000 for two up and two down. Maybe a combination between your medical and dental docotrs can help you through this. Very few people have perfectly straight teeth. I think crooked real ones, might serve you better than straight false teeth for at least the next 15 years.

The Mullet
Well if it comes down to you needing dentures, theres not much you can do about it. I had dentures at 25, due to certain reasons that I couldn't control. I love how people answer ??? about things that they have no personal experience in. If you don't have dentures, you don't know if they are good or bad. Personally, they aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Yes they are not the same as your real teeth, but then again, nothing is. If you can same at least some of your teeth, then do it. Get a partial denture if need be. I can eat just about anything I want to, speak very clearly, don't get mouth sores that people talk about. Its actually easier to clean your teeth cause you just pop them out and use your oversized tooth brush on them, very simple. I don't even have to use any of that glue crap(ie:polident, fixodent, sea bond) to hold them in place, they don't flop around in my mouth or anything. You just have to remember that these aren't your real teeth. If you do, then your high expectations might bring you down. You have to do whats best for you. But like said in other posts, once you go down this street, there is no going back. Make sure this is what you want to do before going through with it. Get other opinions from different dentists maybe. And yes, insurance should cover the dentures or extractions, but probably not both. Most dental coverage doesn't cover more than 1-2 thousand dollars and this is gonna be anywhere between 4-10 thousand dollars, depending on where you live and what type of dentures you get. Good luck.

P.S. Theres alot more people out there at your age that have dentures that you don't know about. They are out there, trust me. Do a search on MSN for Dentures a new smile. Lots of great info and good people.

Josh C
Despite the condition of your current teeth, they are still better than any type of artificial restoration. YOU DO NOT WANT DENTURES. Nobody does, just ask anyone who has them. They are a hassle and at your age, can lead severe destruction of your underlying bone by the time you reach middle age. They are hard to clean, hard to eat with, hard to speak with, and rarely do they ever stay in like they are supposed to. You have to take them in often to get them to fit right, and when they don't fit right, you will have soreness.

Do you brush and floss 2-3 times a day??? I know it sounds cliche, but some of the symptoms that you are experiencing are not normal with good home care. You may have weakened enamel and should ask your dentist about disorders with these kinds of symptoms, if your home care is adequate.

You have plenty of options regarding the teeth that you have left, you just need to find a competent dentist that you are happy with and can give you more options. You may consider dental implants for your problem teeth, although i am unsure about insurance coverage. Bottom line is, as mentioned above, dentures are a last resort and in your case, may create just as many problems as they correct. Hope this helps.

i wish there were someway i could contact you because i have the EXACT same problem. i am 30- had braces at 13 and my teeth just sprang back to how they were before. i spend ALL my medical savings on dentistry work. and since the birth and pregnancy of my son my teeth just fell out one by one. i am just as tired as you are, and i HATE my smile- my dentist refuses to remove my teeth for dentures he says i am too young! i know your state of mind right now, just to let you know you are NOT alone!

Yes, I think its best if you see your dentist about that, I had dentures put in when I was 8 years old....went striaght into a wall with a scooter. They are crooked and ugly looking and bent but I guess thats how the dentist wanted them....

You need to discuss this with your dentist since you teeth are bad. Normally they want to try to save your natural teeth but since you have had nothing but problems it may be time to consider dentures. Only you and your dentist can make that decision though.

I hear people with dentures complaining all the time about problems. I think if you went to a real good dentist your teeth
could be fixed and you would not have these problems. You can have crowns put on your teeth and they look beautiful. It will correct overbites, and all the other problems you mention.
Check around and ask questions about dentist in your area.
If you have dental coverage, take advantage of it. Good luck.

Neil L
It sounds like you have been the victim of incompetents. If repair is not covered by insurance, see if a dental school will take you on.... that would certainly help educate the students in what not to do and the repair work would be overseen by an expert. Everyone that I know with dentures wishes that they had their own teeth.

It sounds like you are the victim of bad dentistry. I would get a referral and go to the best dentist you can find for an opinion. A good cosmetic dentist can make your teeth look and feel great. False teeth should be your last resort.

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